9 Best Online Dollar Stores you Shouldn’t Miss (2024)

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Kim Pinnelli

November 30, 2021

9 Best Online Dollar Stores you Shouldn’t Miss (2)

Inflationary prices are everywhere, making dollar stores seem even more appealing today. How do you know which dollar stores are legit and which you should avoid?

I’ve rounded up the top 9 best online dollar stores that you shouldn’t miss this year as you try to keep your spending down.

What Are Online Dollar Stores?

If you love shopping at in-person dollar stores, you’ll love to hear there are many online dollar stores too. Just like the brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll find a wide selection of items for $1. Some stores have items priced higher than $1, though, so be careful when you’re shopping. Don’t assume everything is $1.

The Top 9 Online Dollar Stores

Online dollar stores offer more ways to save money on items you need. From household goods to party supplies and even beauty products, these top 9 online dollar stores provide what you need at affordable prices.

1. Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is probably one of the most well-known dollar stores in the United States. With over 15,000 stores nationwide, you can find one just about anywhere. Dollar Tree carries a wide selection of items including food, household goods, party goods, seasonal decor and items, and beauty supplies.

Dollar Tree Pros

  • Offers a wide selection of seasonal and holiday decor for just $1
  • Stocks a large variety of items online you can’t find in-store
  • Selection changes often giving you new items to browse

Dollar Tree Cons

  • Most online purchases have a minimum per item you must buy
  • Some prices are higher than $1

Dollar Tree Shipping

Shipping is free if you pick it up in a local Dollar Tree store. Otherwise, you’ll pay applicable shipping charges based on the size and weight of your purchase.

2. Dollar General

Don’t let the name fool you, this is another dollar store that has plenty of $1 items, but also items priced up to $7. Dollar General offers a wide selection of items households need for daily living including cleaning supplies, household goods, party goods, food, and pet supplies.

Dollar General Pros

  • Dollar General offers a large selection of rebates, sales, and discounts especially if you shop through their app
  • You can set up DG Auto Deliver and save 5% on yoru recurring purchases

Dollar General Cons

  • Most items cost more than $1, but the sales and coupons bring the prices down

Dollar General Shipping

Shipping is free over $25. Under $25, shipping starts at $4.99 and increases based on the size of your purchase.

3. Dollar Fanatic

Dollar Fanatic is an online dollar store with a mixture of $1 items and items priced higher than $1. You’ll find plenty of deals too including ‘2 for $1 sales’ and ‘11 for $10 sales.’ You can also shop by category. Most items are priced lower than their typical retail price even if they cost more than $1.

Dollar Fanatic Pros

  • Sells most name-brand items
  • Large selection of overstock retail items from big box retail stores at a fraction of the price

Dollar Fanatic Cons

  • The site itself feels a little disorganized
  • It’s hard to find many items for just $1

Dollar Fanatic Shipping

All orders over $24.95 ship free. You can also choose expedited shipping for a fee or pay for standard shipping if your order is less than $24.95.

4. Five Below

Five Below is a spin on the traditional dollar store. Rather than everything priced at $1, they price everything at $5 and below, however, recently they’ve increased some of their prices as high as $10. You’ll find a wide selection of unique items at Five Below, many of which are knock-offs of more popular (and expensive) brands like Apple products, brand-name games, and household items.

Five Below Pros

  • Sells high quality items for a fraction of their normal retail price
  • Sells a large selection of toys, electronics, and household items comparable to their name brands

Five Below Cons

  • No free shipping option
  • There aren’t many $1 items

Five Below Shipping

Shipping on all purchases at Five Below is a flat fee of $7.95. They don’t have a free shipping option, and everyone pays the $7.95 fee, so it makes sense to wait until you have a large order to save on shipping.

5. Family Dollar

Family Dollar sells a wide selection of items from household goods to holiday decor and electronics. You can find something from just about every category here, many priced at $1, but there are a large number of items priced higher too.

Family Dollar Pros

  • Most products sold are name-brand at a fraction of the retail price
  • Offers weekly deals and digital coupons to save even more money

Family Dollar Cons

  • Many items are ‘available in store only’
  • Some products have minimum purchase requirements

Family Dollar Shipping

Family Dollar offers a free ship-to-store option. You can also have it shipped to your house, but it will cost extra depending on the size of the order.

