Danganronpa V89 - Eye of the Beholder - Pokeaven (2024)

Chapter 1: Awakening from Hibernation

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???: Who boy, its been a bit, huh? Like what, a year?

A spotlight shone on a familiar black and white bear???: HELLO EVERYONE, ITS YOUR FAVORITE HOST OF THESE GAMES


Monokuma: YUP! We're back baby, and guess whaaat? YOU'RE ALL IN CONTROL AGAIN!

Monokuma: YUP! You all get to choose things again, because my creators to lazy to do this kind of sh*t

Monokuma: HOWEVER, this doesn't mean we already aren't prepared. We have 8 contestants in the game, but we need a total of 18! Before you vote, lets see who they are.

FIRST, a delectable treat with a feisty attitude. He's the cookie with the cake arm, theULTIMATE GENERAL, RED VELVET COOKIE!!!

A light shone into a chamber where a red cookie with a cake arm was trying to break free from saidchamber.

RVC: UNHAND ME YOU FOUL BEAST! You are worse than the cookies who disregard cakes as normal beings

Monokuma: yeah yeah, shut it. NEXT

These two are dummies in crime, always screwing everything up. They are theULTIMATE WILD CARDS, BALTHAZAR CAVENDISH AND VINNIE DAKOTA!

The light then shone on a chamber with two people. One was an old man with old timey clothes, the other in a trach suit

Cavendish: I'm telling you, YOU caused this

Dakota: Ok how? HOW could I cause this? Name one good reason I was the abrupt cause of this.

Cavendish: . . .

Dakota: yeah I thought so

Monokuma: yeah shut it. MOVING ON

He's a wild west sherif whose secretly the biggest of dork in secret, theULTIMATE SHERIF, STARLO!

A new light shown on a yellow monster wearing a stereotypical sherifs outfit.

Starlo: Now listen here you weird desperado, you better release me or you WILL regret it

. . .

Starlo: . . . please?

monokuma: . . . No. NEXT

This thing is a pink robot who is, in short, an asshole. TheULTIMATE ITORATOR himself, FIVE PEBBLES!

Now the light was on a pink robot in orange robes with a weird mechanical arm thing attached to its back.

5P: I have no idea what these other . . . creatures are freaking out about. I'm normaly in a chamber like this, so i say things are just fine.

Monokuma:hehehe. no it wont. NEXT

A young magician who is what others consider "silly", theULTIMATE MAGICIAN, TRUCY WRIGHT!

A light was now on a girl wearing a blue magicians outfit

Trucy: HEY, LET ME OUT OF HERE! Don't make me get my dad!

Monokuma: pfft, like that will help. MOVING ON

A a gift shop runner with an obsession for other people, theULTIMATE COLLECTOR, COLETTE!

A new light was on a girl with colorful clothing and white hair

Collete: let me out letmeout LETMEOUT! I need to see what these people are like. I NEED to grow my collection!

Monokuma: Shut it freak. LAST BUT NOT LEAST

A francic killing machine out for blood, theULTIMATE KILLING MACHINE, V1!

The last light shone on a blue robot trying to break free from the cell by punching the glass and running around and sliding and jumping


monokuma: Keep it up and you're the one who dies. ANYWAYS

YOU: VIEWERS. See this link?

Link to form for voting and stuff

this leads to a form where you will answer things, like "Who is in the game? Motives? Locations? etc."
Go vote now!

Other than that, have fuuuuun :3

Chapter 2: FORM UPDATE



Chapter Text



Sorry y'all, forgor to change a setting

Chapter 3: 2 new students!!!

Chapter Text

Monokuma: HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome back, welcome back. I DO have some news, but first, THE NEW STUDENTS!!!

First off!

They are a pink lad with a tendancy to leak private information.

Suggested byWellpeckyoutoo, theULTIMATE COMPANION, KINITO PET!

The light was now shining on a Pink, axolotl creature with beady white eyes

Kinito: HEY! What am i doing here? This isn't a computer.

Monokuma Yeah Yeah, shut it. Now, the SECOND ONE

A skillful ranged fighter with a case of the sillies


Now the light was on a blocky character with blue cat horns and a Varsity Jacket

Sling: WOAH! Where am I? Is this a new arena to fight in?

Monokuma: . . . sure. NOW, the news


This one will have you vote on SPECIFIC candidates for protag and anti-hero. ALONG WITH THAT. You can vote for the location aswell.


You can suggest

not one

not two

but THREE characters.


Because the cast of 18

. . .


You can suggest old characters you already have suggested, or suggest new ones!
If your character got in, you can still suggest characters, but there is a catch

The next 4-5 characters will be picked by HER, while the rest will be a community vote.

Also, to the people who put down "I don't know who" or "no", we are not mad, but for this at least make one suggestion.

With that, happy voting ;3


Chapter Text


You know how I said we were doing 20 students?

Well I lied

. . .

. . .

. . .

Its actually


YUP, consider this HER way of saying sorry for her large absence

For this, she brought in two more contestants she chose, she ALSO brought in contestants YOU ALL SUGGESTED

Monokuma: first of the bunch

He is everyones favorite Italian who stomps and jumps


The Light was now on a Plumber with blue overalls and a red hat. They seemed to be rubbing their eyes.

Mario: Hmm? Oh, HELLO! Hows-a everyone? Now, uh, could you a release-a me?

Monokuma: . . . No. NEXT

He is a therapist with a bit of an alcohol problem


The light was now on a man in a red sweater and a big mustache


Monokuma: perfect. Now, onto the students suggested by YOU GUYS

First, a blind swordsman who knows his way with the blade


Now the light was on a man with a red blindfold and a black and red outfit.

Kenshi: hmmmm . . . i don't even need to sense your aura to know what twisted intentions you hold.

Monokuma: aaaww, thaaaaanks~

Next, a robot whose code seems to be corrupted, how sad

Suggested by BOTHShadedvoid AND a Guest, theULTIMATE MURDER DRONE,SERIAL DESIGNATION N~ . . . or, just N

Now the light was upon a robot with yellow eyes, a black beret and "dress", and a tail with a cut-off syringe

N: Hello there! WOOOOOW you look so cute and cuddly! Can I-

Monokuma: No. No you cannot. NEXT!

A stage host with an annoying voice and a BIT of an ego

Suggested byanother guest, theULTIMATE PUPPETEER, FANTOCCIO!

Now under the light was a spider-like creature with a dark green cloak and archer's hat

Fantoccio: Woah-hoho! This is one weird stage, but I can work with it.

Monokuma: Um, ok? Moving on

A leader whose goal is to claim their turf and have others know whose the boss


The light was now upon a man with white hair, along with black and white clothes making them look like a ruffian

Guzman: WOAH THERE, the hay is goin' on? You dare mess w me?

Monokuma: yes, yes I do. Next on the list

A fox with a unique mindset about how things work in the underground

Suggested bysailor_cinna, THEULTIMATE SHRINE MAIDEN, CEROBA!

The light was now on a anthropomorphic fox wearing a shrine maiden's outfit.

Ceroba: . . .

Monokuma: uuuh, hello? Any comments?

Ceroba: . . . move on

Monokuma: Okaaaay? Now, last on list!

A green hawk with the passion to ride.


The final light was now on a green hawk wearing skating gear

Jet: WOAH YO, whats goin' on? I feel like you're trying to throw me off here!

Monokuma: . . . I am. NOW, BACK TO YOU GUYS.



You guys only get 6 VOTES! Whichever characters get the most votes are in! The others? Well, they MIGHT appear some other time.

With that, happy voting :3

Chapter 5: FIXED (Again)

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Ok i made another oopsie:

Better link



Chapter Text


SHE wants to start brainstorming and writing the plot, so its time to reveal the whole stuff.


Your protagonist is. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


As for your Anti Hero, they are . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


Now, for the people YOU voted for, not HER, YOU GUYS. No introductions, here they are WITH credits

Gru - ULTIMATE AGENT - Despicable Me (AppleTheCreator)

Francis Mosses - ULTIMATE MILKMAN - That’s Not My Neighbor! (sailor_cinna)

Henry Stickmin - ULTIMATE HEISTER - Henry Stickmin Collection (Shadedvoid)

Steve - ULTIMATE ADVENTURER - Minecraft (imnotabandicoot)

Sophie Walten - ULTIMATE EMPLOYEE - Walten Files (A Guest)

Barnaby - ULTIMATE PARTY HOST - Billie Bust Up (Wellpeckyoutoo)

Now, here's the full cast with ultimate titles and the series they are from:

Starlo - ULTIMATE SHERIF - Undertale Yellow

Trucy Wright - ULTIMATE MAGICIAN - Ace Attorney Series

Red Velvet Cookie - ULTIMATE GENERAL - Cookie Run Series

Balthazar Cavendish - ULTIMATE WILDCARD - Milo Murphy’s Law

Vinnie Dakota - ULTIMATE WILDCARD - Milo Murphy’s Law


Collete - ULTIMATE COLLECTOR - Brawl Stars

Five Pebbles - ULTIMATE ITERATOR - Rain World


Slingshot - ULTIMATE SLINGSHOT EXPERT - Roblox Phighters

Mario - ULTIMATE PLUMBER - Mario Series

Jerry Attricks - ULTIMATE THERAPIST - Scott the Woz Series

Kenshi Takahashi - ULTIMATE SWORDSMAN - Mortal Combat Series

Serial Designation N - ULTIMATE MURDER DRONE - Murder Drones

Fantoccio - ULTIMATE PUPPETEER - Billie Bust Up

Guzma - ULTIMATE GANG LEADER - Pokemon Series

Ceroba - ULTIMATE SHRINE MAIDEN - Undertale Yellow


Gru - ULTIMATE AGENT - Despicable Me

Francis Mosses - ULTIMATE MILKMAN - That’s Not My Neighbor!

Henry Stickmin - ULTIMATE HEISTER - Henry Stickmin Collection


Sophie Walten - ULTIMATE EMPLOYEE - Walten Files

Barnaby - ULTIMATE PARTY HOST - Billie Bust Up

With that, i'll see you soon at Mall-Nokuma
upupupu~ :3

Chapter 7: UPDATE TIME!

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To start, no, I have 0 plans for canceling this, I swear this WILL get finished.
HOWEVER, writing is kind of hard at the moment due to a few things.

1: I am doing school stuff, so that's somethin'

2: I have a cast of 24 characters

3: I am dealing with other personal projects

4: I am starting to consider doing art for this because hyperfixations go BRRRRRRR

I really like the plans I have for this and I don't wanna cancel them.

I promise this will be worth the waiting.

I will say this though:
there will be CONSIDERABLY MORE STUFF in this compared to my last two fangans.
As in:
- Better FTEs (hopefully)
- More lore for all the past, present and future fangans I have in the works
_ More writing in trials and the daily lives
_ Trying to make all the characters act, well, more in character
_ TONS of drama and action and the whole spheil.

AND: A new host to replace Monokuma???

For the TL:DR viewers:


Thank you for listening to my rant :3

Chapter 8: yet another update!

Chapter Text




Just news:

I am making progress w the writing, HOWEVER, the reason its taking so long is this:

Danganronpa V89 - Eye of the Beholder - Pokeaven (1)

I am trying to make Visuals

thats right WE'RE GETTING PICTURES (hopefully)

the main issue is motivation

that and cast art is gonna take a bit, so eh


anyways, enjoy y'alls day, eveing or night

Chapter 9: Update!

Chapter Text

Once again:


Moving on

I mainly did this to ask y'all some questions:

1: Would you like character overviews of all 24 participants to know them better?

2: Teasers every now and then?

3: More LORE?!?!

4: Suggestions?

I know its been a bit, and I've finished like, 2 of the first 12 intro cards so :_.

Yeah I want to do more things so you guys aren't completely in the dark with stuff, and to entertain while the main story and art is in the work

Anyways, love y'all and have a good day/evening/night

Chapter 10: Honesty

Chapter Text

I have to be honest w you all

I don't think I can continue to push myself to do custom images for this

Like, I REALLY want there to be cgs for all this, but I think I'm just putting WAY to much stress and pressure on myself by doing this

Like, I have the entire prologue done and ready to go rn, hell, it's been done for like a month. Its just the motivation is hard to come by and iuwsdyfhersyukdfhz

Basically, what I'm askin' is this: Are you guys ok with there NOT being any cgs?

If you're OK with it, I will start posting the chapters

If you DO want cgs, I will try to push myself to make them

Hope this doesn't mess up any expectations

sorry again

Hope you all are doing good

Chapter 11: Prologue - Mall of Mystery - Part 1


Where . . . are we?



Chapter Text

???: Aaaauuugh, ow, my head.

The mysterious person woke up and found themselves in a bedroom. There was a separate door that led to a private restroom. In the main room, there were wooden walls that seemed to be similar to wooden flooring, a comfortable-looking bed, a nightstand with a lamp, a dresser, a coat rack with a cowboy hat on it, and a mirror, which they walked over to.

In the reflection stood a decently tall person . . . or rather, a monster. They had a yellow head which had 5 frills split off, forming a star shape; each frill having a lime green end. The monster wore glasses, a brown poncho with a star badge on it, a belt with a gun holster, brown pants, and cowboy boots.

This was Starlo, and he had no idea of what he was about to get himself into.

Starlo: Okay Starlo, calm down. You’re just in an unrecognizable location with no sense of ANYTHING and are quite possibly in danger. Yeah, yeah you’re fine.

He reached over to put the hat on his head. When doing so, his upper face had a full black shadow over it, making him have simple white eyes. After he put it on, what once was a nerdy voice turned into an old spaghetti western cowboy imitation.

Starlo: Now then, let's see where the hay we are.

He opened his door and saw that he was in a huge room, with 23 other rooms the same size as his. The rest of the room looked like that one hotel lobby he had heard about. As he walked out to the exit, looking around for someone, or someTHING, he got outside and saw where he was: a huge shopping center. He looked around in awe, never seeing anything like this. He leaned over the edge to get a better view of the lower area, taking in all the detail-

???: Excuse me-

Starlo: AAAUGH-

The shock of someone talking to him to nearly fall off. Luckily, he caught his balance. When he got back up, he saw the source of the voice.

The individual was a pink robot. They had white eyes and gray antennas for ears and wore an orange robe. What was weird was that they had a large robot arm on their back, which was attached to a moving robot on the ground.

Starlo was in a defensive stance, about to throw hands, or rather, slap hands.

