How to Write a Winning Event Sponsorship Proposal | Social Tables (2023)

Today the competition for event sponsorship dollars is greater than ever. Event producers find themselves under immense pressure to creatively put together new and fresh sponsorship proposals. Standard packages can’t make the grade in today’s world. So, here are our ideas for truly stand-out sponsorship proposals.

But first let’s cover the basics, shall we?

How to write & send a sponsorship proposal

For most event planners (particularly those involved in the B2B side of things), securing sponsors is rated as one of the top three most challenging aspects of the job. In fact, it’s tied with figuring out how to reach new attendees, and closely followed by booking speakers.

But recruiting a sponsor for your event doesn’t have to be so challenging. This guide will help you systematically create, contact, and match with the best possible event sponsors for you.

How to Write a Winning Event Sponsorship Proposal | Social Tables (1)

Step 1: Get clear on your offer.

Why is your event so great? That’s the question you’re attempting to answer with your proposal. Experts say to include at least one aspect from each of the three following areas in your draft to make a well-rounded argument:

  • Expected outcomes. What direct benefits can you realistically promise the sponsor will see by partnering with your event? The most common advantages that influence event sponsors include social media impressions, collecting new leads, and exposing their brand to a new market.
  • Target audience. Demographic information and surveys from past events are especially helpful when crafting your proposal. These things demonstrate all the ways a sponsorship is mutually beneficial. Most sponsors get involved with events to get exposure to overlapping markets or access to new demographics.
  • Marketing strategy. How do you plan to maximize your event ROI? Let them in on your secrets. A solid plan shows your potential for success and helps them feel confident in their decision.

All in all, your offer should demonstrate value to your potential sponsors. Value is a broad term. But if you look at your event through their eyes, you can quickly figure out which elements are the most appealing for their needs and goals.

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Step 2: Draft your sponsorship proposal.

Later on in this post, we’ve included a more detailed description of what should be in the pitch deck and email proposal. There’s also a handy template you can use for your proposals. For now, head to the next step.

Step 3: Create a sponsor wishlist.

Remember, you want to stick to quality over quantity since you’ll be investing a lot of time into each possible option. There are three main criteria you should use when considering a potential sponsor:

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  1. Industry. Is the company a good fit with your company brand? What about your event brand? Your ultimate goal is to find a sponsor with a significant audience cross over.
  2. Location. Depending on your products or services (especially for industries where remote work is the norm), this might not be that important. But location is a factor worth considering if you expect a partner to send executives to the event or have a heavy hand in the realization of the event itself.
  3. Past sponsorship history. The best sponsors already know the value of this type of partnership because they’ve done it before and have had positive results. Investigating which events they’ve sponsored in the past will also be another clue into how compatible your audiences and brands are.

If you’re having trouble coming up with names to write down, there are plenty of search engines like Winmo and SponsorMatch that can help you find, match, and connect with sponsors.

How to Write a Winning Event Sponsorship Proposal | Social Tables (2)

Step 4: Determine sponsor compatibility.

There are some useful charts for determining sponsorship compatibility out there on there in the world. But you want to make your own spreadsheet, make sure you answer each of the following questions:

  • Do we have an existing relationship or connection?
  • Are our marketing objectives similar enough?
  • About how many events have they sponsored in the past?
  • Are we evenly matched in terms of company and/or audience size?
  • Are their business operations of a similar size (local versus international, etc.)?
  • Do their key brand elements and values closely match ours?
  • Do their primary competitors use event sponsorship to their advantage?
  • Which sponsors provide the most opportunity for us to achieve our event objectives?

Finding perfect sponsors is an art, not a science. But assigning a numerical value to these questions on a weighted scale might help you rank the potential partners in order from most compatible to least.

Step 5: Contact the decision makers on your potential sponsor list.

When you email a potential sponsor, make sure you keep the following tips in mind:

Try to contact someone you’ve met in person.

If that’s not an option, try cold-emailing a marketing manager, director, or VP. If they’re a small business with a slimmer staff, contact the head of finance to see if event sponsorship is part of their budget plans this year.

Choose 3 key compatibility metrics to highlight.

You don’t have to tell them you scored them against other options. But make sure you do mention the strongest, most compelling reasons why you’d be a good fit, according to your research. Phrase them in an actionable way that shows how you intend to provide value (rather than just simply listing some benefits you think they might get from the deal).

