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Wonky Tonk

This place is terrible. I dealt with a guy named Morgan. He was obviously a kid, and immediately lost confidence in Snelling the second he started talking. I went through the interview process that was extremely unprofessional, and he gave me a list of things to do when I got back to the house to finish up their end. I spent the time to do everything and he never contacted me back. I emailed him a few days later, and still no response. I called him a few days after that and left a message. Two days after that I called again to find out what was going on, and left another message.I left this place concerned about Morgan but confident about the position. Im okay with not getting the job if I dont fit the criteria, but this staffing agent should have definitely maintained communication instead of avoiding a confrontation. Im significantly more upset that he was dodging me instead of setting my expectations throughout the process.


Amy Hopkins

I am very pleased with my experience so far with Snelling. I have been working with Brooke and she has been so helpful and responsive during the initial process of getting all onboarding and paperwork complete. She was very quick in getting back with me and very easy to communicate with. Snelling makes it easy because it can all be done online. I am coming from out of town, so not having to do all of this in person has been so helpful. Glad to be partnered with them!


Anonymous User

I have worked multiple assignments with Snelling, and found Nicole in particular to be outstanding to work with. She had me set up for an interview the day I registered with her. After that assignment ended, I notified her I was back on the market, and literally within 2-days she had another job lined up for me. If youre looking for a temp service that will be courteous and professional, and responsive, go talk to Nicole at Snelling...you wont be disappointed!


Vanessa Lopez

While it took a little while to place me at a matching job, I am happy to say that it was worth the wait. Nicole was very helpful. I sent in my resume at the beginning of February, it is now March 29th. I had a few interviews with three different employers. Two at the same place, different departments. I received great Communication from Nicole and outstanding Customer Service. Thank you Nicole!


amber lewis

I got the opportunity to work with Morgan from Snelling and my experience was nothing short of professional. He was very personable and determined a few potential avenues of employment for me according to my experience, education and preference. My inquiries were met with immediate responses and the process to find and begin work, and then complete the hiring process was simple and quick.


Tyler Boda

Its been about three weeks since Ive been looking for a job. I have a pretty good work history. Ive been keeping in touch but anytime I call, its the same thing, "we dont have anything but well keep you in mind". Ive lowered my standards so much and you still cant find me a job three weeks, almost four weeks in? This is by far one of the worst customer service temp agencys Ive used.


Courtney Tew

Nicole at Snelling interviewed me at 10:00 a.m. on a Thursday, that same day at 3:00 p.m. she sent me on an interview; I was offered that job Friday and started Monday! She works very quickly -- Both my mother and I have been placed thanks to her! I have been very pleased with my experience working with Snelling, and plan to continue working with their team.


Brenda Elwood

Nicole at Snelling is extremely friendly and professional. She works hard to get to know the individual and place you in a position that you will be happy with. She was able to place me in a position that is not just an average job but a career with long term potential to grow and earn a good living. I would highly recommend Nicole at Snelling!!


Kara Sharman-Grace

Snelling works so closely with us to identify the right fit we need for our positions. We dont get a warm body to fill a place in our organization, we get a member of the team who contributes and becomes part of our culture. If you are looking to build your organization, and get the right fit, Snelling is your go-to resource in Tyler!


Julie Gobble

Snelling has always worked hard to put me in a position that applies to my qualifications and pay range. So far I have been employed through them twice, and each time has gone smoothly, with the last time landing me in an excellent permanent position. If you work hard for them, they will do the same for you!Julie


Glenna Tyndell

Brooke has done a great job supplying us with confident, well mannered, quality people. I can count on her in a crunch. She takes her position and our needs seriously, but she is a real person with a real desire to help companies with their staffing needs. I appreciate Snelling for all they do to help us.


Susan Miller

I had spent months looking for a job that I would both like and would pay a good salary. After one and a half weeks, not only did Snelling Staffing find me the ideal job but at top pay as well. The staff is friendly, helpful and accessible. I was able to speak with someone every time I called.


Anonymous User

Nicole is the BEST! She had an interview ready for me the day i walked in her office! This is my second interview and she called me to tell me that i got the job. YAY!!! Everyone here at Snelling is nice and will help you in any way they can. Thank you Nicole and Snelling!


Patricia Pankey

Brooke L. is wonderful. She responds quickly and is always happy to help! The quality of people they have located has been very high and I know I can count on them to come through when I need "emergency" help. The company organization and follow through is great.


SlowChildren Playing

It took a while to deal with all the paperwork, but I was treated well and in a professional manner. Miss Taylor at the front desk handles business very professionally, and Mr Morgan has top-notch business skills, very happy with the way they handled my case.


Brandon Stryker

Great place to get jobs, Brooke L. and Morgan have been very helpful the months I was with this agency, as soon as a job was ended, they had a new one in place within hours. Willing to work with your personal schedule and very professional.


Minecraftforkayleigh 123

Nicole is the best! She actually took the time to do a mock interview with me so I would not be nervous. She answered all of my questions and gave me advice that landed me the job.I am so thankful to her and Snelling for this opportunity.


Anonymous User

Get Nicole she is diffenitly tbhe liason that will go more then the extra mile to get the perticular job you are looking for. She will even go as for making a resume for you and negoiating wages with the prospect employer.


Amanda Herod

Nicole made it possible for me to connect with a great company. She kept me in mind even while I was temping at another job to make sure I found the right fit for me. I highly recommend her as a recruiter.


Robin Bratton

Nicole took the time to get to know me and what type of job I was looking for. Within a week, she had me placed in a job. She made my first time working with a staffing agency a wonderful experience.

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