Starlo: . . . *Ahem* I uh, was just, startled, a bit. Yeah, not scared, startled. Yeah.

???: . . . As I was GOING to ask you, what were you doing leaning off the edge? It's an easy way to get killed.

Starlo: *You’re telling me* Well, you see, I’ve never been in a place like this, so it's all so . . . interestin’

???: Of course a place as simple as this would impress your feeble minds.

Starlo: Ouch.

???: I said “minds”, not “mind”. I’m saying the rest of your “people's” intelligence doesn’t dare to rival mine.

Starlo: . . . thanks?

???: Now, onto your identity. Who might you be? Along with your Ultimate Talent.

Starlo: My what now?

???: Your Ultimate Talent. It was on that paper you got in your room.

Starlo: I never saw a paper.

The robot immediately searched Starlo’s pocket and pulled out a slip of paper, handing it to Starlo.

???: Of course, you didn’t check your pockets.

Starlo: *hehe* I, uh, ooh look! Let's read this and ignore what I haven’t done yet!

Starlo took the paper and read it in his head.

When he read this, he had a bit of a shocked face.

???: Well? What does it say?

Starlo: . . .

Starlo put his hand out for the robot to shake.

Starlo: The names Starlo, ULTIMATE Sheriff


Name: Starlo
Ultimate Talent: Farmer Sheriff

Media of Origin: Undertale Yellow


The robot used its pointer finger and thumb to grab the hand, lifting it up and down

???: Nice to make your acquaintance. I’ll put what data I have of you into my, well, database.

Starlo: And who might you be?

???: Pardon?

Starlo: Well, I introduced myself, now you go.

???: . . . Fine, I guess.

I go by the name of Five Pebbles, and my ultimate talent, which I actually found on me, unlike others, is the ULTIMATE ITERATOR


Name: Five Pebbles

Ultimate Talent: Iterator

Media of Origin: Rainworld.


Starlo: Five Pebbles? That one weird name. A cool one though! But, how does-

5P: Don’t. Give me a nickname. Believe me, I have had FAR too many people here give me a nickname, and I don’t want to add you to that list.

Starlo: . . . okay?

5P: Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to do my own business.

Pebbles soon turned around and walked off with the little bot following him around

Starlo: huh . . . that guy is . . . not the nicest.

???: Yeah, he is a bit off-putting.

Starlo: Yeah is it me or is he a bit rude- WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Starlo suddenly realized someone had popped up next to him, causing him to jump in shock.

They were a small teen girl, wearing a light blue cloak and tophat, with a black dress, with white boots and gloves. She had brown hair and blue-ish gray eyes and also bore a red scarf

???: Oh shoots! Did I spook ya?

Starlo: uh, yeah, kinda. It, wasn’t THAT bad.

???: Yeah, so bad that you almost fell *snicker*. But seriously, you ok?

Starlo: Yeah, yeah I’m fine.

???: Great! Sooooo, who might you be?

Sarlo: Name’s Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff at your service. Who might you be little lady?

???: I’M NOT LITTLE! But, moving aside from my height,

I’m Trucy! Trucy Wright! I’m the ULTIMATE MAGICIAN


Name: Trucy Wright

Ultimate Talent: Magician

Media of Origin: Ace Attorney Series


Starlo: Oooh, love me a good magic show.

Trucy: And I’d LOVE to treat you to one sometime.

Starlo: How awfully generous! Ugh, wait, gettin’ sidetracked. Uh, do you happen to know where we are?

Trucy: Hmm, all I know is that this place looks like a mall, but it doesn’t fully FEEL like one.

Starlo: Agreed. This place feels . . . off.

Trucy: Yeah, I was actually gonna explore the place to try and see if I could find anything.

Starlo: Huh, mind if I tag along?

Trucy: Sure! I don’t mind one bit!

The two decided to start by exploring the floor they were on. They went to the store right next to their “living area” and found it was a furniture store. Inside there was a wide range of furniture, from dressers, carpets, chairs, whatever you could think of. They were also in many different styles.

Inside was another person. They had white ruffed-up hair with shaved hair in a black color underneath. They wore gold sunglasses, with one of them being dented downward, a black jacket and pants, a white tee, and a golden chain with a skull at the end of it. They also had purple tattoos of skulls with the same pattern as the one on his chain.

They were trying to carry a large painting under their arms when they took notice of the two of them.

???: Huh, and I thought today was weird enough.

Starlo: What do you mean by-

Trucy made a pocket mirror appear out of thin air and held it to Starlo’s face.

Starlo: . . . Fair point.

???: So, um, WHY, are you two here?

Trucy: We’re exploring the place! Why do YOU have a painting?

???: Well, my rooms borin’, so I’m spicing it up. Thinking of finding neon paint and splattering it all over this.

Starlo: Isn’t that a form of stealing?

Trucy: And vandalism?

???: Eh, nothin’ I haven’t done before.

Starlo: . . . Pardon?

???: Oh, right, introductions. *Ahem*

I’ll have you two know you’re standing in front of THE Boss of Team Skull, the ULTIMATE GANG LEADER, GUZMA!


Name: Guzma

Ultimate Talent: Gang Leader

Media of Origin: Pokemon Series


Starlo: huh, well, I’m Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff.

Guzma: . . . forget I said anything.

Starlo: Don’t worry, honestly, I don’t think the law applies to areas you don’t know you're in.

Trucy: Um, hello? What about me?

Starlo: Oh, right. This is Trucy, Ultimate Magician.

Guzma: Magician? Huh, gotta keep that in mind when my crew needs entertainin’.

Trucy: Sure! I’d love to perform in front of gang members again!

Starlo & Guzma: AGAIN?

Trucy: You don’t know everything about me.

Starlo: Fair, but back to the Gangster here. Have you ever needed to pay for anything here?

Guzma: Nope, so one: it isn’t stealing. And two: this place is possibly abandoned.

Starlo: Really?

Starlo took notice of a comfortable-looking swivel chair.

Starlo: Because my room COULD use a chair like this-

???: Sorry bucko-

G, S & T: AAAH

Before Starlo could grab the chair, it turned around to reveal someone sitting in it.

They were a man in their mid-twenties. He had short brownish-black hair and a mustache the same color. They wore a red sweater with a white button-up shirt underneath, blue jeans, and brown loafers, and held a clipboard and pen in his hands.

???: This chair already has a claim

Guzma: Were you there the entire time?!

???: What? Can’t a guy sit in a chair and turn around ominously at a random interval to give off an intimidating vibe?

Starlo: Uh, I guess so?

???: Good, I’m trying to branch out and try new hobbies and I think that might go on the list.

Trucy: So, um, WHY are you here?

???: As I said, trying out new hobbies. And chairs. I need one for my office.

Starlo: You have an office?

???: Yeah, it's the room right next door.

Guzma: . . . you mean the bedrooms?

???: You call it a bedroom, I call it a multi-purpose area.

Starlo: Ok? Moving on, how about an introduction?

???: Oh no thanks I already heard your guys’.

Starlo: . . . from you.

???: That was my second choice for conversation starters.

The name’s Dr. Attricks, but you can call me Jerry. ULTIMATE THERAPIST at your service for all your needs 24/7, except on weekends and weekdays, but I prefer days Mondays through Sundays.


Name: Jerry Attricks

Ultimate Talent: Therapist

Media of Origin: Scott the Woz Series


Starlo: Uh, that doesn’t make any-

Trucy: Woah, so, you help others with their problems?

Jerry: Yup, I moved up from “News Anchor” to “Scott’s Therapist”, to “A Therapist”.

Guzma: Who the hell is Scott-

Jerry: Since that day, I’ve been a good therapist in my opinion.

Trucy: Really? I might know a few people to recommend to you.

Starlo: Trucy I don’t think you even live in the same area.

Trucy: Um, hello? Video calls exist.

Jerry: I’m more of an “over the phone” kind of therapist.

Guzma: Those are over the phone.

Jerry: Well I’m a more in-person person.

Guzma: That doesn’t . . . nevermind

Starlo: . . . Well, me and Trucy are gonna explore this place a bit more. Good luck with whatever you two are up to.

Guzma: I’ll just be decorating.

Jerry: I’ll be doing not therapy.

The two of them exited the room and went to the bridge that led over to the other side of the mall. They noticed large security gates were blocking off the rest of the mall. They tried to look through it, but everything was blurry.

Trucy: Man, I can’t see ANYTHING.

Starlo: I wonder what's so important to have a huge gate block it off.

Trucy: And WHY is there a gate this big anyway? Simply blocking off the stores would work.

Starlo: True. Plus, if you're blocking off the rest of the area, why have it blurry?

Trucy: No clue. Wonder- OOH, look! A clothes store!

Trucy immediately rushed over to the nearby store, with Starlo trekking behind. The inside of the store had multiple varieties of clothes, similar to the variety of furniture in the furniture store. Similar to the furniture store, there were also two more people.

The first of them was an old-looking man with a gray mustache and blue eyes. They wore a green tophat with steampunk goggles, and a steampunk suit and tie to match.

The second was a shorter man with a brown afro and orange and yellow aviators. They also wore an orange and yellow tracksuit and shoes.

From what it looked like, the one in the tracksuit was perusing clothes to try on while the older man looked disappointed.

???: OH, hey, hey Cavendish, check THIS one out. I think you might like it~

Cavendish?: I’ve told you. I’m not looking. This is simply a waste of time and we have so many more productive things we could be doing.

???: Yeah, ok, listen. We are trapped in what looks like a mall. We tried to leave out front and failed, the vents are unbreakable, and there seems to be no sign of escape from what I can see. With that information, name ONE thing we can do that's worth our time.

Cavendish?: . . . *sigh* SO, what is that outfit you found?

???: *hehe* I knew you’d cave eventually.

Cavendish?: I-I’m not caving in! I’m simply taking a break!

???: Uh-huh, sure.

Trucy: HIYA you two!

The older man, supposedly named Cavendish, jumped a bit as he turned around while the other simply looked over the old man’s shoulder.

Cavendish?: Great Caesar's Ghost! See Dakota?! I TOLD you there are other people here!

Dakota?: Since when do robots not count as people?

Cavendish: Oh pu-lease. A “pink robot wearing a rope moving around with a robot arm and a vacuum robot attached to it”? I find that hard to believe-

Starlo: Oh, you mean Five Pebbles?

Cavendish: . . . Pardon?

Trucy: yeah! I met Pebbles as well! He isn’t the NICEST . . . thing, but he means well . . . I think

Dakota?: Told ya so.

Cavendish?: You told me nothing.

Dakota?: Well, I told ya’ there was a robot, and the little magician and monster proved me right. I told ya, and the robot is SO. Therefore-

Cavendish?: I get it!

Starlo: . . . Um, pardon the intrusion, but, uh, are you two ok?

Dakota?: Yeah yeah, don’t worry about it. Me n’ Cavendish argue like this all the time.

Cavendish: And I find it incredibly pointless.

Starlo: Well, uh, its nice to meet you two. Name’s Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff, and this is-

Trucy: Trucy Wright! Ultimate Magician!

Starlo: I can assume that the old fellow’s name is Cavendish?

Dakota?: *Snicker” he called you old-

Cavendish: I heard him. But yes,

My name is indeed Balthazar Cavendish, but simply Cavendish will do. As for my talent, I am the ULTIMATE WILDCARD.


Name: Balthazar Cavendish

Ultimate Talent: Wildcard

Media of Origin: Milo Murphy’s Law


Starlo: Wildcard? I’ve heard a member o’ mine mention something like that, but I’ve never heard of it outside of playin’ cards.

Cavendish: Yes, it means that I am sort of a Jack-of-All Trades.

Dakota?: And a master of none.

Cavendish: DAKOTA!

Dakota: Oh be real Cavendish. Being a wildcard pretty much means that we are a hodgepodge of talents mixed into one. Pretty much we’re the “in case of emergency” people.

Trucy: We?

Dakota: Oh right, formalities.

Name’s Vinnie Dakota, but just Dakota works for me. Like my friend here, I am ALSO the ULTIMATE WILDCARD


Name: Vinnie Dakota

Ultimate Talent: Wildcard

Media of Origin: Milo Murphy’s Law


Trucy: You two share the same talent?!

Starlo: I think you mean “have” the same talent Trucy.

Trucy: Same difference Star.

Starlo: *We’ve known each other for like, 7 and a half minutes and she’s already addressing me by my nickname?*

Cavendish: What? Is it uncommon for people to share the same talent?

Dakota: Yeah. Saying that you’re an “ultimate” at something doesn’t mean that you’re the only “ultimate” at that thing.

Cavendish: Exactly! If there are two people with the same level of talent, that should mean both should have the same status of ultimate!

Starlo: Why does this seem targeted?

Trucy: I feel like they’re trying to prove a point.

Dakota: OK OK enough about rambling about why it's fine for people to have the same ultimate talent. Back to you two: you two doing alright?

Starlo: Well, I mean, sure? I just woke up like, 8 minutes ago.

Trucy: I’ve been up for about 10.

Starlo: Basically, we’re out of the “know”.

Dakota: Good to know. *Points to Cavendish* So, do you want the BORING version? *Points to himself* Or would you like the simpler version?

Cavendish: Pardon?

Trucy: Simple, please!

Starlo: Yeah, for time's sake.

Dakota: Ok, so BASICALLY, we’re in an abandoned mall.

Cavendish: And from what we know of, there is no way to escape. No vents, climbing out of the entrance, getting past barriers, nothing.

Dakota: In short, we’re stuck.

Starlo: Well, that’s, unfortunate.

Trucy: Well why are we even here in the first place?!

Cavendish: That, we, unfortunately, can’t answer

Dakota: Yeah, what we CAN say is that if you need clothes, then come here.

Trucy: hmm, well, I guess so. I don’t need any clothes right now, so me n’ Star are gonna explore some more.

Starlo: Yeah, see you two ‘round.

The two of them left the clothes store and moved into the next area, which was right next door. On the inside was a bunch of collectibles, knick-knacks, decorations, and more miscellaneous objects. Inside was another group of two people.

The first of which was a woman in her early twenties. She had white hair and spikey teeth. She also wore very colorful clothes and held some kind of book close to her.
The second person was a very . . . blocky person. They had brown hair and tan skin. They also had a blue shirt and purple pants. Whenever . . . it? moved, said movement seemed very clunky.

???: So you like to collect things as well where you’re from?!?!

<???> Yeah! My world is so large, I haven’t even made it to the border.
<???> Nether, I slain a dragon and my adventure still isn’t over!

