Spice-Up Your Wedding Bouquet

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy the beauty of Fresh Flowers! Studies show that Fresh Flowers promote a sense of well being and happiness. Reason enough to pick up a bouquet today!

Have you been disappointed with a bundle of flowers from your local grocery store? You are in for a pleasant surprise at your local florist! Your local florist can customize a bundled bouquet with professional grade cut flowers that have been processed to outlast and outperform the knock-off bouquets at the grocery store. With a fresh bundle of flowers from your local florist you can experience the beauty of flowers everyday! Just think of all the ways you could enjoy flowers today, tomorrow and everyday!

~Have a weekend guest coming? Grab your favorite vase and pick up a bouquet of Lavender, Blue & White flowers for a relaxing bed side bouquet for your guest. This tranquil bunch of flowers will make your guest feel welcome and your guest room look inviting.

~Selling your home? A Fresh bouquet of flowers in the kitchen, dining room or living room can make quite an impression on perspective home buyers. A few extra stems will allow you to add special touches. Just prior to your open house, fill your master bath tub with water and float flower heads on the water. (Daisy-like blooms work best for this, see Daisy & Gerbera Daisy) Add some fragrant candles and voila! You have turned your bathroom into an oasis!

~Fresh Flowers in your bathroom can be enjoyed every morning. What a perfect way to start the day! A tall vase on your vanity or a more petite bubble vase on the edge of your tub will add a splash of color to your morning routine! Choose your favorite colors and fragrances to start your day off right!

~Spring Cleaning? Fresh Flowers can fill your home with a wonderful aroma! A bouquet with flowers like Oriental Lilies can add sweet fragrance. Ask your local florist about highly fragrant in stock flowers available for your bouquet.

~Attending lunch or dinner at a friend’s? Don’t go empty handed…a thoughtful bouquet will be a welcome surprise!

~A new job or promotion is often overlooked as a special occasion. If someone in your household has just started a new job or received a promotion, surprise them with a fresh flower bouquet!

~A trip to your local florist can prove to be educational as well! Find flowers of interest to you and note their names, varieties and colors. Pick up a bouquet of your favorites and save your notes to reference for your future flower buying.

Bouquets or Bundles of flowers generally wont create a professionally designed appearance. So if it is a more complete presentation you seek, ask your local florist to design an arrangement for you for delivery or pick up. Bundles offer a cost effective way to enjoy flowers everyday, however they are not appropriate for occasions that call for a professional design such as; funerals, weddings or special events.
Are you searching for something unique for your wedding? Anything that could show how stylish, trendy, interesting, and fun-loving you are is most desired. Now, instead of bringing an ordinary usual boring flower wedding bouquet, carry with you exciting, unusual bloom bouquets and offer people something to gossip about.

Unusual does not mean that your    Chocolate Bouquet bouquet will not anymore contain flowers. Of course, it still will. Wedding in the absence of flowers is no wedding at all and is like a garden without blooms.

Anyway, there are lots of flower kinds available. Thousands of charming blooms are there to make the romantic touch your nuptial deserves.

It is best to regard the various flower meanings and design to a wedding bouquet which is not pretty to the eye but might as well heartily meaningful. You may perhaps regard the time of year. Several blooms are much common in a certain season than to others and so looking for off-season blooms can be tough.

On tradition and custom basis, the following are few of the much popular bridal wedding bouquet flowers with their corresponding meanings and season.

– Rose (red) means love, year round availability

(white) suggest unity, year round

(yellow) suggest joy, year round

(orange) means passion, year round

(pink) means sweetness and gray, year round

– Baby’s breath blooms suggest innocence, year round

– Alstromeria blooms mean devotion year round

– Calla Lily flowers suggest magnificent beauty, spring season

– Daisies suggest romance as well as innocence, year round

– Carnations dedicated love year round

– Ivy blooms marriage and loyalty, year round

– Myrtle blooms joy and happiness year round

– Orchids love and splendor, year round

– Stephanotis blooms marriage happiness, year round

– The classic tulips passion and love, January to April

– Zinnia blooms mean affection, year round



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