Copy Cat Recipe - Chipotle's Guacamole (2024)

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  • sandra

    hi, does 1/8 cup of lemon and lime juice mean 1/8 cup of each, or mix the juice and use 1/8 cup of it? thanks

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      Not of each
      80% lime
      20% Lemon

  • Chipotle Goddess

    Hi! It sounds perfect, baring one thing: Chipotle puts salt in theirs as well. Normally 3 tablespoons for a batch, so I would recommend a pinch. Otherwise, that’s a fantastic copy!

    • Rick

      He says pinch of salt!!!


    I just made this and my hubby and I LOVE it!! I wouldn’t change a thing, although, I didn’t measure anything!! I do have one question, this is the first time I have ever used cilantro, do I chop it while it is still on the stems?

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      I am so glad you liked it 🙂 You can eat the stems in cilantro – I usually only use the leaves.

      • NANCY

        How do you chop just the leaves? Thats what I did, but I wasn’t able to get them very finely chopped.

        • Budget Savvy Diva

          I actually have a herb knife. Basically take all the leaves and squish them together and cut them as finely as possible… I hope that helps.

          • Lindsey

            Thanks for the recipe! You can also use kitchen scissors to cut up parsley or cilantro leaves. Very easy!

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  • Gloria

    Hi, just for clarification is it 80% lime or lemon because in the recipe you have it listed as Lemon then Lime (80-20) but in an above comment you have it as Lime then Lemon. The original makes me think that it should be 80 percent lemon as lemon is the first listed.

    • Jackie

      I was wondering the same thing!

      • Diane

        Me too…it could be listed lime/lemon (80/20) or lime (80%) lemon (20%) Also, it might be easier to use measuring spoons…just a thought. After going through several recipes this is the one I’m going to try.

  • Stacy

    How much does this serve? Just wondering if I need to double

    • Regina

      Yes, I was also wondering how many people does this serve?

      • Budget Savvy Diva

        about 4

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  • Lindsay

    I made this a month ago and can’t wait to make it again. Fantastic!

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  • alexus1325

    I see you placed your wooden cutting board on top of a hot stove element. Apparently, we are kitchen sisters 😛 Anyway, I wonder just how much a difference the cilantro makes, as I’ve been making guac for years without it.

  • Lindsay N.

    This looks amazing!

    Very easy and straight forward. I’m a total guacamole addict so I’ll be making this very soon.

  • Vita @ Juicer Depot

    So glad I found this. I love anything Chipotle makes. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Katherine

    I made this and the rice two days ago. It was a hit! The husband and I went out of our comfort zone with the cilantro lime rice, but was surprised how much we liked it. I will be making it again next week 🙂 Thanks to you BSD I can cook and have my husband like it 😉

  • Stefanie

    Bacon! I thought they used bacon as well?

  • Geri

    When you say chopped jalapeno – is that with or without the seeds? I know if I like spicy use the seeds, but what does Chipolte do?

    • Watson

      Without the seeds

  • Donna M

    Amazing. I didn’t even measure anything and also left out the jalapenos and it was amazing! Thanks for the great recipe. I was wondering how to cut the cilantro but I saw the answer above. I will try that next time because my cilantro wasn’t very fine but it was still good. Made crock pot chicken taco meat and ate it with this yummy guacamole.

    • Watson

      Awww thank you for commenting what you thought – you rock!

  • Bee

    as an employee of chipotle, you’re recipe is 100% accurate! i love this stuff and i’m so glad it’s gluten & GMO free (in the store we only use organic 🙂 ) thanks for posting!

  • Allie Talley

    I’ve been looking for a copy cat of Chipotle’s guac! Everyone that I find doesn’t taste quite the same 🙁 This is on my list next to try!

  • Jenn Westad

    OMG…I go there just for the guac. YES!

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  • Linda

    We are doing a guacamole roundup on Friday for Guacamole Day and wondered if we could include this delicious recipe and picture in our post. There would be a link for the recipe to your post along with your blogs name.
    Thanks so much.

    • Sara

      Feel free to use it

  • Eila O'Hara


    Can you just clarify the 1/8 cup lemon and lime juice? I know its 80% lime and 20% lemon BUT does that mean I fill up my cup 80% full with lime juice and then fill it the rest of the way with lemon? How do I know what is 80%?

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  • Carole

    So. Here’s my secret. Texas Native y’all, so i know my guac.

    Ditch the lemon/lime juice. Yep. i said it.
    i use an orange. An orange y’all, an orange. Just squeeze it in bit by bit. Too much lime or lemon juice has ruined too many of my guacs… So! One day i realized! Orange! Citrus! Same thang!

    i have never made a batch of Guac differently since. From guac for 2 to 16. For reals.

    So, that’s a true Texans secret. An orange. That simple.

    i honestly don’t put anything except Avacados, Garlic, Orange Juice and salt in my Guac. I get raves. My dad ate a whole bowl by himself last week. That’s a super high compliment in my book!

    But Chipotle Guac is awesome too! Thanks BSD!!! <3

  • Joni

    I just discovered this guacamole from my niece and have made it several times since the beginning of May! Thank you for sharing it it is awesome!

Copy Cat Recipe - Chipotle's Guacamole (2024)
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