???: That's sooooo COOOOOOOL!!! What kind of things do you collect?!?!

<???> A lot of things! Stuff such as different colors and types of armor, music discs, animals, and a whole bunch of other things!

???: OOOOOOOH!!! I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO SHARES MY INTEREST OF COLLECTING!!! Wanna see my scrapbook?!?! It's full of different things I’ve collected from my friends!

<???> Um, I’ll pass.

Trucy: HOWDY Y’ALL! How be y'all doin’?!

Starlo: . . . Were, were you mockin’ me?

Trucy: No, imitating! Your voice is fun to do!

Starlo: Uh, thanks? Anyways, how . . . are you all doing . . . yeah that feels weird.


The girl went right up to Trucy and began shaking her hand frantically.

Trucy: OH, uh, HI?!

Starlo: Um, what are you doin’?

<???> Don’t worry. She’s just like that.
<???> When she met the other people who woke up, she did the same thing.

???: Yeah, it's because there are SO MANY NEW PEOPLE to collect from!

Starlo: Um, elabora-

???: OH, SORRY! I forgot to say who I am!

HI HEY! I’m Colette, and I’m the ULTIMATE COLLECTOR.


Name: Colette

Ultimate Talent: Collector

Media of Origin: Brawl Stars


Trucy: OOOoooh, you collect things?! What kind of stuff do you collect?

Colette: Oh, the normal stuff. Other people's hair, taxes, remains of projectiles, health, taxes, money, scrap parts, health, taxes, taxes, ta-

<???> Um, I think they get it.
<???> You like to collect stuff.

Starlo: *I think they are confusing collecting with hoarding, but I think it's best to keep quiet about it*. So, who are you?

Trucy: And why do you talk weird? It's like what you’re saying is going through a weird text chat.

Starlo: Trucy! A-ain’t that a bit rude?

<???> Don’t worry. I have been asked that a lot today.

<???> In short, this is just the way I communicate where I’m from.

<???> I guess I should introduce myself.

Name is Steve. I’m the ULTIMATE ADVENTURER.


Name: Steve

Ultimate Talent: Adventurer

Media of Origin: Minecraft


Starlo: Well I’ve had my fair trade of adventurers wander ‘round where I’m from, and they tend to be real good people. Oh, where are my manners?! I’m Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff.

Trucy: And I’m Trucy, Ultimate Magician!

Colette: WOAH! I haven’t met a magician yet! What is it like? How do you do magic? Do you ever have to take a break to attack~~~~

Starlo: Is, is she always like this?

<Steve> I don’t know her personally, but I assume so.

Starlo: Well, while she’s distracted, do you have any clue as to what’s happening?

<Steve> Nope. Just woke up and bam!
<Steve> I’m in a strange room and now we’re here.
<Steve> BUT! I did notice something was missing

Starlo: What do you mean?

<Steve> Well, for context: where I’m from, I can break things with my bare hands, along with craft endless things.

<Steve> the weird thing is that when I tried it out here, I couldn’t do anything!
<Steve> It's like everything is made of bedrock.

Starlo: So you're supposed “Mining” and “Crafting” powers disappeared?

<Steve> yeah!
<Steve> I also had my entire inventory taken from me!
<Steve> And I was JUST about to finish my farm.

Starlo: . . . wait a moment.

Starlo then patted his left hip to search for something. The good news was that he felt his gun holster. The bad news? No gun.

Starlo: *What the hell? Whatever or, WHOEVER is behind this, managed to take my gun!* Well, whoever is behind this knows how to get rid of threats.

<Steve> Yeah, almost as if whatever or whoever is behind all this wants us to not hurt eacho-


Starlo: You ok-

Trucy: YUP, LET’S GO!

Colette: AAWWW, don’t go so soon!

Trucy: Sorrywe’reabitbusyrightnowbye!!!

Starlo: Oh, uh, later Steve!

<Steve> Bye for now Starlo!

When the two of them were outside of the trinket store, Starlo grabbed Trucy by the shoulders.

Starlo: Trucy. Are you ok?!

Trucy: She was getting into my business Star. My PERSONAL business. Like, not in the bestest way.

Starlo: There’s a good way?

Trucy: *hehe* Let’s just say that my magic shows can involve my own, *hehe* personal items.

Starlo: . . . Moving on.

Trucy: Yeah moving on.

The store next door was similar in size as the last two, but it contained different contents. This time, it was some kind of pharmacy, filled with different medicine bottles and liquids. This time, however, there was only one person.
They had light skin and black hair, but their eyes were covered by a red bandana. He also wore a thin red trench coat along with black under armor. They seemed to be walking around with some sort of blind person's stick.

Trucy: Star, can that man even see us?

Starlo: More importantly, can he even see perio-

???: Are you two done whispering?

S & T: AH!

The two of them jumped up from the man acknowledging their presence as he began to walk towards them.

???: I may not be able to see, but I can still sense your presence.

Starlo: Really? I thought Steve said everyone’s powers were taken away.

Trucy: What do you mean?

Starlo: Accordin’ to him, he said both his powers and items were taken away from him. Same goes for me: no revolver nor powers.

Trucy: Now that I think of it, I can’t recall having Mr. Hat with me.

Starlo: Who?

Trucy: Magic act prop. Super helpful for a lot of things, especially creating a fake scenario. *tehe*

???: Well whoever “took” your things and such must’ve kept my ability to sense others for the sake of me being able to see in some form.

Starlo: makes sense: if you were able to see a bit before, why take that away?

???: Exactly.

Trucy: Anyways, who might you be? You never introduced yourself.

Starlo: TRUCY!

Trucy: What? We don’t know him.

Starlo: Sorry about her. She’s a bit . . . straightforward?

???: Don’t worry. I’ve dealt with an idiot before. She just gives off little sister energy in some way.

Trucy: HEY!

???: Now, onto introductions.

I’m Kenshi Takahashi, ULTIMATE SWORDSMAN


Name: Kenshi Takahashi

Ultimate Talent: Swordsman

Media of Origin: Mortal Kombat Series


Starlo: I’m Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff, and the smaller one here is Trucy, Ultimate Magician.

Trucy: HEY! Why can’t I introduce myself?!

Starlo: ‘Cause I felt like it?

Trucy: *Hmmph*

Kenshi: Well, it’s nice to meet the both of you. Moving onto more important matters, where are we right now?

Trucy: A mall! An abandoned one from what we know of.

Starlo: As for the room, we’re in what looks to be some sorta medicinal area.

Kenshi: A pharmacy?

Starlo: If that’s what y’all call it, then sure.

Kenshi: That explains that pill bottle I grabbed earlier.

Trucy: um, some of these medicine bottles don’t seem so . . . friendly.

Kenshi: How so?

Trucy: Looking at some of these, some are deadly poisons!

Starlo: WHAT?!

Trucy: yeah! Well, we can’t open them, but still!

Kenshi: Interesting. Why offer lethal medicine if we can’t even access it? Is it some form of an incentive? For show?

Starlo: No clue. All we know is there are deadly items in here.

Kenshi: Well, I say its best we keep this a secret until further notice. The less anyone knows about this, the better.

Trucy: Agreed.

Starlo: Same here. Uh, you need help finding your way ‘round?

Kenshi: I’ll be fine. I was actually on my way out right now.

Starlo: Well, in that case, we’ll be seein’ ya round Kenshi.

Trucy: Later!

As both parties left the pharmacy, the duo crossed another bridge to reach another large store. Next to it were two large unisex bathrooms but inside the large store was a bunch of hardware appliances. It had Allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters, trash compactors, juice extractors, shower rods, water meters, and a whole lot more than that. Inside there was one person, or rather, another robot.
It had a black pilot hat with yellow lights on it, floofy gray hair, and yellow eyes on a black screen. They also wore a black trenchcoat and they also had a tail with an end with a soft cube on it. When it noticed the two of them, it rushed towards them.

???: Oh my goodness hello! HI! I haven’t met you two yet! How are you doing?!

Starlo: Uh, alright I guess?

Trucy: Compared to Pebbles, this robot is MUCH nicer.

Starlo: Agreed.

???: Well it’s good that you guys aren’t doing horrible. Oh, sorry! I forgot to say who I was!

I’m Serial Designation N, but everyone calls me N! I’m the ULTIMATE MURDER DRONE!


Name: N

Ultimate Talent: Murder Drone

Media of Origin: Murder Drones series




N: D-DON’T WORRY! I-I don’t have the need to murder people, or . . . monsters, anymore. I only murder when threatened or to make a point!


N: Besides. Even IF I had those intentions, all my gear was taken away from me! No wings, claws, super sharp teeth. Even my tail is covered by this weird white fluffy thing! I tried to take it off, but it won’t!

Trucy: That’s a marshmallow.

N: That’s what they’re called? I only saw one of those once, and I wasn’t sure if this was it or not.

Starlo: So whoever is behind all this doesn’t just take away weapons n’ powers, but also physical attributes?

N: yeah I guess. Maybe it’s for safety reasons!

Trucy: Yeah, hopefully . . .

Starlo: So, what is this place? Some kind o’ hardware store?

N: Yeah! There’s pretty much everything here. Even a kitchen sink! That means there’s GOTTA be a bunch of useful stuff here.

Trucy: Wow, this place IS a mall. Clothing stores, furnishing stores, hardware stores, they have everything!

Starlo: That doesn’t explain the “rooms” right across from us.

N: Yeah, I also thought that was a bit weird.

Starlo: Well, I guess the only thing to do-

Starlo: WHAT THE-

Out of nowhere, someone rushed into Starlo, causing both to fall to the ground.


Starlo: Says the, urg, THING that ran into me.

Trucy and N helped the two up, letting Starlo get a better look at . . . the robot who ran into him.

They were a blue robot with a head similar to a security camera, with a yellow eye in the center. They also had wings with yellow glowing sections on the ends of them.

Starlo: What’s the big deal?


Trucy: So you ran into him?


Starlo: all, good, I gue-

N: WOAH! You look SO COOL! What kind of robot are you? I’ve never seen anything like you before!

???: OH, I AM A V1 UNIT!

Starlo: A what now-

N: THAT'S SO COOL! I’m N! Ultimate murder drone!


Starlo: pardon?




Name: V1

Ultimate Talent: Murder weapon

Media of Origin: ULTRAKILL


Starlo: Another one?!



Trucy: From what we can assume, yes.


N: It IS! Oh, right! These are my friends! Um, uh, what were your names again?

Starlo: Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff.

Trucy: Trucy Wright. Ultimate Magician.

N: Starlo and Trucy! They’re super- WAIT! Did you say you were a magician?! THATS AWESOME!

Trucy: Oh, uh, thanks!

Starlo: *Why doesn't anyone comment on me bein’ a Sheriff?*


N: Bye new friend! He seems so nice.

Trucy: More like sarcastic, amiright?

Starlo: Agreed. Um, well N, me n’ Trucy are gonna explore this place a bit more.

N: aw, leaving so soon? Well, I guess getting used to this new area makes sense. Hope you guys have fun!

The two of them went out of the store, leaving the drone by himself. They quickly checked the restrooms and found nothing of interest. They then went back to the trinket store and went down the stairs to the first level where they found a fountain in the center of the area. As they kept walking, they found what seemed to be the exit.

Trucy: Look Star! That must lead outside! Let's see if we can find a way out!

Starlo: Trucy wait! Cavendish n’ Dakota said- aaaaaaaand she’s gone. *sigh*

Starlo: *That girl sure is energetic. Reminds me of her when she was a kid . . .*

Starlo stopped in his tracks.

Starlo: *How . . . how long will we be here? Are we trapped? Here for some weird purpose? Will we ever see our friends and family ever again? I . . . I wanna see them all again. The Feisty Five, Blackjack . . . her . . .*


Starlo: *Now's not the time for moping. I just gotta keep moving forward and focus on what happening right now-*

???: You doing ok standing there all lonely Star?

Starlo: !

Chapter 12: Prologue - Mall of Mystery - Part 2


Starlo heard a familiar voice. Who could it be?

Chapter Text

Starlo: *That voice! It . . . it couldn’t be-*

Starlo turned around to see what others would consider a new person. They were an anthropomorphic fox with yellow-white fur and orange hair tied into a ponytail. They wore a red and white kimono, and a tie with a bell in their hair. When Starlo saw them, he began to tear up in an instant.

Starlo: C-C-Ceroba?

Ceroba: *hehe* You act like you haven’t seen me in age-

The Sheriff didn’t hesitate to rush over to the Kitsune and give a big hug, silently letting out his tears, and his accent dropping back to his normal nerdy voice.

Starlo: I-I-I never thought I would see someone I knew ever again!

Ceroba: Well, it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Starlo: *sniff* W-when did you get here?

Ceroba: I just woke up in those weird rooms about 2 minutes ago. You?

Starlo: I say about, like, 17-18 minutes ago.

Ceroba: Interesting. Have you learned anything about this place?

Starlo: All that we know is that there is no way to escape, and this is some kind of repurposed slash abandoned mall. Other than that, we know little to nothing.

Ceroba: We?

Starlo: Well, uh, you see-


Trucy rushed over to Starlo to see him wiping the last of his tears. When Ceroba saw Trucy, she had a face of pure shock. Starlo noticed this and quickly went back to his Western accent.

Starlo: Oh, uh, don’t worry Ceroba. The humans here are nice people. A-and robots, and kind of. A-and the weird block guy- POINT IS, they’re like . . . THEM.

Ceroba: . . . Ok, if you say so.

Trucy: ooooooh. Star. Is this your GIRLFRIEND?

Starlo: Wha- NO! I’m her best friend in fact.

Ceroba: Well, it seems you two have quite the relationship already.

Trucy: Nice to meet you! I’m Trucy Wright, Ultimate Magician!

Ceroba: You have one of those ultimate things as well?

Trucy: Yeah! So does Star! He’s the Ultimate Sheriff!

Starlo: *hehe* Eyup! That’s what I said!

Ceroba simply chuckled and gave Starlo a wink.

Ceroba: Well, I feel like I need to introduce myself then.

My name is Ceroba. Ceroba Ketsukane. According to that slip of paper I found, I am the ULTIMATE DEVOTION.


Name: Ceroba Ketsukane

Ultimate Talent: Devotion

Media of Origin: Undertale Yellow


Trucy: Well it’s nice to meet you Miss Ketsukane!

Starlo: *Why so formal now?!*

Ceroba: It’s nice to meet you too Trucy. So, what exactly were you two doing?

