Clubhouse Media Group Influencer Lindsay Brewer Announces Anticipated Return To Professional Racing (2024)

The Race Car Driver and Social Media Sensation Hits the Track in Her First TC America Series Race at Sonoma Raceway, March 5--7

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Lindsay Brewer, the 23-year-old professional race car driver and content creator with over 2 million followers on social media, has made her momentous return to the racetrack and the world of professional racing. Brewer just participated in her firstTC America Series Race, which took place in early March at Sonoma Raceway, placing in the top 10 in her first two rounds.

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"This is a different type of racing for Lindsay, at a new track and in a new car, and she still came out strong rising in rankings between day 1 and day 2 and setting the third fastest lap time to qualify on practice day," said Clubhouse Media Group President, Chris Young. "Clubhouse, as her lead sponsor, couldn't be more thrilled with her performance and her strong re-debutand we see big things happening for Lindsay in racing this year."

After ascending rapidly in the ranks of road car racing while just a teen, this long-awaited announcement follows the deliberate four-year hiatus that allowed Brewer to attend college at San Diego State University, where she graduated with a business degree in 2019.

Most recently -- being faced with a career interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic-- Brewer entered a strategic partnership with the prestigious academy, Skip Barber Racing, known for having more graduate winning drivers than any other racing school in the world. The legendary racing school has trained over 350,000 drivers in the past 45 years, including well known alumni such as Sergio Perez, Juan Pablo Montoya, Colton Herta, Jeff Gordon, Marco Andretti, and Danica Patrick. Brewer conducts live intensive on-track training while also making viral content for her vast social media following.

"I'm so incredibly excited to be returning to racing this year. It's been a challenge for me to be out of the seat for the past couple of years due to college, so getting back to doing what I love has brought me immense joy. Although modeling and being a social media influencer has been great, being recognized again for my passion and as an athlete is definitely a great feeling. I've been training hard the past few months with Skip Barber Racing School with the sponsorship of the ClubHouse BH, testing different cars for this year. I have also continued my off track training as well with a Sparco simulator, so I feel well prepared for this coming season. I'm mostly excited to be back racing, due to the influence I can have on young girls who are wanting to be in motorsports, or any other male dominated industry. I believe women can do anything they set their minds to, and I want the next generation of young girls to know that. There are so many positives to look forward to this year, and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish."

TC America by Skip Barber championship features professional touring car racing and is comprised of three competition classes - TCX, TC, and TCA all powered by Skip Barber championships utilizing factory-built cars. Brewer will race in the TC class which will race in two 40-min Sprint races on double-header race weekends.

When not practicing her driving skills and razor-sharp turns, Brewer continues to create content that resonates resoundingly with her fans. The social media star, who has over 2 million followers on social media and a wide fan base that spans from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, is a member of The Clubhouse BH, the premier content creation and influencer collective space owned and operated by Clubhouse Media Group.

A dedicated competitor, auto enthusiast, and one of the few women competing in the male-dominated sport, Brewer's return to the track will help steer the driver down the road towards her three biggest dreams: to someday join the top ranks of Formula One, Indycar, and the 24 hours of Daytona. Along this journey she wants to encourage and inspire young women to join her in the professional racing world or to simply enjoy the sport.

In Brewer's final race in 2019, she won the podium in the esteemed Saleen Cup GT Series. Her comeback race at Sonoma Raceway will be followed by her competing in the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, April 30-May 2, an event that is widely anticipated by fans of racing as well as Brewer's feeds, who are both eager for the next thrilling performance from this fierce competitor.

Brewer's fascination with racing began at age 11 with a trip accompanying her father to a go-kart event where a test ride for fun clocked faster times than the drivers who were actually competing. Bitten by the racing bug, Brewer continued putting the pedal to the metal, placing Top 10 in various national and regional championships, and winning the Rockies Regional Champion in her home state of Colorado for four years in a row.

After turning 15, Brewer embraced road cars, soon winning the U.S. Legend Car Championship in 2015. Today, a bright future full of new triumphs awaits Brewer in the world of sports car racing, on the eve of her return to the passion she has devoted her life to.

TC America Series Race Schedule

  • Round 1 & 2, Sonoma Raceway: March 5-7, 2021
  • Round 3 & 4, Circuit of the Americas: April 30-May 2, 2021
  • Round 5 & 6, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park: May 21-23, 2021
  • Round 7 & 8, VIRginia International Raceway, June 11-13, 2021
  • Round 9 & 10, Road America, August 27-29, 2021
  • Round 11 & 12, Watkins Glen International, September 17-19, 2021
  • Round 13 & 14, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, October 15-17, 2021

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Clubhouse Media Group Influencer Lindsay Brewer Announces Anticipated Return To Professional Racing (2)

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Clubhouse Media Group Influencer Lindsay Brewer Announces Anticipated Return To Professional Racing (2024)
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