Remember that the email is all about them, not you.

And you get bonus points for connecting your value proposition to a recent initiative or piece of company news they’ve put out.

Follow all other general email etiquette rules.

Avoid salesy language. Match the tone of the person you’re emailing (no emojis versus all the emojis), and keep everything short, sweet, and to the point. And, when in doubt, a friendly, casual approach is usually better than a super serious, buttoned-up one.

Use a simple email template.

Open with a reference to your existing relationship (whether in person or online). Concisely outline your offer along with your key compatibility points. Close on a specific call to action.

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Remember to be strategic with your follow up too. Include at least one more value proposition that you haven’t mentioned before along with some statistical data to back up your claim. Data from past events or relevant social media activity work well for this tactic.

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What should be in an event sponsorship proposal

We’ve already touched on some of what should be in a standard pitch. But here’s the whole list, just so you don’t miss anything.

  1. Your primary audience data online and off, including numbers from past events. The more detailed your demographics are the better.
  2. A list of specific contributions (beyond just funding) that you’re looking to obtain from sponsor relationships.
  3. A clear explanation of sponsorship benefits. To make these sound more concrete and not just salesy fluff, back up each statement with your plan for making sure these results are achieved based on any relevant data you have at your disposal.
  4. A list of branding elements that will be used to help with the sponsor’s brand exposure the event (think signage, booths, logos, etc.).
  5. Insight into your event experience including past analytics, event survey data, and what event goals you have already achieved.
  6. Data that will predict the approximate lead value the sponsoring company can look forward to.
  7. Images of previous events, relevant technologies, and VIP guests.
  8. A table or diagram that summarizes the proposal in a single page.
  9. A short (1-2 minute long) video showcasing past events, company culture, or a more detailed version of your event plan.
  10. Any additional perks or extras not mentioned elsewhere in the proposal, including things like reimbursed accommodations for sponsors or free event tickets for their VIP clients.

If you’re more of a visual learner (or you just prefer to streamline your workflow), we’ve put together a template (keep scrolling!) that will help guide you through the event sponsorship pitch process.

How to Write a Winning Event Sponsorship Proposal | Social Tables (3)

Sponsorship proposal template

Sometimes, an outline is all you need to get started. Here’s our completely free, all-encompassing sponsorship proposal template that hits each of the points we’ve already touched on in this article.

Page 1: The Intro

An eye-catching image paired with your company’s name, the potential sponsor’s name, and the date.

Page 2: Why This Matters

A heartfelt explanation of why your event is important and what sponsors can do to help.

Page 3: Value

All the great, data-supported ways you plan to help them benefit from sponsoring this event.

Page 4: Meet the Team

Photos and brief bios that introduce their direct points of contact and subtly persuade the viewer that your team is both trustworthy and qualified to deliver the proposed value.

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Page 5: Sponsorship Levels

If you plan to offer a few different tiers or packages, here’s where you’ll lay out all their options.

Page 6: How They’ll Be Represented

List all the ways they can expect to see their sponsorship represented before, during, and after the event both online and in person.

Page 7+: Terms & Conditions

A sponsorship contract pre-approved by legal (this might take up quite a few pages) with dates and deadlines.

Page 8+: Signature & Thank You

The final page should have space for your potential sponsor to sign on the dotted align. Make sure you thank them and celebrate this new partnership!

More event sponsor proposal templates

If you do a quick Google search for templates like this one, you’ll get thousands of results. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Better Proposals. They claim this template won $16M of business. Their drag and drop tool is easy to use and visually stunning, but you do have to pay for it. It’s best for companies who plan to host multiple events that will all need sponsors within the next year.
  • Proposify. This customizable tool is simple and well formatted. It’s geared toward events hosted by non-profits, charities, and foundations.
  • Eventbrite. They have an event sponsorship guide and pitch deck template available for download if you fill out their form. If you’re looking for even more tips and tricks for successful pitching sponsors, we suggest you give them a try as well.

Make your sponsorship proposal stand out 4 ways

At this point, you might feel like your sponsorship proposal is packed with information but is missing that wow factor you need to really stand out. If you’ve already drafted your pitch deck, consider adding one of these four creative ideas to freshen up your content.