Trucy: Me n’ Star were looking around the place to get a better sense of where we are! OH, by the way! Star, you and Ceroba should look outside. Like, right now.

The two of them followed her outside and noticed what she was talking about. The outside was just like a mall, but the parking lot was blocked off by a large brick wall and a black fenced gate, similar to one you’d see at a stereotypical mansion. On the top of the wall were a lot of spikes and barbed wire. Beyond the walls was an endless stretch of parking spots. It was as if there was no end to it.

Starlo: Yikes. This looks . . . unsettlin’.

Trucy: I know, right? But look! More people!

The two of them looked where Trucy was pointing and saw two new beings to meet.

The first of which was a green anthropomorphic hawk. They had feathers that formed a backward mohawk and wore pilot goggles, white gloves, and vibrant red boots.

The second person seemed to be human-ish. They had white skin and blue horns that resembled cat ears. They wore a blue sweatband, a varsity jacket, sweats, and some very stylish shoes. The two of them seemed to be having a nice leisurely chat.

???: I never knew air-riding was a popular thing from where you’re from!

???: He-yeah! Somethin’ tells me you’d be into it.

???: Eh, maybe. But I know someone from where I’m from that would TOTALLY like that air-riding thing.

???: Really? What’s he like?

???: He’s a skateboarder. Heck, that’s his name!

???: What? Skateboarder?

???: No silly! Its Skateboard! We all call him Skate!

???: *heh*, and I thought YOUR name was wild.

???: Yeah, our names are a bit out there now that I think of it.

Trucy: HI THERE!

Starlo: Trucy, *hehe* WHY are you yelling?

Trucy: Why not? We’re outside and nobody else is around.

Ceroba: *hehehe* Something tells me she’s been troubling you.

Starlo: Not, “troubling”, just . . . uh, what’s the word?

Ceroba: Being playful?

Starlo: yeah, yeah that’s the word.

Ceroba: Well I see it as a brother-sister relationship. It’s kinda cute: seeing you fumble around trying to correct her.

Starlo: Uh, I- I’m not fumbling! L-let’s just see who these two are.

Following Trucy, the two of them went over to meet the two new individuals.

Trucy: About time you two! I was about to introduce you guys to you.

Starlo: *It’s only been 30 seconds* Um, hello there strangers.

???: What’s good? How's it going?

Starlo: Apart from being in an unknown location? Fine, I guess.

Ceroba: Same goes here.

Trucy: This is Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff, and Ceroba, Ultimate Devotion!

Starlo: *And she introduced us anyways*

Trucy: And I’m Trucy, Ultimate Magician!

???: Well, this sure is an interestin’ bunch, but a cool one!

The name’s Jet. Jet the Hawk. My Ultimate talent is the ULTIMATE EXTREME GEAR RIDER.


Name: Jet the Hawk

Ultimate Talent: Extreme Gear Rider

Media of Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog series


Trucy: EXTREME?!

Ceroba: Gear?

Starlo: Rider?

Jet: Yeah! Think of it as skateboarding!

Trucy: Oh right!

. . .

Ceroba: Skate?

Starlo: Boarding?

Jet: Oh, I see you’re one of those types of . . . people?

Ceroba: Monsters.

Jet: Ah, noted. Um, think of skateboarding as doing tricks on a piece of wood with small wheels on it.

. . .

C & S: OOOOooooooooh.

Trucy: *hehehe*

Starlo: What?! We don’t know what your “skateboardin’” is.

Trucy: No, it's just how you two act.

???: . . . um, hi? Phighter you guys don’t know here.

Ceroba: You mean “Fighter”?

???: NOPE! I’m a Phighter! Well, I’m a demon, but that's not important

The name is Slingshot, but everyone calls me Sling for short. I’m the ULTIMATE SLINGSHOT EXPERT.


Name: Slingshot

Ultimate Talent: Slingshot Expert

Media of Origin: Phighting! (Roblox Game)


Starlo: Wait . . . you’re a demon?

Sling: EYUP! You can tell by the horns on my head!

Trucy: Those are horns?!

Sling: Yeah! Everyone where I’m from has a pair!

Ceroba: . . . so what are you two doing out here?

Jet: We were just surveying the area. That way when we find some parkour or skating stuff, we could deck this place out and have our own hang-out area.

Sling: It’ll be like the skatepark back home!

Trucy: Well if any of you need help, come find Starlo! He’ll help you out no sweat!

Starlo: *Why is she voluntelling me?!*

Sling: We’ll definitely note that! Thanks Truce!

Trucy: No probs! Come on you two! Let’s get back to exploring!

Being practically forced by Trucy, the two monsters followed her back inside the mall. As they were walking back towards the center, Trucy stopped in her tracks and pointed her nose into the air.

Trucy: Do you two smell that?

Ceroba: It just smells like . . . food?

Trucy: EXACTLY! Let’s check it out!

Starlo: Honestly, I be feelin’ a bit hungry myself. You?

Ceroba: . . . Eh, something small couldn’t hurt.

The two of them trailed behind Trucy and entered a HUGE food court. It had several tables, enough to seat hundreds of people. There was also a large display of food, such as pretzels, hot dogs, and other typical mall foods. There was also a kitchen in the back covered by the walls, and a food storage nearby filled with vegetables, meats, frozen goods, and a bunch more things. Behind the counter were two more individuals.

The first of which was a bald man with a pointed nose. The top half of their body was very rounded, while their legs were as thin as pencils. He wore black pants, a gray zip-up sweater, and a black and gray scarf.

The second was a man who looked younger than him. They had short brown hair underneath a hat that read “milkman” and black eyes with eyebags underneath. They wore a black bowtie, belt, and shoes, and wore a standard white milkman uniform.

At first glance, the bald man was inspecting all the sweets while the younger one observed with a tired expression.

???: I still don’t understand why you’re inspecting every individual sweet.

???: I’m telling you, there is a good chance of there being some sort of spyware in here.

???: I highly doubt that someone would do something like that.

???: Well your doubts are wrong.

???: How so?

???: *hehe* Have you ever heard of “cookie robots”?

???: . . . no?

???: Good, you wouldn’t like it if some little gorls gave you spyware without you knowing. *hohooooooooo*

Trucy: Hello there!

Trucy’s greeting to the two men startled the bald one but simply caused the younger man to turn his head. When they both glanced at the monsters, they grew a bit more surprised.

???: WOW. Those uh, are some, VERY interesting friends little gorl.

Trucy: I’m NOT little! I’m 18 years old!

???: Well, uh, you’re still-

???: She isn’t a little girl, Felonius.

Felonius?: I told you not to call me that, Mr. Moses.

Moses?: Then why call me Mr. Moses?

Felonius?: I am just simply a formal guy!

Starlo: . . . So, uh, what are you doing exactly?

Moses?: This man right here is trying to see if the cakes and sweets contain some spyware or something.

Felonius?: You never know!

Trucy: Well, we’ve been around most of this place, and we haven’t seen any spyware in furniture or clothes.

Ceroba: There also aren’t any cameras in our rooms, so I doubt there’d be any security systems inside of . . . a cookie.

Felonius?: . . . Well, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cameras around the place.

Starlo: I mean, he isn’t wrong. There COULD be cameras around here.

Moses?: But there aren't any in the cookies for crying out loud.

Felonius: Okay I believe you made your point FRANCIS.

Francis: Thank you GRU.

Ceroba: Are you two done bickering?

The two simply stopped talking and stared at Ceroba.

Ceroba: As I thought. Now, how about we get more friendly and get to know each other? I am Ceroba Ketsukane, Ultimate Devotion

Starlo: Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff at your service.

Trucy: And I’m Trucy Wright! Ultimate Magician.

Gru: Oooooh, a magician? I know a gorl who might like something like that.

Francis: So much for introductions.

Gru: What? Can’t I comment on people's talents? Fine.

I am Felonius Gru, but simply Gru would do fine. I am the ULTIMATE AGENT.


Name: Felonius Gru

Ultimate Talent: Agent

Media of Origin: Despicable Me Series


Trucy: *hehehe* That’s such a silly name. In a good way!

Gru: Aw, thank you!

Francis: Weird, but alright. My turn I guess.

I’m Francis Moses. If you couldn’t tell by my cap, I am the ULTIMATE MILKMAN.


Name: Francis Moses

Ultimate Talent: Milkman

Media of Origin: That’s Not My Neighbor!


Starlo: What in the sam heck is a milkman?

Francis: . . . A man . . . who delivers milk?

Starlo: . . . oh, right, that, yeah I knew that. *hehe*

Francis: Mhm, sure.

Ceroba: So, is there anything of note here?

Gru: Well, uh, apart from all the food; no not really. Still, it's weird a cafeteria like this has food you’d find in a standard kitchen.

Francis: I mean, that is kinda weird.

Trucy: Yeah, really . . . ANYWAYS! Me n’ these two are gonna explore some more. See you two around!

The two willingly followed Trucy this time to the area across from them. The other room was as large as the cafeteria but had different contents. Inside there were several games, table-top games, TVs with games, and everything you’d find inside a standardized lounge, but better. As usual, there were two . . . “people” inside.

The first was a beige puppet, slightly floating with no strings attached to it. It wore a murky green archer hat with a red feather sticking out and a trench coat the same color as the hat.

The second being wasn’t even human. It was a pink ball with 3 fringes on both sides of it, making it represent an axolotl of sorts. It also had thin black legs and a pair of floating hands that appeared from time to time when it gestured. When it spoke, a weird beige text box appeared above it, similar to how when Steve spoke.

???: And THAT is how I sold out one of my top-tier shows.

???: WOW! That sounds so cool!

???: I could never imagine doing something like that.

???: Your shows must be amazing to sell out like that

???: *hehehe* I GUESS you can say that.

???: Hey, do you think I could maybe check out one of your shows?

???: I’m sure you’d like to do that for-

???: Sorry, not even my close associates get in for free. Everyone pays in full.

???: Oh, that’s a shame. Maybe next time.

Trucy: HI there you two-WOAH. This is an interesting pair.

Starlo: *And yet I didn’t phase her? What stuff has this girl seen?*

???: OH! Why hello there new friends!

???: How nice to meet you all!
???: Who might you be?

Trucy: Nice to meet you! I’m Trucy, Ultimate Magician. This star fruit guy is Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff

Starlo: *A what fruit now?*

Trucy: And this is Ceroba, Ultimate Devotion.

Ceroba: Nice to meet you two.

???: Well hello you three!
???: It's nice to know who you are!

My name is KinitoPET, but you can call me Kinito! I am the ULTIMATE PET


Name: Kinito

Ultimate Talent: Pet

Media of Origin: KinitoPET


Ceroba: A . . . pet? You don’t look like one.

Kinito: That’s because I am a computer desktop helper!

Kinito: I live in people's computers!
Kinito: Or, I DID until I arrived here.

Kinito: But that’s ok! Because I got to meet you guys!

Starlo: uh, yay?

???: Yeah to be honest, this . . . THING has been a bit of a bother-

Trucy: WOAH! You look a bit like Mr. Hat!

???: Aaaaand I spoke too soon.

Trucy: Who are you Mr. Puppet guy?!

???: Well, if you MUST know more, *hehe*



Name: Fantoccio

Ultimate Talent: Puppeteer

Media of Origin: Billie Bust Up


Starlo: Is it me or does this guy kinda sound like N a bit-

Trucy: not now Star! I heard that you run your own shows?

Kinito: He does! All of them sell out!

Fantoccio: only the best of the best!

Trucy: Woah! What’s it like?! How do they go?!

Fantoccio: We-hell, if you MUST know.

Starlo: *Yeesh. Trucy is hard fangirling right now* Hmm?

Starlo noticed that Ceroba was on her way out and rushed over to her.

Starlo: Where ya’ headin’?

Ceroba: I’m going to check out the few areas left down here . . . starting with the one that THING is outside of that store.

Starlo looked where Ceroba was looking and saw a weird figure outside a store.

They were a very . . . flat being that was humanoid. They had long red and black hair with a black right eye a white left eye and light red skin. They wore a sophisticated red and white uniform, but what stood out was their right arm, which was a . . . cake?

The two of them approached . . . it, causing the being to perk up and look at them both.

???: Who are you two and what is your business here?

Starlo: Woah there. Why so serious?

???: Do I look like a cookie version of a Bat-Cat? I asked for your name and business.

Ceroba: Wait, what do you mean by cookie?

???: Can’t you tell? Look closer and you’ll see what I mean.

Upon inspection, the two monsters realized that this thing was, in fact, a cookie!

Starlo: Wha- how is this possible?! How can a cookie be, well, sentient?!

???: Not even I know the answer to the witch’s actions. Now I’m going to ask again. Name. and. Business.

Ceroba: I am Ceroba Ketsukane, Ultimate Devotion. This is Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff. We are here to explore the area. Nothing else.

???: Scouting, huh? I guess that isn’t bad. Very well, you two may enter. HOWEVER, I warn you of the . . . thing inside there.

Starlo: Uh, thanks? Oh, by the wa-

The name is Red Velvet Cookie, but Red Velvet will do just fine. ULTIMATE GENERAL. You happy?


Name: Red Velvet Cookie

Ultimate Talent: General

Media of Origin: Cookie Run Kingdom


Starlo: Oh, uh, yeah? How did-

RV: I assumed that someone like you would ask that. Nothing else.

Starlo: Oh, noted. *Someone like me?*

The two of them entered the room and saw why Red Velvet gave them a warning: this was a hunting store. Everything on display was real; bows and arrows, knives, and so on. There were also guns, but those were on very high displays AND were in glass cases that would be locked.

Ceroba: Huh . . . this is . . . interesting.

Starlo: Ya’ don’t say. Say, who, or what, was that THING Red Velvet warned us about?

???: THAT would be me.


The two of them jumped back and turned around in shock to see the source of the voice.

It was a large, human-like figure that resembled an owl. Their entire body was shadowy and their eyes and mouth glew a bright orange. They only wore a pink vest and bowtie, like there was anything to show anyway.

???: What?! Never seen an owl as pretty as I am?

Starlo: YOU’RE AN OWL?!

???: Why yes! Can’t you tell?!

Ceroba: No?!?!

???: Oh . . . I see . . . ANYWAYS! What brings you two here? And why are you both reaching for a weapon, despite having none?

The two of them realized what the owl meant and untensed their bodies.

Starlo: Well, we’re just searchin’ the place, seeing what this place is.

