The Best Outdoor Lighting For Your Driveway And Pathway

Good use of outdoor lighting can make your home more aesthetically pleasing and more functional. It can also help provide increased security. Two of the most common areas to use outdoor lighting in the front yard are along the driveway and along pathways.

Best Types Of Lights

There are a few different types of lighting you can use for these areas depending on your preference and your size of yard. The most common types for driveways and pathways are short path lights, paver lights and bollard lights.

Short path lighting is probably theĀ  Telescopic Bollards most common of these three. These fixtures can be alternately placed on either side of the driveway or pathway. They work well for smaller yards and are typically relatively easy to install. They come in a host of styles from decorative to contemporary and you can find some that give off different colors of light from blue to amber.

Pavers are installed in the ground, in stonework or in the concrete itself. They are flush with the ground so there isn’t a risk of tripping on them or running into them with the lawnmower. Pavers provide a distinct look as it looks like the light is coming from the ground. They are however, more difficult to install.

Bollard lights are essentially a form of waist-high post lights, although you can also find compact versions that are shorter. They are commonly used along pathways and they can also be used to create a distinct border between two different sections of your yard. With smaller yards a couple of them can be strategically placed to create enough light, like on either side of the base of the driveway.

Things To Consider

Before you buy anything it is important to sketch out a plan. As you are doing this think about the power source and the long-term cost of this project, meaning your monthly electric bill. You may want to consider using solar lights or low voltage with LEDs. Either of these options will save you a lot in the long run and make this addition more affordable.

All stages are illuminated. When thinking about your own stage lighting, don’t just think in terms of separate areas to be lit, instead think of your home and its surroundings as a cohesive whole; by doing a whole world of special effects is opened up to you.

If you want your home to give the impression of traditional solidity, then Victorian style lampposts will probably play a part in your lighting design. For a dramatic scene, use directional ground lights to highlight trees and architecture. If, however, you prefer mysterious to dramatic, just change the position of the ground light, placing it behind the tree rather than in front of it; you’ll go from dramatic to ethereal in just one step.

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