How to Deal with Rejection in Dating Women

Are women actually interested in you when they first see you? Or is it that they are interested in what they are seeing as a reflection of their own ideals and expectations?

And what about when women reject you or don’t even give you a chance? Has this hurt you before even though other guys will tell you not to take it personally or to just ‘keep on approaching and you’ll get over it’?

Well I’m going to help you deal with this ‘rejection’ and set it more straight right now (for free).

What’s really going on are many different things and on different levels.

I want you to be able to differentiate a woman’s response to you so that you can understand it so that it doesn’t hurt you or even affect you but rather that you can learn what hasn’t been working and take advantage of what does work.

When a woman sees you for the first time, she is extrapolating every little detail about you to determine whether you might be a fit for her.

These usually accurate judgments she is making off of the smallest details about you will help protect her or open you up to having a chance with her.

In the future I will get deeply into getting yourself to the point where you are communicating that you are everything she could want even if you don’t have the best looks or money, age, etc.

But for now, this data that she is judging off of you is either working for you or against you. You may have had women blow you off or flat out reject you after you approached and started talking or they never even gave you a chance before you approached.

Is this something you should take personally?

I don’t want to give you a shallow answer, I want to give you the MEANING behind it; the schematics and reasoning so bear with me and it will be worth it.

Does a woman even know you when they she first sees you?

Then how can you possibly accept any kind of rejection?

Just because you approached her and she rejected you does not mean that you have a low character or are undesirable.

Does it?

Here’s the bad news; some of the readers on this list may actually have a low character and the women ARE judging accurately (albeit without knowing more b/c they feel they don’t need or want to find out more).

This can all be changed so that any man can not only more accurately portray more of what she is attracted to but actually BE that man in congruity.

The primary key is for him to get in touch with his own natural/ universal character and stop relying so much on his limited independent or social character.

The rest of the guys probably do have a higher independent or social character but just aren’t being themselves when they approach a woman. They’re using a pick-up persona or player front or they’re just being a nice guy (overly nice and not their true self).

Otherwise they’re just not in touch with their natural/universal character in order to spark attraction anyways.

Too many guys these days (and it’s being taught) are focusing on the social and even independent (I’m a nice guy) parts of their character when it comes to attracting women.

This sets a man up for rejection because these two areas are the least important and are what women respond to the least when it comes to attraction and her wanting you; it’s just really hard to see through it when women have become the rulers of the social ‘matrix’.

Natural order is flipped around in our social behaviour patterns so you just have to see through all of the social influence and deal with her biology; the one thing that doesn’t change and is what is the essence of what she desires that (healthy) men would realize.

So if you are focusing on your social ‘pick up game’ you’re going to have to get real good at it and then because of your high character, the charts work in reverse so that eventually she may feel a spark of attraction. In other words:

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