Ceroba: More importantly, why are YOU here?

???: Same reason. However, I HAVE been perusing this area for a bit. Just to get some general knowledge of the wares this shop has to offer.

Ceroba: That’s . . . mildly concerning

???: Oh my! Where are my manners?!?! I forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Barnaby, and I am the ULTIMATE PARTY HOST, at your service!


Name: Barnaby

Ultimate Talent: Party Host

Media of Origin: Billie Bust Up


Starlo: Well, uh, nice to meet you Mr. Barnaby. Name’s-

Barnaby: no need to introduce yourself: I heard your conversation with the cookie.

Starlo: oh . . . ok then

Ceroba: So, you’re in here to “peruse the wares”? Seems kind of suspicious.

Barnaby: What?! I’m tall! I’m able to see everything up here. YEESH.

Ceroba: Ok, sorry I guess. Have you found anything note-worthy?

Barnaby: Apart from all the weapons? No, not at all.

Ceroba: *Glare*

Barnaby: WHAT?! I’m being serious.

Ceroba: . . . Alright then. Come on Star. We have more areas to check out.

Starlo: On it. Later Mr. Barnaby.

Barnaby: Toodle-loo~ See you around~

Starlo: Hey, why the sudden urge to leave?

Ceroba: That owl is giving me the creeps . . . Hey, look, there’s another store. Let's check it out.

Starlo: Alrighty then.

The two monsters made their way to the next store, which caught them both by surprise: mainly Starlo. Inside was a plethora of electronic appliances; phones, televisions, speakers, and so on. There were also some special-looking phones, but they were locked behind glass cases. Apart from the appliances, the only other thing in the room were two other beings.

The first of the two was a girl in her early twenties who had tan skin, brown curly hair, dark brown eyes, and a mole under her right eye. She wore a blue and white colored letterman's jacket with a purple bullseye on the left arm sleeve, and the words “Brighton ‘82” beneath her right bosom. She also wore beige cargo pants that were rolled up, along with a pair of red and white shoes.

The second one was . . . a stick figure. They had black limbs as thin as lines drawn on a piece of paper, with nothing but a circle head with black eyes and a mouth, white hands, and brown shoes.

The two of them were looking around and perusing the wares.

Starlo: howdy there! How are you guys doin’?

???: Hmm? Oh, hey there. Never saw you guys here before.

Starlo: same goes for you.

???: . . .

Starlo: Who's your friend here?

???: Him? He doesn’t talk. Well, he CAN, he just doesn’t do it a lot.

Ceroba: Regardless, it’s nice to meet some more friendly looking faces. I’m Ceroba Ketsukane, Ultimate Devotion.

Starlo: Starlo, Ultimate Sheriff at your law abidin’ needs.

???: Well it’s nice to meet you two. I’m Sophie Walten.

. . .

Starlo: And?

Sophie: And what?

Ceroba: Don’t you have an Ultimate Talent?

Sophie: Oh, yeah, those. Well, what’s weird is I don’t remember it.

Starlo: You don’t?

Sophie: Nope. I tried searching for it, finding hints, but I couldn’t find anything that could lead to what it might be. Not sure if it’s my meds or not. But either way, I’m still Sophie Walten.


Name: Sophie Walten

Ultimate Talent: ???

Media of Origin: The Walten Files


Ceroba: Well, regardless of your talent, it’s nice to meet you, Miss Walten.

Starlo: Ditto here.

Sophie: Same goes for the both of you. Oh, by the way, this-

I’m Henry Stickman. I’m the ULTIMATE HEISTER


Name: Henry Stickmin

Ultimate Talent: Heister

Media of Origin: Henry Stickmin Series


Sophie: Yeah, that.

Starlo: A heister? Care to elaborate? Not gonna arrest you or nuthin’, just curious

Henry: Eh, explaining all that might take about like, I dunno 30 minutes if I just read off a script. 2 hours if I go into detail.

Starlo: That’s . . . oddly specific.

Henry: *nod nod*

Sophie: Aaaand he’s back to not speaking.

Henry: *Shrug*

Ceroba: Well, moving on from introductions, is there anything of note from this room?

Henry: *Head shake*

Sophie: Yeah, as he “said”, there is nothing noteworthy here, apart from those phones. Other than those, nothing.

Ceroba: Well, thank you for that.

Starlo: Yeah, be seeing you-

*Ding-Dong, Bing-Bong*

Everyone suddenly perked and tensed up as they heard this weird bell go off. Suddenly, a camera popped up in the corner of the room along with a large yellow monitor. As it turned on, a shadowy figure appeared.

???: Test test test~! Is this thing on? YAY! It’s good to be back on this thing. *ahem* Anyways: all participants, please head into the center of the mall for an important meeting. It’ll be one to die for~. Upupupu

They then heard a large rumbling sound and rushed outside. An entrance appeared in between the electronic store and the hunting store, leading to what seemed like a large garden.

Starlo: Uuuuuuh, that . . . wasn’t there.

Sophie: Ya’ think?

Henry: *Gesturing them to follow him*

Ceroba: Well, the only way to go now is in there I guess.

Chapter 13: Prologue - Mall of Mystery - Part 2


An announcement just went off, and now its time to find out what it is

Chapter Text

As the four of them entered the new area, they got a better grasp of what it was. It was a large garden, with trees, flowers, and cobblestone pathways leading in 5 directions; all of them leading to the center, where a fountain lay. On said fountain was a statue of what looked like a stuffed bear. There were also ropes with talismans strung across the garden ceiling.

One by one, everyone that Starlo had met entered the garden, totaling out to 23 beings. As Starlo and Ceroba settled down, a fellow magician rushed over to them.

Trucy: STARLO!!! Where did you go?!

Starlo: well, uh, you were talkin’ with that Fantoccio fella, so me n’ Ceroba simply let you chat with him.

Trucy: Well RUDE of you to not tell me where you guys went. But THANKS for letting me chat with him. He’s so cool!

Ceroba: Well that’s nice to hear.

???: Oh hey! I see you guys enjoy sitting as well!

The three of them looked over to see the Ultimate Therapist walk over to say hi, along with the Ultimate Adventurer

<Steve> How are you guys doing?

Ceroba: . . . Uh, fine?

<Steve> Oh, don’t worry about my chat thing

<Steve> It’s normal for me. Nothing bad.

Ceroba: Noted . . .

Trucy: Hi Steve! Hi Jerry! How are you two?

Jerry: Well, I’m standin’! So I say I’m doin’ alright.

<Steve> I’m also doing good.

<Steve> I just wish someone or SOMETHING could explain what’s happening

Starlo: You and me both.

Trucy: Same here. Kinda weird how we all woke up in a mall. And in weird, makeshift rooms.

Ceroba: That reminds me. Including mine, I counted a total of 24 rooms, from what I see. There are only 23 of us here right now.

<Steve> Did someone just not show up?

???: No, Imma here.

Everyone looked over to where they entered from and saw the 24th person.

They were a short man with a red cap with an “M” on it, which stood atop a head with brown hair, blue eyes, a large nose, and a stylish mustache. The man wore blue overalls over a red hoodie, along with white gloves and brown shoes. They seemed to speak in an Italian accent.

5P: Oh great; as if 22 other . . . things, were enough, another comes along.

N: Woah! That’s no way to treat someone.

5P: I’m simply saying there is a lot of “people” here. Even for a garden this big, it feels crowded


Francis: So why are you so late?

???: Well, I-a just woke up when-a that announcement went off. I’m . . . kinda lost.

Cavendish: Believe me: we ALL are.

Dakota: Anyways, who might you be?

5P: And state your Ultimate talent.

???: My-a what?

Kenshi: check your pockets.

???: *checks* Oh, here-a we go. That-a makes more sense. Anyways,

My name is-a Mario. Imma the ULTIMATE PLUMBER


Name: Mario

Ultimate Talent: Plumber

Media of Origin: Mario Bros. Series


Gru: Well, now with Mario here, I count a total of 24 people . . . and cookie, a-and robots. Basically a bunch of sentient things.

RV: No need to single me out on that

Barnaby: Oh come on. It’s no big stress that you’re the only edible thing amongst us

Colette: And the most UNIQUE! Can, can I get a hug? Not for anything else, JUST a hug

RV: . . . hard pass.

Jet: So, does anyone else know why we’re in this room?

???: I happen to know!


???: Isn’t it obvious?

Guzma: We’re looking around in confusion. What do YOU think?!

???: Right, sorry. Maybe, I dunno, look at the center?

Everyone looked at the center and saw that the bear statue was rumbling.

Fantoccio: uuuh, should we, step ba-

Before he could finish, the statue exploded, causing bits of stone and rubble to fly all over the place and smoke to burst from the statue.

Kinito: AH! MY EYES!

Sophie: OW! sh*t! MY HAND!


Trucy: To YOU maybe- OW MY CHEEK!

???: Oh please! You are all being babies.



???: I’ll GLADLY share. I am the one, the ONLYYYYYY-

As the smoke cleared, the source of the voice was revealed. It was a bear the same size as the statue. The right side of the body was white, with a single dot for an eye, while the left side was all black, with a devilish red eye and a sinister spiked smile. Other than that, it looked ripped, torn and damaged.


Upon seeing this . . . thing, everyone was in shock and simply stood still. The bear that called itself Monokuma quickly shook itself off and it became scratchless.

Monokuma: FINALLY! Free from that thing. I’ve been waiting there for like, a year and a half, maybe more. One second.

Monokuma quickly smacked the side of his head and caused a bunch of small balls to fall out of his head. They looked like shotgun pellets . . . weird.

Monokuma: Sorry, I’m still recovering from my . . . injuries. *bbrrrrrrbrbrbrbr* Anyways, how are you all~?

. . .

Monokuma: Huh . . . more scared than usual. Weird. Also, no familiar faces in the crowd. I expected one, maybe two. Whatever, participants are participants.

. . .

Monokuma: WOW. You all are REALLY making it hard to-


Monokuma: FINALLY! A REACTION! Now, as I was GOING to say; I am MONOKUMA. Not a teddy bear. Not half and half. Not a grizzly bear. I am MO-NO-KU-MA. Got it? Good. As for what role I play; I am your ASSISTANT HOST. Now, any comments?


Monokuma: ONE AT A f*ckING TIME! JESUS CHRIST! YOU! Fox Lady!

Ceroba: What do you mean by “Assistant Host?”

Monokuma: WOW! Right to the point as always Miss. Ketsukane.

Starlo: *If he knew her name why did he call her Fox Lady?*

Monokuma: See, due to . . . recent events that I will NOT go into, my line of robots is VERY limited.

N: WOAH! You’re part of a robot line too-

5P: Not, a good time.

Sling: Reminds me of those robots I phight sometime-

5P: What part of “NOT A GOOD TIME” do you not get?!

Monokuma: . . . you done Grapefruit Robot?

5P: . . . oh you mean me-

Monokuma: THEN SHUT IT! *ahem* As I was saying, due to my limited line, the higher-ups decided it's better to hire new hosts until they make more robots of me.

Trucy: A new host?

Monokuma: YUP! Speaking of which, I say it’s time to introduce him.

. . .

Francis: Well, where is he?

“I’ve been here all along!”

Fantoccio: Huba-bwah?!

“Look here!
No, to your left!
I’m below you!
I lied! Up above!
Nah, I’m kidding! I haven’t even shown up yet!”

Sohpie: *huuuugh!* Just show yourself already!

“Alrighty then! Watch out for the papers!”

Suddenly, the ropes began to burn and the talismans began to spiral next to Monokuma. When they burst out, a new figure was revealed. They were a fox-like creature that was the same size as Monokuma. The color scheme was the same as Monokuma’s, but their right side was light gray and the left was dark maroon. They wore a gray kimono with red lines along the edges and a black wrap wrapping it around the center. They also had 9 tails: 4 being gray, 4 being maroon, and one in the middle that was both colors.

???: こんにちは、みんなさん !皆さんにお会いできてとても嬉しいです!私の名前は物狐です。あなたのホストになれてとても嬉しいです!

. . .

Kenshi: このような状況ではありますが、お会いできてとても嬉しいです。

???: おお!日本語も話せますか?!それはとてもクールです!!

Monokuma: Oh boy not again. Um, hey, Mr. Host; English, please.

???: Sorry, I’m just so excited! Oh, right, introductions. *Ahem*

HELLO everyone! It’s SO nice to meet you all! My name is Monokitsune. I’m SUPER happy to be your host!

Dakota: *Haha* Now THAT is an introduction I can understand. How do ya-

Cavendish: You’re SERIOUSLY trying to fraternize with THAT?!

Dakota: What?! He seems like a nice guy!

Monokitsune: Aw thanks! That means a lot.

Monokuma: Hey, less talky, MORE EXPLAINY.

Monokitsune: RIGHT! Sorry. *Ahem* WELCOME EVERYONE, TO MALL . . . nokuma- You named it after you when I’m the host?


Monokitsune. Right, got it. *ahem* SO! You were all gathered here due to your special talents and your popularity amongst other people. You will all live here in this mall for entertainment and fun! Isn’t that nice?!

Sling: On paper: Kinda. Right now: no. No, it isn’t. I have a cafe to run back home.

Jet: And I got races to- wait you run a cafe?

Sling: Yeah! It’s a nice place for a bite.

Francis: Yeah, I have a job to do as well.

Starlo: And I have a town to protect.

Trucy: And I have shows to perform.

Monokitsune: *Sharp inhale* Oh my, um, yikes there is NO nice way to say this.

Monokuma: Then just say it.

<Steve> Say what?

Monokitsune: Well, you see . . .

you can’t leave

. . .

. . .



Jerry: *heh* That’s a good joke.

Monokuma: It’s not a joke.

Jerry: Oh . . . well then . . .


Mario: Oh-a my. Oh-a my oh-a my. This is . . . this is-a stressful alright.

5P: You all seriously think we are stuck here permanently? There’s no way they can keep us trapped here forever.

Monokitsune: Weeeeelllll, this place is SPECIFICALLY repurposed for that, well purpose. So, you’re kinda sorta stuck here.

5P: huh . . . interesting . . .

Starlo: *Stuck here?! No, nononono. This . . . no, Pebbles is right; we CAN’T be stuck here*

Monokuma: Time for the reveal~

Monokitsune: Right, on it. *Ahem* LISTEN UP!

The room went silent immediately.

Monokitusne: Thank you~! Now, while I DID say you’re all stuck here, I never said you couldn’t leave.