1. The social media difference

Exposure on social media can be a huge selling point for some potential sponsors. Here are a few ways to amp up your social media offerings:

Promote the event hashtag early

Begin generating excitement on platforms prior to the event. This is a truly effective low-cost benefit to sponsors. It’s easy to create sponsor-approved posts using the event hashtag before the event (and during and after!).

Give the sponsor real estate in push notifications

Another great benefit is to add sponsor approved push notification from your conference app. Make sure the sponsor’s post is not a straight sales pitch, though. An effective notification positions the sponsor as a thought leader ” it focuses on the sponsor’s benefit to the attendees. Remember that quality content is always the goal.

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Go live

Facebook Live events are great benefits to top-level sponsors. One option could be for the conference moderator to hold a Facebook live chat with speakers after an education session. Make sure the speaker is aligned with the sponsor’s products and services. For example, a speaker on how to build a great workplace is perfect for an insurance benefits company. Another option exists for sponsors’ reps to do a Q&A on Facebook during the event.

How to Write a Winning Event Sponsorship Proposal | Social Tables (4)

2. Video series for sponsors

Create a video series based on the live event content as well as specific sponsor goals, such as sales leads or customer retention. Hire a videographer to create videos that featurefootage from live event and in-person interviews with speakers, attendees, or sponsor reps. These videos can be for used on the sponsor’s website, social media feeds andnewsletters.

3. Create white papers or event recaps

After your event, write a white paper based on the content at the event, as well as interviews with experts. Even if you do not have a content manager on your staff, freelance writers are easy to hire at a reasonable hourly rate.An event recap will be used for a co-branded email to nurture attendees by providing sales leads and branding for sponsors. A longer white paper will be created for the sponsor to use on a platform of their choosing: website, customer newsletter, blog, etc.

4. Offer a VIP Program

A VIP program is a niche approach for top-level sponsorship proposals. This helps sponsors increase sales and lead generation within the framework of a traditional tradeshow.

Conference organizers can create and execute an invitation-only program, where they hand-select guests to participate in sponsors’ exclusive conference within a conference.” This might include exclusive events that include educational programs and intimate speaker sessions. Time and again, this approach has created larger sales pipelines and stronger close rates.

We hope you feel prepared now to take your existing sponsor proposals to a whole new level. And, by adding content benefits to your packages, you are sure to increase your sponsorship revenue and retention.

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How do you create one of a kind sponsorship proposals? Give us a shout in the comments or on Twitter.

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What do you write in a sponsorship proposal? ›

Event date, location, and introduction

This is the core of the proposal. It should be an in-depth description of the event. Alongside the length, date, and location, provide the number of expected attendees and a list of the main performers and speakers. Also, explain why it is a great sponsorship opportunity.

How do you frame a sponsorship proposal? ›

The first section of your sponsorship proposal letter should introduce your event in detail, informing the prospect why it's worth their time and money. Elaborate the basics about the event, including the number of attendees you've welcomed in the past and what you anticipate as some of this year's highlights.

What are five things your proposal must be in order to win approval? ›

Specifically, winning proposals should be composed of the following elements: An idea that is clearly defined and focused, is well researched, is needed, has a broad impact, and can be accomplished within the lifetime of the grant should be the main focus of your proposal.

What are the components of a winning proposal? ›

10 Common Elements of Winning Proposals
  • clearly defined needs and describing how those needs were identified. ...
  • describing what will be done. ...
  • presenting the material in a logical manner. ...
  • writing in positive terms. ...
  • using clear and plain language. ...
  • presenting detailed budgets that match your proposed program. ...
  • giving something back.
15 Jun 2015

How many pages should a sponsorship proposal be? ›

The document may be 4-5 pages long with each page having a separate section. An attractive cover page that present a professional image is also useful.

What are 4 methods for measuring sponsorships? ›

4 Ways to Use Event Tech to Measure Sponsorship Activations
  • Measure sponsorship activations with RFID. ...
  • Measure sponsorship activations with event apps. ...
  • Measure sponsorship activations with social media metrics. ...
  • Measure sponsorship activations with surveys.
26 Jan 2018

How do you evaluate a sponsorship proposal? ›

As you're analyzing the proposal, consider the following:
  1. Are any of your competitors participating? ...
  2. How closely does the audience match your target market?
  3. What is the market's perception of the event or the sponsoring organization? ...
  4. Are there any risks associated with participating in the sponsorship?

