Here's Where The Cast From 'Counting Cars' Is Today (2024)

Counting Cars, the beloved American reality show, is back in the spotlight with its latest season, revving up the excitement of its dedicated fan base. Although Counting Cars debuted in 2012, it garnered enough fans to keep it going for years. Each cast on county cars has its role to play, just like in other car shows. The show is led by the charismatic Danny Koker and his trusty crew that give us a glimpse of some of the most classic American cars on the show.

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For a time, rumors swirled that Counting Cars might not continue; this left fans curious about the whereabouts of Danny, Kevin, Mike, Ryan, and Shanon. Worry not because we are about to get into the lives of these television personalities and find out where they’ve been and what exciting ventures they’ve embarked upon since the show’s last season.

9 Joseph Frontiera

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2013-2017
  • Episodes: Limited

Joseph, once a behind-the-scenes figure at Counting Cars, stirred up quite a storm in 2017. Accused of siphoning a hefty $75,000 from Count's Kustoms' coffers for personal expenses, his accounting role allowed him to fly under the radar. He'd used company funds for plane tickets and even made down payments on his Range Rover.

The IRS piled on with an $18,000 late tax charge, all due to Joseph's financial mismanagement. Danny had seen enough, booting him from the show and launching a lawsuit. Joseph paid up the tax bill but vanished from the screen. Count's Kustoms also aimed its legal guns at RANDSTAD, alleging they failed to disclose Joseph's shady past. Hence, the Counting Cars scandal and legal drama ensued.

8 Scott Jones

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2013
  • Episodes: 1 Episode

Scott Jones, an amazing figure from the early seasons of Counting Cars, was known for managing accounts and his strong work ethic. His candidness often led to on-screen disagreements between the crew, but it was all for the business.

In Season 3, it was revealed he moved to Tennessee after his son's birth. Since departing, he's kept a low profile, with no active social media presence. Rumor has it Scott opened his shop in Greeneville, Tennessee, likely prioritizing family time. Although returning to the show appears unlikely, Scott's hardworking spirit remains in fans' hearts.

7 Roli Szabo

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2013-2014
  • Episodes: 4 Episodes

Roli Szabo, the unique Hungarian-born member of the cast known for his thick accent and amusing antics, left fans puzzled when he disappeared from the show. He continued offering detailing services in Las Vegas through Rock N Roli Kustom Detailing, experiencing a thriving business before the pandemic.

Roli's time on Counting Cars boosted his reputation, and he further honed his skills, even attending a training facility in Quebec, Canada, in 2019. However, the pandemic hit hard, causing him to lose clients and face financial struggles. Despite challenges, Roli's optimism shines through as he rebuilds, grateful for the support of friends and fans.

6 Horny Mike

Cast Member History

  • 2012 - 2014
  • 3 Episodes

Horny Mike is the coolest crew member known for his humor on the show. Nowadays, you’ll find Mike actively engaging with his fan base on social media, where he keeps everyone in the loop about his life. Clearly, fans of Horny Mike can’t get enough of his witty charm.

But that’s not all – Mike’s social media feed also showcases his creative side. Mike has been sharing photos of his unique COVID-19 face mask modifications, featuring his signature horns. It’s a playful yet practical way to help combat the spread of the virus. Recently, he’s been seen busy promoting the reality show through a series of lively videos, urging fans to stay tuned for the latest episodes.

5 Kevin Mack

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2013-2014
  • Episodes: 3 Episodes

Kevin Mack, Danny Koker’s right-hand man and friend on Counting Cars, vanished from the show in 2020, leaving fans puzzled. While rumors swirled, it’s still unclear why. Some suggest scheduling conflicts or a desire for privacy. However, Kevin remains active on X but avoids discussing his absence. His private life, including his family, is under wraps. Regardless, the mystery lingers, and fans await his return.

Known for his privacy, Kevin mostly operated behind the scenes, making on-camera appearances during car pickups and tests with Danny. Kevin’s bond with Danny, forged on the open road, highlights how friends can shape one’s journey. Despite his public role, Kevin’s personal life remains largely private, with minimal details available about his family.

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4 Ryan Evans

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2012 -2020
  • Episodes: 96 Episodes

Although he's quite popular throughout the show, Ryan Evans keeps his own personal lifestyle quite private. All that is known about his family so far is that Evans is married to Dana Pauley and shares her son Logan. Moreover, Evans has two kids from a previous relationship.

It is reported that Evans has a net worth that's nearly $1 million dollars; however, there's no official confirmation for this rumor. Plus, if it's true, it's nowhere near Danny's $15 million fortune. Regardless, Evans' low-key profile and artistry have made him a beloved crew member at Count's Kustoms as well as the show. While Danny Koker definitely has an unbelievable automotive collection, Evans is happy driving his custom '69 Cadillac Coupe.

3 Shanon Aikau

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2018-2020
  • Episodes: 2 Episodes

Shannon Aikau’s journey on Counting Cars began with his childhood passion for cars. Recognized by Danny Koker in 2012, he joined the show’s team, captivating fans with his craftsmanship. Whether it was the restoration of classic cars or the customization of motorcycles, Shannon’s attention to detail always shone through, revealing his true passion for his craft. Yet, as the show continued, fans couldn’t help but notice Shannon’s decreasing presence on screen.

His appearances became sporadic, leaving viewers to speculate and gossip about the reasons behind his sudden absence. But the reality behind Shannon’s departure is far less dramatic than one might think. It wasn’t the result of personal conflicts or disagreements with the cast or crew; rather, it was a mutual decision between Shannon and the show’s producers.

He craved new challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry. Since leaving, Shannon has stayed active in various projects, charity events, and car shows, leaving an enduring impact on Counting Cars. Despite his absence, his legacy in the show and the industry remains strong.

2 Who Is Danny Koker's Wife?

Danny Koker's wife is Cory Koker, with whom he shares a happily married life. For those wondering how many children Danny Koker has, the answer is none, because Danny and Cory decided not to have kids. The couple have been married since 2015 and Cory has played a significant role in managing Danny’s bar – Counts Vamped Rock Bar and Grill.

Although Cory doesn't officially belong to the crew of County Kustoms, she's still a pivotal figure behind the man we know as Danny Koker, and thus, it's fair to give her due credit for her part behind the scenes.

1 Danny Koker

Cast Member History

  • Seasons: 2012 - 2020
  • Episodes: 97 Episodes

 As County Cars soared to global fame, Danny Koker became a leading car show host, his repair shop, Counts Kustoms, at the show’s core. Despite rumors of Counting Cars’s cancellation, it recently celebrated its 10th season, with an 11th likely. Danny’s not just a TV star; his Ford-loving roots fostered a lifelong car obsession. His love and passion for cars started with his obsession with the cruiser toy he had in his childhood. But Danny’s childhood dreams didn’t solely revolve around cars. He possesses an extraordinary voice and created a band named “Count 77.”

Danny’s journey saw him transition from a car enthusiast from the “Count” at Counts Kustoms, where he transformed vintage cars and choppers, to the head of a band, proving Danny’s a multi-talented dynamo. Is Danny Koker a polymath? Maybe not, but he’s a rare breed—a celebrity mechanic who’s also a legit recording artist with not one but two full-length albums. Talk about time management! When he’s not busy filming the 11th season of Counting Cars, you might catch him jamming on a local tour with his band or handling his business.

Here's Where The Cast From 'Counting Cars' Is Today (2024)
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