Kinito: That’s amazing! Maybe we can use that

Kinito: way to leave to help us all get out of here!

Monokitsune: . . . Welllllll . . .


Monokitsune: I AM! Now, as I was saying, the way to escape is . . . interesting.

Gru: Then just share it if it’s so interesting.

Monokitsune: See, here at . . . Mall-nokuma, we want everyone to have a nice, peaceful time here. So . . . in order to successfully leave, someone is going to have to . . . disrupt the peace.

Ceroba: Disrupt the peace . . . do you happen to mean-

Monokitsune: *grrrrehehehe* yes. In order to escape . . .

You’re going to have to commit a MURDER~

W-w-w . . .


Sophie: Murder someone?! That’s . . . that's insane!

Barnaby: Kill someone? Thats horrifying! -ly delightful.

RV: What was that-

Barnaby: Nothing! Nothing!


N: Yeah, if killing is the way to escape, then that’s gonna mess everyone up.


N: OOOOOOoooooooh. Oh yeah, that too.

Trucy: Y-you . . . YOU LIAR!!!

Upon Trucy yelling out her bold statement, everyone turned towards her.

Trucy: What kind of person, thing, whatever, traps 24 beings inside a mall to kill each other? It makes no sense! It has to be some giant, weird prank.

Monokuma: Upupupu. Seems like someone’s confident this is all one big joke. Monokitsune, would you like to show her or should I?

Monokitsune: . . . OH you mean that! Um, you can show it since you were a part of it.

Monokuma: Fair point. Everyone, please look at this screen right here.

Monokuma pressed a button and a large monitor appeared out of nowhere. Static was on it until video footage was shown. It was dark, with only faint moonlight illuminating the room. There were only two other things to note: a single neon green streak floating where someone’s face would be, and three bright red lines floating slightly higher. The footage then began to play, and lines began to communicate with one another, revealing they were two masculine-sounding people.


???: Well . . . I lost . . . *hehe* should’ve expected that. You DID say that you’re an expert with swords and stuff within’ that area.

???: Well, your fighting isn’t something to ignore. You’re quite skilled with the blade as well and you put up a good fight

???: *heh* Thanks . . . well, I say it’s time we get our little plan rollin’.

???: . . . How the hell did we even get ourselves into this situation?

???: Well, you came here to help everyone else, and so did I.

???: Right . . . why didn’t I just go through with it? That way neither one of us would be labeled as a killer and have to suffer the same fate as the other two.

???: You know as well as I do that neither of us would let the other go through with something like that.

???: . . . Fair point . . . damnit, out of all the motives, why did that bear have to sink us to the bottom of the ocean?

???: Look on the plus side: it’s really pretty looking out into the ocean.

???: You aren’t wrong, it is a beautiful sight. One of the few good things to come out of this damn killing game.

???: You aren’t wrong . . . well, I’m ready when you are.

???: Alright then . . . it . . . it was nice knowing you . . .



. . .

. . .

. . .


As the footage came to a close, everyone simply watched in either confusion, shock, disgust, a mix of two, or all three. One of the confused people, that being Pebbles, decided to speak up.

5P: Ok then? So what? You just showed us a very dramatic scene. What’s the big deal?

Monokuma: I dunno: why don’t you ask your friend Trucy over there?

5P: Why should we . . . ask . . . Trucy . . .

Out of everyone else, Trucy wasn’t confused, shocked, disgusted, or a combination of any of them

She was terrified

Starlo: T-Truce? What’s wrong?

Trucy: D-D-Daddy . . . he . . . h-h-he told stories of a man w-w-who b-both was f-friends of h-his teacher a-a-and someone h-he went up a-a-against in court. H-H-His name was . . . w-w-was . . .


When everyone heard the name repeated, that’s when they realized why Trucy was so terrified: Monokuma was telling the truth. The joke that was all of them being captured and thrown into a re-purposed mall, forced to kill each other for the entertainment of others, wasn’t a joke.

Monokitsune: Yeah, this is the real deal, so you better take it seriously. Anyways, it’s getting late, you all have had a long day, so get some rest. The rules will be established tommorow. So, have good dreams!

. . .

Monokitsune: . . . UNLESS, of course, you all wanna watch more videos of people getting killed-

Immediately, everyone ran off to their rooms . . . except Barnaby

Barnaby: You REALLY have more videos of-

Monokuma: JUST GO!

Barnaby: OK, sheesh . . . *Leaves*

Monokuma: not bad there newbie.

Monokitsune: Oh no, I did HORRIBLE there!

Monokuma: . . . Eh, whatever.


Starlo just lay in his bed. He already knew about the situation, but it was all so weird . . . but, it was also . . . familiar?

Starlo: *For some reason, those . . . dreams, they seem so familiar. Friends n’ strangers getting killed, everyone terrified . . . and me. I don’t know why but . . . why? Why in some of those dreams . . . why do I die?*

As his thoughts kept consuming him, he eventually fell into a nice slumber.

Prologue: END
Participants Left: 24

To Be Continued~

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Chapter 14: Chapter 1 - A Great Deal on Despair! - Part 1


A new day in a mall where everyone is told to kill one another

Chapter Text

. . .

. . .

. . .


Starlo: WHAT THE HAY?!?!

Starlo jumped out of his bed and fell onto the floor. He got up and saw that the TV in his room was projecting a message from Monokitsune himself.

HELLO HI AND GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! It is now 7 a.m. That means it’s time for another wonderful day . . . unless you’re dead, then in that case: sorry!”

Starlo: *Must be a pre-recorded message based on that final bit of it . . . creepy. Other than that, it looks like our wake-up call is 7 in the morning.*

Starlo put his hat back on and went back outside. 23 other rooms. Yup, he was awake, and that wasn’t a dream.

Starlo: *sigh* Welp, guess I just gotta live with these conditions I guess.

Starlo decided to head back down to the garden when he saw a small group of people in the cafeteria. He went over to it and saw that there was a whole bunch of food being prepared as if it were a buffet. That’s when the Slingshot Expert himself rushed over to Starlo.

Sling: Morning Star!

Starlo: Howdy there Slingshot! Are you doing all this?!

Sling: Man I wish: I’m getting help from Gru and Mario. They . . . also had the same idea. Also, like I said, just Sling is fine

Starlo: Well that’s awfully nice! Y’all didn’t need to do this! Also, my bad

Sling: Well, I want everyone to know we’re here to help them, so what better way than to make breakfast and dinner for everyone?

Starlo: Well, I’ll keep that in mind to get up earlier to help you two out.

Sling: Hmrnrah?! You don’t need to do that!

Starlo: Neither do you, yet I’m here to help y’all out.

Sling: . . . FIIIIIINE, come on to the back!

???: I might as well help

The two turned around and saw the man in white clothes with his hands in his pockets.

Starlo: You too Francis? Even with you n’ Gru’s . . . tension?

Francis: I have to feed and cook for myself, so I can help around.

???: Ditto here.

The THREE of them now turned around to see the amnesiac walking in.

Sling: Hey Sophie! Wow, might as well bring in everyone to help with everyone coming in.

Mario: HEY! Speaking of-a which, where is-a everyone?

Gru: Probably still sleeping. Not everyone tends to wake up immediately from an alarm. Trust me, I know. Also good mornin’ everyone!

Sling: Well everyone, let’s get to it!

With all of them working together, they made a beautiful breakfast buffet by 8:05 am as everyone else piled into the cafeteria, with the 6 of them growing a bit closer. Everyone spent the time talking, observing, and so on when at 8:30, Cavendish started to stand up on one of the tables.

Dakota: Uh, Cavendish? What are you doing?

Cavendish: You’ll find out. *ahem* ATTENTION EVERYONE! I REQUEST YOUR ATTENTION!

The room went silent as everyone had their eyes on Cavendish.

Cavendish: Thank you. Now, you might be wondering why I’m asking for your attention. Well, it has to do with our situation.


Cavendish: I’m well aware of THAT. I mean everything else. Like, the rooms, stores, our situation, everything. I feel like if we all collaborate with one another, we can have a better understanding of everything.

Dakota: Wow . . . you actually did something smart.

Cavendish: Thank you- HEY!

Guzma: Well one thing is fo sho: this is a mall. I KNOW WE KNOW IT’S A MALL, but what I mean is . . . it’s just a mall. The stores, layout, everythin’: it’s JUST a mall.

Kenshi: Not just that, but it seems like they have the same merchandise as what an actual mall does, along with the areas to buy them

Colette: It’s like I’m back home!

Barnaby: What DOES catch my eye is how . . . “closed in” we are.

<Steve> Same here
<Steve> From what I see, all the vents are blocked off
<Steve> So getting into them seems impossible

Trucy: Aw man! What if I wanna sneak around in them?!

Starlo: That's VERY suspicious Trucy.

RV: That and we don’t want any evidence to get left behind in them.

Trucy: What kind of person leaves evidence in a vent?! That’s just plain stupid


Monokuma: . . . I feel like I’m being violated right now

Monokitsune: What do ya mean?

Monokuma: Long story. I’ll tell you later


Ceroba: Moving on, another thing to note is those barricades that prevent further access to the rest of the mall.

Kinito: Yeah, that SURE is strange
Kinito: I wonder if there is any way
Kinito: to open them up?

Henry: . . . I can think of ONE way

Kinito: WOAH! You don’t mean-

Henry: Unfortunately, it’s the only way I can think of. With 24 people here, I doubt one of us found a way to open those things up, right?

. . .

Henry: *nod nod*

Jet: Speaking of barricades, there’s also those VERY large walls. On top of that, there’s that barbed wire too! Talk about overkill.

Sling: Tell me about it. I bet if I had my old shoes I’d be able to scale that wall.

Colette: Old shoes?

Sling: Yeah! I had a pair of Air Jordan 1s that allow me to double jump, air dash, and walk on air!

Jet: You never mentioned that!

Sling: It never came up, hehe.

Fantoccio: Actually, I feel like that's another good thing to talk about: gear and powers.

N: Oh right! You guys said something about losing your weapons, right?

Sling: Yeah! I lost my gear! It's the one thing I can use well!

5P: We get it: you lost your shoes.

Sling: No, I mean my slingshot! I was born with that thing.


Sling: No, LITERALLY, I was born with it. But what matters is that I lost my shoes and my gear.

Jet: Same here: no board to ride on.

Guzma: And my pokeballs are all gone! Without my partners, I’m less of a threat.

RV: Safe to say that if we had weapons or some kind of interesting gear, it's gone.

Francis: Why even take it in the first place?

Jerry: Maybe it’s for a museum piece?

5P: Who would steal our valuables for a museum piece? That’s just f*cking stupid

Jerry: Listen I don’t remember a lot of history, but I know people stole some stuff for people to look at.

RV: Speaking of stealing, our weapons aren’t the only thing taken away from us. From what I understand, some of us also lost certain abilities. For example, my cake arm is now rendered useless.

Fantoccio: While I can still float a LITTLE bit, I can’t do any of my musical magic.

Barnaby: Same boat as you Fantoccio

N: I can’t seem to activate any of my built-in functions

<Steve> I’m unable to mine or craft anything

Starlo: Can’t seem to execute any of my attacks, and I assume the same is for Ceroba.

Ceroba: Indeed it is.

Francis: Once again: why were all these taken away.

Colette: Maybe it's for a fair fight?

Francis: What do you mean?

Kenshi: I think what she means is that if someone already had a weapon, or the ability to float high in the air, it would lead to an unfair killing game

Colette: EXACTLY! Thanks Takahashi Senpai!

Kenshi: No need to thank me.

Cavendish: Truly an unusual situation.

Dakota: Hmmmmmmm . . . Hey Cavendish, mind if I try something?

Cavendish: What is it?

Dakota: You’ll find out~ Uh, hey everyone, I have a request for you all!

Once again, silence and eyes on Dakota.

Dakota: OK this MAY sound stupid but please bear with me. Now, raise your hand if you are NOT familiar with a place called America

With that, half of the participants raised their hands: Red Velvet, Barnaby, Henry, Fantoccio, Starlo, Ceroba, Slingshot, Colette, Steve, Guzma, Pebbles, and Mario. Everyone else had their hands down and were just confused, except V1 and N, who were both contemplating something.

5P: This is a yes or no question, just raise your hands or don’t already.

N: Well, I think I HAVE heard of this “America”, but it’s been so long since that name has come up.


Cavendish: What do you mean by “It’s been so long”?


N: Wait, how did humans go extinct for you?


N: Really?! For me, it was because of a huge flash freeze


Dakota: And that proved my theory correct. See, I THOUGHT that we all were from similar worlds or even universes for that matter, but seeing that both people don’t know what AMERICA is and that for others humans ARE extinct, along with HOW they went extinct, made me conclude that-

Cavendish: We are all from different universes!!!

Dakota: . . . R-Really? Stealing my thunder? I did all that thinking and you took my thunder? Just like that?

Starlo: While that does make sense, that isn’t the case for some of us: me n’ Ceroba are from the same “universe”

Barnaby: The same goes for me and Fantoccio here.

Dakota: Same for me n’ Cavendish, although I believe that was obvious.

5P: 24 beings, from different universes, all gathered together to participate in some inhumane killing game, hosted by a psychotic bear and less-psychotic fox. Strange

Monokitsune: AWWW, thank you so much for the compliment!

Everyone: AAAAH!!!

Monokitsune: AAAAH!


Monokitsune: I AM BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE!!!


Sophie: SHUT THE f*ck UP!

Absolute silence

Sophie: Thank f*ck, you’re all too loud. Now, fox, why the hell are you here?

Monokitsune: Woah, why the attitude all of a sudden? You ok?

Sophie: I hate loud noises, now talk.

Monokitsune: Well, I came here for a few reasons: one being to say how amazing it is to see you all bonding!

5P: yeah, sure, nice sarcasm you low food chain creature.

Monokitsune: I MEAN IT! Yeah, you guys are gonna kill one another, but the fact you’re all STILL bonding is nice! I love seeing that

Francis: And what are the other reasons you’re here?

Monokitsune: Simple! I have to give you all something. Introducing~~~ . . . The Mon- OH sh*t, WAIT, I GOT IT!

As Monokitsune pulled out what seemed to be a phone, it slipped out of his hands and he fumbled to try and catch it. After about 5 seconds, he grabbed it with both hands and took a sigh of relief.

Monokitsune: How does he do that? Seamlessly pulling stuff out of thin air.