What are 3 ways that you can maximize the value of your sponsorship? ›

4 Keys to Maximizing Your Sponsorship Strategy
  • Keep sponsorship a focus.
  • Create easy-to-sell packages.
  • Don't overthink it.
  • Leverage your partners.

What are two key components you should include in a sponsorship proposal? ›

It can be a visual presentation or a written document, however, any way you format your proposal, it should cover these key elements:
  • The Event. When asking for money, it's important to set the stage before jumping right in. ...
  • Your Audience. ...
  • Why Sponsor? ...
  • Sponsorship Opportunities. ...
  • 5 Testimonials / Social Proof. ...
  • Next Steps.

What should you avoid when creating a sponsorship proposal? ›

10 Most Common Mistakes Startups Make When Creating Their Sponsorship Proposals
  1. Focusing solely on the money. ...
  2. A misstep on pricing. ...
  3. Giving up after a single call or email. ...
  4. Stop pitching packages. ...
  5. Stop selling so hard. ...
  6. Quit pitching so hard. ...
  7. You forget why they should care. ...
  8. Your data is meaningless.

What should a sponsor deck include? ›

Sponsorship Deck
  1. The most relevant success stories to your region and event.
  2. The most recent information about your event, like the name, date, and location.
  3. Sponsorship level information, including what the sponsor receives in return for each level, if applicable.

What are the four 4 main components of a proposal? ›

Basic Components of a Proposal
  • Cover or Title Page. The Title Page contains the following information: ...
  • Abstract or Project Summary. The abstract outlines the proposed research, including the objectives, methodology, and significance of the research.
  • Statement of Work. ...
  • Budget.

What are the six key features of a proposal? ›

Basic features of a proposal
  • A well-stated definition of the problem. ...
  • A clearly stated proposal to solve the problem. ...
  • Awareness of alternative proposals. ...
  • An evaluation of the benefits of your proposal. ...
  • Possible counter arguments to your proposal. ...
  • A careful analysis of your audience. ...
  • A reasonable, sensible tone.

What are the four qualities of a good proposal? ›

Here are five important features of a good project proposal.
  • Compelling Content. Your bid is the initial contact you have with the client. ...
  • Flawless Language. ...
  • Client-Focused. ...
  • Pricing. ...
  • Brief and to the Point.
18 Jun 2015

What are 5 Things All proposals should include? ›

  • Key Elements of a Complete Proposal. ...
  • Cover. ...
  • Table of Contents. ...
  • Abstract (also called Project Summary) ...
  • Project Description (also called Narrative or Research Plan) ...
  • Budget Explanation (also called Budget Justification) ...
  • Vita (also called Resume or Biographical Sketch) ...
  • Other Support (also called Current and Pending Support)

What are the five 5 steps in writing your proposal? ›

Steps to writing your own project proposal
  • Step 1: Define the problem.
  • Step 2: Present your solution.
  • Step 3: Define your deliverables and success criteria.
  • Step 4: State your plan or approach.
  • Step 5: Outline your project schedule and budget.
  • Step 6: Tie it all together.
  • Step 7: Edit/proofread your proposal.
18 May 2022

What are the seven steps to creating a winning project proposal? ›

Follow these seven steps to write winning proposals:
  • Study the Requirements. Writing a winning proposal begins with a clear understanding of the client's requirements. ...
  • Understand the Client. ...
  • Develop a Methodology. ...
  • Evaluate the Solution. ...
  • Outshine Your Competitors. ...
  • Write the Proposal. ...
  • Apply the Finishing Touches.
1 Feb 1996

What qualities make a good sponsor? ›

Competence: the sponsor must have the knowledge, and skills to fulfil the role. For example, suitable characteristics include strategic view, leadership, collaborative champion, and an understanding of the business case and the needs of the project's client(s).

What are the three most important roles of a sponsor? ›

There are 3 key roles that participants of Prosci's Best Practices Research have identified for sponsors. They are: active and visible sponsorship, communicating directly and building a coalition.

