Common Causes of Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries (STIs) are classified as any type of damage that affects the tendons, muscles, or ligaments of the body. Some of the most common types of soft tissue injuries come in the form of strains, sprains, bruises, or repetitive motion injuries. These types of injuries can cause discomfort, varying degrees of pain, bruising, swelling, and a loss of use.

One of the most common ways that soft tissue injuries occur is due to motor vehicle accidents. This occurs when the force of a collision causes either direct damage, such as bruising, or indirect damage, such as tearing or twisting, of the soft tissues. Symptoms usually present following the accident in the form of soreness, stiffness, strains, tears, and sprains.

When a motor vehicle accident happens, the people inside the car are usually jostled around quite a bit because of the impact. Add bracing oneself against the impending impact, and there is even more stress put on the body. The end result is a variety of soft tissue damage to different parts of the body.

The reason that soft tissue is so easily damaged during a crash is because it is made to move quite a bit. When this happens to quickly, or all at once, the tissue can be injured significantly. Pain, bleeding, swelling, and loss of movement are all quite common.

While soft tissue injuries are extremely common, there is no real way to prove the damage. These types of injuries cannot be viewed on x-rays, which makes them a bit harder to pin point than injuries to the bones. Add to this issue the fact that many soft tissue injuries are not realized for hours or even days following the accident, and you have a complex matter.

By the time a person realizes their symptoms may be related to soft tissue injuries, the pain may be quite high and very persistent. Inflammation is present and can really lead to significant problems that limit mobility and drastically affect the overall way of life.

Perhaps the most common type of soft tissue injury following a motor vehicle accident is whiplash. Whiplash happens when the head of the victim is forced forward rapidly and then snaps backward. Because the head weighs several pounds, when this happens there is a great deal of force put on the neck. Whiplash can lead to a variety of health problems, such as herniated spinal discs, chronic pain, and joint issues.

Neck pain, headache, pain in the shoulders and upper back, dizziness, stiffness, and general burning sensations are all symptoms of whiplash. Some people have more severe symptoms that can include general fatigue, depression, nervousness, and loss of memory.

While soft tissue injuries are most definitely a real and serious condition, there is a major issue that definitely affects the victim’s ability to take legal action for their damages. This issue is that, while certainly not the majority of cases, some people do make up, fake, or completely exaggerate their symptoms in order to get a settlement.

Just think about your own opinion when you hear the word “whiplash”. What is the first thing that comes to mind? It is probably something along the lines of, “yeah right, sure!” This exactly the line of thought that insurance companies, and even jurors, have when these types of cases are brought forth, leading to several legal issues for plaintiffs.

There is no way to really know how many plaintiffs fake or exaggerate their injuries following a motor vehicle accident. With only the very obvious exceptions, there is no conclusive way to prove or disprove a soft tissue injury. This makes these types of cases very subjective, and much depends on how honest the injured party appears to be, and the credibility of the medical records.

It is believed that a fairly small number of plaintiffs actually fake kmspicosoft   their injuries completely. Most of the cases of injured people have really been seriously injured, and the pain can be seen. If you have sustained serious soft tissue injuries, you should not put off seeking legal advice to help with your damages. It is best to first get the medical treatment that you need, make sure every visit and every treatment is documented, and then consult with a personal injury attorney. These attorneys specialize in dealing with exactly the type of injuries you have sustained and know how to proceed in order to get the very best results. Personal injury attorneys are quite skilled at determining real from fake, and have plenty of resources available at their disposal to present your case in the right light.

You should be aware that because soft tissue injuries are a bit subjective, and cannot be officially proven, even by the best medical professionals, there may be issues with your case, and you may end up settling out of court. There are plenty of types of injuries and cases, however, which end up going to trial and receiving an award that is much more substantial than the initial offer made by the insurance company.

Because these cases can be so complex, and because anyone who has sustained serious soft tissue injuries often has symptoms that will last for the rest of their life, it is always a good idea to hire an attorney as soon as possible following the accident. He or she will help you through the entire process, collect your records, and prepare the case in a manner that will allow you to receive the most compensation.

Since most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, there is no upfront cost to you. You simply pay a percentage of your final settlement to the attorney once you have received your payout.

Soft tissue injuries can really become a physical and financial burden. There is n



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