Mario: What exactly is-a that thing?

Monokitsune: Oh, it’s the Monokitsu-

Monokuma: Say it with passion.

Everyone: AAAAH!

Monokuma: Oh quiet you all!

Monokuma then threw down a smoke bomb and disappeared.

Barnaby: What was that all about?

Monokitsune: He was teaching me stuff. Anyways, introducciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing . . . the MONOKITSUNE PHONES!!!

<Steve> The what now?

Monokitsune: The MONOKITSUNE PHONE! These bad boys are SUPER important for you all. It contains every important thing you need while you’re here.

Sophie: Wait a moment, those were the phones inside the glass cases, correct?

Monokitsune: CORRECTAMUNDO! Now, here you all go: a copy for all of you!

Monokitsune then zipped around, handing everyone their own phone, and stood atop a table as everyone observed.

Starlo: huh, never had a “phone” before. Feels off-puttin’

RV: Same here. So . . . mechanical

Kinito: I’ve never held a phone before!
Kinito: I’ve always heard my friends talking
Kinito: about them, so I’ve wondered
Kinito: what having one would be like!

Jerry: It’s just a rectangle with fancy apps! Nothin’ special!

Guzma: Although I’ve never heard of this branding before.

Dakota: Yeah, what company publisher is called Sah-lame?

Cavendish: . . . It . . . it’s pronounced Sa-

Out of nowhere, Monokuma grabbed everyone's phones, messed around with them, and passed them back, removing the publisher from it. He then took out a shotgun and shot a spare phone. Everyone just watched in confusion as he put the gun away.


Nods all around from everyone, including Monokitsune.

Monokuma: GOOD! Now, carry on!

As Monokuma walked away, Monokitsune cleared his throat to talk again.

Monokitsune: . . . As I was saying, these phones have everything useful in them: A Map, inventory checker, locked apps, but more importantly: The Rules. Speaking of which, I request that everyone would PLEASE look at them.

Everyone simply agreed to do as he said and look over at the rules.


Here are the super special rules so you can know what you can and can’t do!

General Rules:

  1. At 7 a.m., a wake-up call will go off, and at 10 p.m., a lights-out call will go off. There will be a 5-minute heads-up before the 10 p.m. announcement. 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. is considered “The Night Hours”
  2. During Night Hours, all forms of water are turned off until morning. (P.S., stay hydrated!)
  3. During Night Hours, certain areas will be closed off until 7 a.m. These current locations include: Cafeteria, Mall entrance.
  4. All participants must sleep inside the designated living areas. Failure to do so will result in a warning, afterwards, there will be punishment*
  5. Participants are exempt from Rule 4 if they are unable to sleep inside the designated living areas. This includes but isn’t limited to: Unable to enter a living area, locked inside a different area, knocked unconscious, etc.
  6. Violence against either the host or assistant host is STRICTLY prohibited. This will lead to immediate punishment*

Mall Rules:

  1. All items from stores must be purchased via Monocoins. Participants will be given 2 warnings if they do not pay, which will be followed by punishment*
  2. Nothing in the mall shall be broken. 1 warning will be given, which will be followed by punishment*
  3. Littering is not allowed in the mall. 3 warnings will be given, which will be followed by punishment*
  4. There will be a job board that will give participants a chance to earn monocoins if they complete the task they take up.

Killing rules:

  1. When one participant kills another, they are considered a Blackened.
  2. If multiple participants harm a single participant, the Blackened is determined by whoever commits the fatal blow.
  3. There can only be ONE Blackened
  4. There can only be a maximum of TWO victims
  5. In the event of there being Two victims each having their own killer, the Blackened is determined by whoever murdered first.
  6. A body discovery announcement will occur when 3 participants can visually see the victim. The Blackened does not count towards this count.
  7. If the victim of the Blackened is not found within 24 hours of the murder, the Blackened will escape scott-free and nobody will suffer any punishment*

Trial Rules:

  1. During the trial, nobody is allowed to deal major damage to any of the participants
  2. The trial will go on until a majority of participants are ready to vote
  3. If the Blackened receives the majority of the votes, only they will be punished*
  4. If the Blackened does not receive the majority of the votes, they will be able to leave and everyone else will be punished*
  5. The Host and Assistant Host may be able to answer questions but can choose not too
  6. The Host and Assistant Host may not interfere with the trial unless specific actions happen
  7. Blackends are NOT allowed to confess to their crime until they are accused of it with evidence backing it up

Accomplice Rules:

  1. An Accomplice is a participant who WILLINGLY helps a Blackened.
  2. An Accomplice is at a minimum someone who knows who the Blackened is
  3. If a participant unwillingly or unknowingly helps with a crime, they are not considered an accomplice. This includes, but isn’t limited to: moving a body without knowing about it, altering a crime scene unknowingly, hypnosis, etc.
  4. If a Blackened gets away with a crime without trial, the accomplice cannot join them.
  5. If a Blackend gets the majority vote, the accomplice will get punished*, but not as harshly as the Blackened
  6. If a Blackened does not get the majority vote, the accomplice will still get punished* along with the other participants.

Other Rules:

  1. Mentioning the 5-lettered word starting with “S” relating to a certain werewolf town is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ONE WARNING ONLY, AFTERWARDS IS PUNISHMENT*
  2. The host cannot interfere with the participants or the game unless it is to enforce the rules.
  3. Additional rules can be added at any time by the Host or Assistant Host


Colette: WOW! And I thought GRIFF of all people was strict with stuff! Talk about a handful!

Francis: Really? A rule on littering? That seems kinda stupid

Fantoccio: It seems that way until your entire audience starts trashing your theater. Believe me: that rule is reasonable.

Mario: Um, how exactly will-a the added-on rules work? Will they be put in one of-a the categories?

Monokitsune: No. No they will not. That will just be a hassle to move the numbers around.

Jerry: Yeah, kinda like taxes. Numbers suck. I should know: I TOTALLY do my taxes.

Gru: . . . Jerry, do you happen to commit tax evasion?

Jerry: You mean the action of purposely avoiding paying the Government your money that is legally required of all U.S. citizens?

Gru: . . . Yes-


RV: What concerns me is why every “punishment” has a star at the end of it.

N: That’s called an Astrix! They’re typically used to signify typos.

5P: Or they can be used to reference a footnote or side note, from what I can recollect.

Jet: Yeah, WHY are there Astrix’s on every “Punishment”?

Monokitsune: That . . . I cannot say.

Kenshi: Maybe you can say why I even need a phone.

Monokitsune: Well everyone needs one-

Kenshi: I’m blind

. . .

All Monokitsune did was take the phone away from Kenshi

Monokitsune: ごめんなさい

Kenshi: 大丈夫

Francis: So we got phones and condolences from you. Is that all that you came to see us?

Monokitsune: Actually no, there is ONE more thing. See, I know you all might get bored here and you may want to bond with one another. SO, I got something special for you all. Introduciiiiiiiiing~

Out of nowhere, he pulled out a gacha capsule machine the size of himself, with the same color scheme that he was.

Monokitsune: THE MONOKITSUNE MACHINE!!! Also known as the 物物機械!

Sophie: Oh, it’s like one of those gumball machines, but for items.

Colette: NO IT’S NOT! It’s a wondrous machine that adds suspense to every pull, making you wonder if you will get what you want, making you TURN AND TURN UNTIL YOU’RE SATISFIED! HAHAHAHA!

Sophie: . . . ok then . . .

<Steve> Wait,

<Steve> I may not know a lot of things about this world.

<Steve> But don’t we need money for this?

Kinito: That’s right! Didn’t one of

Kinito: rules also say we need money

Kinito: to purchase items?

Monokitsune: Prrrrrrrrecisely. As stated, you can earn Monocoins by doing jobs at the job board that Monokuma hung up a bit ago.

Everyone looked over and saw that a bulletin board had appeared out of the blue.

Monokitsune: There are also Monocoins hidden around the place, so if you’re short a few, try looking around: they’re everywhere. As a little gift, I am giving you ALL 30 Monocoins each, along with a little pouch to hold them in. Or a wallet. Or whatever you like.

Monokitsune then began to hand everyone the amount of coins he said he give, along with either a pouch or a wallet, depending on the participant’s preference.

Monokitsune: Welp, I don’t see much else I need to talk about. Are there any other questions? ONEATATIMEIFSO!!!

. . .

. . .

Monokitsune: Huh . . . I was expecting at least one. Well then, have fun y’all!

Just like before, the fox disappeared into thin air, leaving everyone on their own.

Fantoccio: . . . well . . . now what? Do we just . . . live here?

5P: well, I don’t know about you 23, but I am going to try and get some monocoins

Trucy: oooooh, to decorate your room?

5P: To protect it, and myself. The last thing that I want is for someone to barge into my room and murder me in my sleep.

Monokitsune: I ALMOST FORGOT!

5P: WHAT THE?!?!

Monokitsune: That is . . . impossible to even do: someone barging into your room that is.

Guzma: How so little man?

Monokitsune: Every door has a fingerprint recognition software . . . or, metallic, print? Cookie print? Stick print? Whatever- THE POINT IS! It scans your hand slash finger, and if it's yours, it lets you in.

Gru: So in short, we can only open our own dorm doors?

Monokitsune: Correct. Unless the programming goes off the fritz, nobody can rummage through your room. ALRIGHT, I’M DONE NOW BYE!

Once again, vanished.

Trucy: So with that, now you can stay with us Pebbles!

5P: *Leaving*


5P: One: the fox stated the programming could malfunction, and I’m not taking that chance. Two: Even IF it works properly, I am not taking chances. With that, goodbye to all you lower specimens. *Leaves*

Trucy: yeesh, rude.

Guzma: . . . actually, I hate to say it, but the pink machine has a point. Maybe we should try to, y’know, try to defend ourselves. So, Imma do the same. Later y’all. *Leaves*

Sophie: same here. Maybe there is something here that can help us all out. In fact, maybe doing one of those jobs could jog my memory. *Leaves*

Trucy: Oh man, now that she mentions it, there is SO much I can do? What to do though?!

Starlo: No clue. Maybe we can-


The scream that erupted from the cat-demon caught everyone’s attention, including Sophie’s.

Francis: Ok, sheesh, no need to scream.

Sling: Listen up. I know we are all very tense, but instead of moping around, why not have a party?

Dakota: Count me in.

Cavendish: You didn’t even hear the details.

Dakota: He said party, and I’m interested

Ceroba: Care to elaborate Mr. Slingshot?

Sling: Just call me Sling! Now, as for the plan, we’ll all get together in the hang-out area across from us, and we’ll just party until daybreak! We can have food, play games, and just have a good time!

Jet: I like it! Perfect time to just chill and forget about everything.

Trucy: Finally! A chance to show off my magic! Maybe I can make a makeshift Mr. Hat!

Kinito: I love it! A perfect time

Kinito: to come together and make new friends!

Sling: Alright: all in favor of holding a party, raise your hand!

Nearly everyone raised their hand when Sling said so. The only two that had their hands down were Red Velvet, Francis, Cavendish, and Kenshi

Colette: Oh come on Kenshi-Senpai! It will be fuuuun!

Kenshi: I don’t know. Something about holding a party with a large group of people makes me feel . . . uneasy.

Colette: OH COME ON! What’s gonna happen?! Someone gets murdered in the pitch black of darkness while they’re hiding underneath a table, being stabbed by some skewer?!

. . .

Jerry: That was oddly specific.

Cavendish: I just find the entire thing pointless.

Dakota: Oh come on Cavendish! You know you wanna do it!

Cavendish: NO!

Dakota: Oh . . . well I’m dragging you into it anyway!

Cavendish: OF, course you are.

Gru: So what’s YOUR excuse then Mr. Milkman?

Francis: I just don’t want to do this. It seems pointless.

N: And what about you Mr. Cookie?

RV: It’s Red Velvet COOKIE. As for my reason, it's the same as Kenshi’s: this could prove to be quite the problem if someone is planning something.

Trucy: OH COME ON YOU FOUR! It’ll be fine! Besides, I bet IF a murder happens, everyone should be able to pinpoint who it was! Basically, murdering during this party is a stupid idea.

. . .

Cavendish: I’m being dragged into it anyway

Kenshi: I guess it’s fine if we are prepared.

Francis: I still don’t care, so I just won’t go.

RV: I still think it’s a bad idea.

Sling: That’s 20 . . . or, 21 out of 24! Better than before!


Sling: Alright then! Here is the plan! We’ll meet at the hang-out area at 10:00 P.M., right when the Cafeteria closes. Y’all can do whatever you need to prepare: make food, practice acts, get games, whatever you need to do! See you all there!

From there, everyone scattered off in different directions. All Starlo did was just stand in confusion. What the hell was he gonna do?

Starlo: . . . huh . . . what now . . . maybe I should inform Pebbles about this.

. . .


Starlo: Heya Pebs! You got a sec?!

5P: . . .


5P: Why are you yelling?

Starlo: AUGH!!!

Starlo jumped from shock as he turned around to see Pebbles right behind him holding what looked like a desk.

Starlo: Wow . . . you weren’t kidding about preparing for the worst case, huh?

5P: When I say something, I mean it. Now please move so I can put this desk in my room.

Starlo: Alright, sheesh. How much did that cost anyway?

5P: It was supposed to be around 20 monocoins, but there is a “First-Day Sale” at all the stores, so it only cost 5 coins. So if you’re looking to reinforce your room yourself, then by all means, leave me alone you measly monster.

Starlo: *rude much?* Anyways, I came here to tell you about a party we’re planning on throwin’ to-

5P: Don’t care, go away.

Starlo: I . . . I didn’t even give the details-

5P: As I said: don’t care. GO. AWAY.

Starlo: . . . Do you need help settin’ up in there-

5P: GO. AWAY. Do I NEED to get the definition of “no” for you? You simple simple-minded freak?

Starlo: Great Asgore, why are you so rude man?! I’m just tryin’ to be nice!

5P: I am not rude, I’m being logical, and you can’t see that.

Starlo: What in the sam heck do ya’ mean?!

5P: For one, that party is both a waste of time AND someone could die from it, so that is just stupid.

Starlo: What’s stupid is someone killing at a gathering with like, 20-somethin’ people-

5P: But ALSO, why should I trust a MONSTER like you entering my room, who can kill me in there but also make it so nobody else can enter?!

Starlo: . . . I didn’t think of tha-

5P: You CLEARLY cannot understand what I mean! We are in a killing game and you idiots want to party?! You are all foolish!