6. Wish

Wish isn’t your traditional dollar store. It’s an online-only store that sells many items for $1, and some for higher prices. Wish sells one of the largest selections of items out of any online dollar store. The products come directly from manufacturers overseas – there aren’t any middlemen which is why Wish can offer such low prices.

Wish Pros

  • You can buy fun and unique items at low prices
  • The product selection changes often

Wish Cons

  • Shipping can take several weeks to a month
  • Some items aren’t what they seem to be online

Wish Shipping

Shipping costs vary on Wish, especially if you buy multiple products since many stores sell on Wish. You will incur shipping costs at each store, which could increase your shipping costs, but shipping usually starts at $3. Sometimes you can even find shipping deals or coupons too.

7. Dollar King

Dollar King stays true to its name with most products priced at $1.99 or less. They sell products in just about every category including beauty, toys, household needs, pet supplies, and electronics.

Dollar King Pros

  • You can save money with their coupons including 5% on your first purchase
  • Offers a wide selection of products at prices much lower than most stores

Dollar King Cons

  • Some items may not be very high quality
  • The only store locations are in California

Dollar King Shipping

If you live in California and buy 15 items, you get free shipping. Otherwise, you’ll pay shipping charges based on the size of your order and your location.

8. Miss A

If you love beauty products but hate the high prices, check out Miss A. It started as a cosmetic company, but today they sell not only cosmetics but lotion, soaps, jewelry, and accessories all at amazing prices. Many products on the Miss A site still start at less than $2 including items such as slippers, lint removers, mirrors, and makeup.

Miss A Pros

  • You can buy quality cosmetic items for less than the price of a coffee
  • You can splurge on luxury items without breaking the bank

Miss A Cons

  • The site can feel overwhelming
  • You aren’t buying name-brand products

Miss A Shipping

Shipping is free on orders $35 and higher or standard shipping is a flat fee of $3.95.

9. Dollar Store

If you want straightforward pricing and a wide selection of items, check out Dollar Store. The prices range from $1 to $5 and they have a wide selection of products including hardware, household items, toys, and beauty products.

Dollar Store Pros

  • Dollar Store has been around since 1986
  • Their hot deals section offers even greater savings

Dollar Store Cons

  • Most items are more than $1
  • The selection is slightly less than other online dollar stores

Dollar Store Shipping

All orders over $25 get free shipping otherwise you pay traditional shipping fees based on the size of your order.

How to Make the Most of your Dollar at Online Dollar Stores

Even though dollar stores charge around $1 for each product (some charge more), there are even more ways to stretch your dollar.

Use Coupons

Don’t assume you can’t use coupons at dollar stores. Always ask or search the web for available coupons to your favorite online dollar stores.

Meet Free Shipping Thresholds

Most online dollar stores offer an option for free shipping, but you must spend a certain amount. Find out how much you must spend and try to hold off on your purchase until your list is long enough to meet the free shipping threshold.

Buy in Bulk

Some stores, like Dollar Tree, offer even more savings if you buy in bulk. Some online dollar stores require you to buy in bulk to get the savings and others offer better deals the more you buy.

Shop the Clearance Section

Believe it or not, online dollar stores have ‘hot deals’ or ‘clearance’ sections too. Always check those sections, especially for seasonal merchandise. You may luck out paying even less than $1 for certain items.

Online Dollar Stores FAQs

What shouldn’t you buy at online dollar stores?

While you should use your judgment no matter where you shop, there are a few items you should skip buying from the dollar store including batteries, non-brand name beauty items, expired health items, and some toys.

Are dollar stores cheaper?

Don’t assume dollar stores are cheaper. If you have time, it’s best to comparison shop, which is easy to do online. Just search for the products you want at several stores including big box stores like Walmart to see who has the best deal.

Is it safe to buy food at the dollar store?

If you’re shopping at the dollar store online, you likely won’t buy perishable food so it should be safe. Like any product, though, check the expiration date when you receive any food or products that could go bad, including medicine and beauty products.

Why are dollar stores so cheap?

Most people assume the products sold at dollar stores are subpar because of the prices, but that’s not always the case. Many times the products are just overstocked items from other stores. Plus, dollar stores have lower overhead than big box stores and grocery stores.

Final Thoughts – Online Dollar Stores

Try out a few of the online dollar stores and see what you think. You may be pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the products and the money you can save. Many online dollar stores even sell name-brand products that would cost you much more elsewhere.

9 Best Online Dollar Stores you Shouldn’t Miss (2024)
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