Starlo: . . . You seem to be very precautious.

5P: OBVIOUSLY! I’m being the smart one here while you idiots are practically throwing your lives away!

Starlo: Have you considered-

5P: YES! I have! I have LITERALLY considered EVERYTHING! Not just your absolutely idiotic party, but EVERYTHING! Taking down the host of all this, escaping this dumb place, the best way to survive, EVERYTHING!!!

Starlo: . . . what do you-

5P: I have the brain, the size of the LARGEST MOUNTAIN you can imagine, TIMES FIFTY- no, ONE HUNDRED! I am one of THE SMARTEST things ever created ALONGSIDE OTHERS LIKE ME! You can only think of one to two things at a time? I CAN THINK OF 35 AT ONCE!

Starlo: Calm down-

5P: I am THE ONLY person here who could even REMOTELY be able to get us out of here, and even help you all with murders, and yet you’re all PARTYING?! I am the ONLY one here doing something logical, and you’re just being MORON-


He slapped him. Starlo slapped Pebbles to make him shut up, and it sure did

Starlo: Now listen here: I am well aware of our situation but that doesn’t mean we can’t loosen up, alright? Regardless of who these strangers are or what their lives are or were, we can still interact with one another. We are all “human”, so why not act like it?

. . .

. . .

Starlo: Are ya gonna say anythin’?

5P: . . . you . . . you hurt me

Starlo: Of course, I did-

5P: No you low-life mutt, you don’t get it. I am indestructible, a mix between mechanical and biological.

Monokitsune: Seeee, abouuuut thaaat

S & P: AH!

Monokitsune: As you all figured out, you have lost your abilities and items, and such like that.

5P: Yes, such as my telekinesis and stuff like that.

Monokitsune: Yeah, well, we also had to nerf some of everyone's physical attributes and similar things. For example, that Steve guy was able to take a literal sword to the chest like it was nothing.

Starlo: And how exactly does that apply to Pebbles here?

Monokitsune: Oh Pebbles, OH BOY Pebbles. They had a fun time with you.

5P: They?

Monokitsune: See, you were indestructible and, as you said, SUPER DUPER SMART! Not only that, but you could barely survive for a second without that arm of yours! I must say though, your old self was super impressive.

5P: . . . your point?

Monokitsune: Well for one, that arm you’re attached to is the only reason you’re walking around and staying alive. It's constantly pumping you with IV fluid, other medical stuff, and whatever the hell “Void Fluid” is. Thank goodness that Roomba can take fluids from other dimensions.

Starlo: How the hell does that even work?

Monokitsune: Hell if I know, sorry.

5P: As for me not being indestructible?

Monokitsune: Simple: Once again, the arm is the reason. It’s constantly interfering with your mechanical side so that way you’re more “biological”. I’m really sorry that you had to lose your old stuff, I really am, but rules are rules.

5P: . . .

Monokitusne: ALSO, not to brag, but, uh, you’re welcome for getting rid of your little “fatal health issue. It took a lot of convincing, but I managed to convince them to get rid of it so you don’t slowly die out. They also had to dumb you down to make it fair for others. How? No clue.

5P: . . .

Monokitsune: Once again, REALLY SORRY. Anyways, I hafta go.

As Monokitsune vanished, Starlo looked at the shocked and confused Pebbles.

Starlo: You uh, you good?

All Pebbles did was slowly turn his head to Starlo, then scowled at him as he brought the desk into his room. Before he closed the door, he said:

5P: Just because I can be killed doesn’t mean I’m lower than you . . . but I now understand why you all are afraid of death.

And closed the door. Starlo simply stared at the door for a moment as he left to prepare.

. . .

. . .


Attention everyone! It is now 10 P.M! That means it’s lights out! The water is now shut off and certain areas are now closed off. Sleep tight, either temporarily or permanently!”

The party in the hang-out area was going amazingly. Everyone was eating food, chatting, hanging out, and overall having a fun time; even the people who were against it showed up and interacted a bit. Due to the wide diversity of everyone, there were multiple different items of stuff. There were ribs that looked 2-dimensional, sushi, mushroom-themed dishes, gourmet food, the whole shtick. There were different kinds of music from artists such as “The Flipside”, “Sparkling Glitter Cookie”, “The Gaviners”, and someone named “Metaton”. Everyone also brought some unique games to play. When Starlo got there, he was greeted by the host Slingshot himself.

Sling: Starlo! Welcome! How are you?!

Starlo: I am doin’ fine-

Starlo then noticed that Slingshot was wearing different attire from before. Instead of his varsity jacket and sweats, it was much more . . . feminine, but not in a bad way. He was wearing a white and blue maid outfit with a bell near the neckline, a clip-on cat tail, and some shoes and socks that resembled cat paws.

Sling: You ok?

Starlo: Oh yeah, your outfit just shocked me for a sec. Wasn’t expectin’ it.

Sling: Oh, yeah, that was pretty much everyone’s reaction.

Starlo: Not sayin’ it’s bad! Hell, you look great in it!

Sling: Thanks! It’s what I wear at work, so I’m used to it! Anyway, enjoy the party!

Starlo: Thanks.

He wandered around the large area when he felt a tug on his poncho and turned around to see Trucy.

Trucy: Heya Star! You’re just in time for my act!

Starlo: Oh, one of ‘em magic routines, right?

Trucy: Eyup! Do you mind if I take something from you to demonstrate?

Starlo: Um, sure? Uh, here. *Takes off badge* take this. I got a spare somewhere.

Trucy: Thank you! That SHOULD be everyone who wanted to join in, so let’s get to it!

She stood up on a stage and clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. Everyone gathered around her to see what she had in store.

Trucy: Hello everyone! Thank you all for your participation in this trick! With that, let me introduce you to the fan favorite . . .

She then pulled out a large pair of . . . blue panties with pink hearts.

Trucy: Magic Panties Disappearing Trick!!!

Everyone’s jaws dropped when they realized what Trucy pulled out: both from her mouth and out of nowhere.

Trucy: Don’t worry everyone, these are clean! *Tehe*

Sophie: This is . . . interesting.

Mario: Tell-a me about it. This is-a quite interesting for-a magic trick.

N: I wonder how this is gonna go! This is so exciting!

Trucy: Now then, let's start by putting everything in the panties!

It started off simple: Starlo’s badge, Dakota’s sunglasses, Guzma’s necklace, and all of the smaller items were put into her panties. What was weird was they weren’t falling out. Then came the bigger items: Cavendish’s hat, Mario’s hat, N’s hat, all the medium-sized items were put in. Once again, nothing fell out, but the panties also didn’t seem stuffed. Then things got REALLY interesting: Colette’s scrapbook (Which took some convincing to take from her), Jerry’s clipboard, and even all the other large items. Once again, the panties looked the same as before.

Trucy: Now comes the best part!

She then took out a lighter and lit up the panties, making them burn out into nothing. All the items seemingly disappeared.

Colette: MY SCRAPBOOK! WHERE DID IT GO?!?!?!??!?!??

Trucy: *Tehe* Look down and you’ll find out.

Colette looked down and saw that her scrapbook was on the floor, causing her to scramble to pick it up. In fact, everyone’s items were either put back on them or next to them. From this, everyone applauded Trucy for her amazing trick.


As the party was going on, Monokitsune was watching multiple monitors, clapping to the trick that was performed while Monokuma was rummaging through some files and boxes.

Monokitsune: WOOOOOOW! That was so awesome! Like . . . WOW!

Monokuma: Yeah I’ll give them that. Better than that “mage” who tried to do a water tank trick.

Monokitsune: They are having so much fun, I kinda wanna join in.

Monokuma: Well that’s not something a host would do.

Monokitsune: I know, I know, but come on, you hafta admit it looks fun!

Monokuma: Yeah I guess.

Monokitsune: Hey, why are you so down all the time? Why not loosen up?

Monokuma: My fun comes from messing with the participants, and unfortunately, I cannot do that.

Monokitsune: Fair, sorry.

Monokuma: Not your fault. I’m the one mentoring you, so I really can’t f*ck with anyone unless I wanna “spice things up”.

Monokitsune: Yeah, I guess so.

Monokuma: Yeah . . . OOOOOOooooh! Found them!

The bear then pulled out a small tablet the size of a phone with a yellow case with paint splotches all around it.

Monokitsune: Oooooh, whats that?

Monokuma: *Upupupu* Why, it’s your very first motive reveal


About an hour and a half had passed since the party started and everyone was still having fun. It got to the point where everyone was just sitting and lounging around.

Kinito: Isn’t this great? Just

Kinito: hanging out with all your friends?

Dakota: Uh, yeah, it’s nice. *Inches away*

Cavendish: I didn’t know what I was thinking. This party was a great idea!

Record scratch

Cavendish: . . . well that seemed useless.

Monokitsune: I know right? So unnecessary.

Cavendish: I mean there wasn’t even anyone there to stop it. Very strange . . . *Looks down* AAAH!

Dakota: AH!

Kinito: aaaaaah!

The three of their screams, ignoring each of their pitches, caused everyone to look over to see the fox standing below Cavendish.

Monokitsune: Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the party.

Francis: It was going well until you showed up.

Monokitsune: Understandable.

Ceroba: So, why exactly are you here?

Monokitsune: Well, before I say anything, I want to say sorry in advance.

Gru: What for exactly?

Monokitsune: Well, Monokuma said that its about time I do this thing.

Jet: Well what is “This thing”?

Barnaby: It’s called building suspense.

Fantoccio: Yeah, he’s preparing us for the CLLLLIMAX!

Monokitsune: . . . Yeah, that.


Monokitsune: Ok, ok! I am! Now, as we can see, despite it being one day, nobody is dead.


Monokitsune: . . . and based on how this is going, everyone is being pretty peaceful. So nobody is gonna die soon if everything stays like this.

Sophie: Where is this going?

Henry: . . .

Monokitsune: Simple. Due to you all being peaceful, we have to introduce an incentive, or should I say a MOTIVE.

Kenshi: A motive?

Monokitsune: Eyup! They will vary after every trial if you survive, and their purpose is to give you a reason to kill someone.

<Steve> I really don’t like where this is going.

Monokitsune: So, what is the first motive? I’ll show you.

The fox then passed out 22 mini-tablets to everyone and went to stand on a table.

Monokitsune: Each and every one of you has a motive video, including the two not here. What’s on it? Well, I can’t really say, sorry. I mean, if you wanna watch it, I don’t mind.

Francis: Yeah, like anyone is gonna-

Just then, everyone heard a video start to play as everyone looked at Slingshot

Colette: SLING!


Monokitsune: Well, I’m the one that should be.

A few people then gathered around Sling to see what the tablet was about to play.


???: Is this thing on?

???: Yeah, the camera is just off center. Here, let me help.

???: I got it bro, I know how to use some technology!

As the camera was adjusted, two figures appeared on the screen sitting on a couch, both with a similar look to Slingshot. Below both of them, their names appeared.

The first had green horns pointing straight up from their forehead. They wore attire similar to a ninja from the streets. Their name was supposedly “Shuriken”.

The second had rose-colored horns that curved up from the sides of their head. They wore a flowery kimono and had a wooden right arm that still moved like normal. Their name appeared to be “Vine Staff”.

Vine Staff: Uh, heya Sling! It’s, us, *hehe*

Shuriken: We don’t know where you’re at, and we miss ya’ dude.

Vine Staff: But everything is going well here! We’re keeping your shop intact and running.

Shuriken: And we’re also taking care of the house to make sure everything is alright. Even Katana is helping us out! He’s even here to talk to you!

???: I said I did not want to appear in the video.

Vine Staff: It will be fine Katana!

???: No, don’t- ugh

The camera was now on a third being. They had red horns that curved like a bull’s and two very small ones curving up from their chin. They wore a mask with a sword symbol on it, and an open red and gray kimono. While it was assumed, their name was “Katana”.

Katana: I told you I have nothing to say

Shuriken: Really? Cause since Sling went missing, you’ve come by every day, both here and at the cafe to see if he’s ok.

Katana: I am making sure he is safe and well, that is all.

Shuriken: Kinda sounds like you care a lot about him, dude.

Katana: He has a business to run. He knows it best, and I worry it might go out of, well, business.

Shurkine: Yeah, I’m sure that’s all, *hehe

Vine Staff: In short, we all miss you Sling. Your family to us, and a great friend to Katana!

Shuriken: Yeah, Skate and Boombox miss ya’ as well!

Vine Staff: Yeah. From what I heard, someone else disappeared like you did. Might’ve been her . . . and we hope you stay safe. PLEASE be careful

Shuriken: Yeah, don’t break any legs out there!

Katana: . . . Be responsible

As the video went black, the assistant host’s voice came on.

Monokuma: Ah yes, your closest friends. Maybe even people you consider family. I’m sure you miss them Slingshot . . . however, while they aren’t in a killing game like you are . . .

Monokuma: That doesn’t mean they aren’t in danger.

Monokuma: Without you there, who knows what we can do to them? Burn them alive? Pelt them with knives like they’re a dart board? Slash them up until they bleed out? BLOW UP THEIR HOME?! So many possibilities, PHUHUHUHUHUHU!

Monokuma: If only there was a way you could save them! Oh wait, there is! See, along with other people related to participants, people’s lives are on the line. The only way to keep them alive . . .


It’s all up to you on what you should do.


As the video ended, everyone who watched was pretty shocked and scared. As for those who just heard the video, they were concerned. And Sling?

His hands were clenched to the tablet, shaking. He was breathing long, slow, shaky breaths as his eyes dilated as he stared at the screen.

Sling: . . . . . .

Francis: Really? There’s no way you’re buying that crap.

Jerry: Yeah, for all we know. They could’ve gotten some paid actors to fabricate that video.

Ceroba: . . . Sling, how confident are you-

Sling: I-I could see his eyes


Sling: W-we never s-see what’s behind Katana’s mask, b-but we see his eyes from time to t-time. N-Nobody can r-replicate h-his concern.

<Steve> Wait

<Steve> Are you saying that-

Sling: T-The videos are 100% real.

And that’s how the party ended. Everyone was in awkward silence, and they all collectively decided to head back to their dorms for the night. Starlo, once again, lay on his bed in silence, with only his thoughts to accompany him.

Starlo: *Man . . . they REALLY want us to start killing other people here, huh . . . maybe tomorrow I should just go around and see if everyone is alright . . . yeah, yeah that’s a good idea. Get to know everyone.*

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