What are the qualities of a good sponsor? ›

Here are six traits to look for in an amazing AA sponsor:
  • Someone You Feel Comfortable With. Feeling at ease with your sponsor is one of the most important qualities to look for. ...
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced. ...
  • A Good Listener. ...
  • Motivational, Not Controlling. ...
  • A Caring Personality. ...
  • Someone Who Is Available.
17 Dec 2021

How much should a sponsor pay for an event? ›

At small, regional events, you may be able to find sponsorship opportunities ranging from $500 to $5,000. The value you get from those sponsorships is up to you to determine. If you are interested in sponsoring larger activations where the exposure is much greater, the cost is also exponentially greater.

How do you write an introduction to a sponsorship proposal? ›

Let's guide you through the template and suggest a few bonus sections.
  1. Start with the cover page. ...
  2. Introduce yourself and your event. ...
  3. Boast your event's demographics. ...
  4. Lay bare any cold, hard data. ...
  5. Outline your “why” ...
  6. Tell them where their money goes. ...
  7. Show you're at it with a timeline. ...
  8. List sponsorship packages.
14 Sept 2022

What is the most important element of a sponsorship agreement? ›

Some of the most important information to include is: The date the parties enter into the agreement, written at the top of the document. The names of the sponsor and sponsee, including their addresses. The date the agreement starts and ends, along with the right of renewal, if applicable.

What is the most popular form of sponsorship? ›

There are many events which companies can sponsor including arts, music, sports, education, broadcasts, fashion shows and cause-related activities. However, empirical surveys have discovered that sport is the most popular sponsorship medium.

What is an example of event sponsorship? ›

For example, perhaps your event partners with a local restaurant. In exchange for promoting their business to all your attendees, they'll allow you to use their event space and provide catered lunches. Another perk that sponsoring companies can provide is increased exposure for your event.

What are the strategies for sponsorship? ›

Here are six sponsorship strategies worth taking note of:
  • Vertical integration. Common in the sporting world, a vertical strategy is used to associate a brand with a specific market. ...
  • Focus. ...
  • Umbrella. ...
  • Community. ...
  • Creating a platform. ...
  • Constellations.

What is a sponsorship Matrix? ›

Sponsorship Motive Matrix (SMM): A Framework for Categorising Firms' Motives for Sponsoring. Sports Events.

What metrics are most important to sponsors? ›

The key top-level metrics are; Impressions, Sponsorship Recall, Demographics, Brand Lift & Brand Health Metrics, Competitor Analysis, and Sales Metrics.

How do you calculate ROI for event sponsorship? ›

The ROI formula is a very simple one, especially in marketing and sponsorship. Just take the sponsor's growth (through sales, conversions, etc.) and subtract that from what they spent on the sponsorship, and you've got ROI. That means you have to track metrics to determine the success of your sponsored event.

What are the three objectives of sponsorships? ›

Sponsor companies have their own goals and objectives when offering sponsorship, which can include the following: Lead generation. Improving brand awareness. Embracing a new role.

What are the six elements of the sponsorship program? ›

What are the six elements of the sponsorship program? 1) DA Form 5434 M, 2) Welcome letter, 3) ACS Relocation Readiness Services, 4) Reception, 5) Orientation, 6) In processing.

What are 3 benefits associated with sponsorship? ›

By sponsoring events, companies enjoy a set of perks that typically include the following: Increased brand exposure through the event itself, event advertising, and media coverage. In-event speaking opportunities that help boost their brand equity. Direct contact with an audience full of relatively warm leads.

What are sponsors looking for in return? ›

Sponsors are looking for a return on their investments. If a sponsorships leads to more business, they are more likely to increase their sponsorship level. They might even spend more money next time, which is a revenue opportunity for your organization.

What is an event triangle? ›

The three sides of the Event Triangle represent the three different stakeholders: participants, spectators, and sponsors.

What are deliverables in sponsorship? ›

Sponsorship deliverables are items that the event needs to make sure they follow through on, like putting up a banner or making a post on social media. To start, it is helpful to make a list of all of an event's assets. This is also considered its sponsorship inventory.

What are 4 benefits of sponsorship? ›

How Sponsorship Benefits a Business: What's In It for Them?
  • It increases visibility for the company and its brand.
  • It allows businesses to aim for a specific demographic of sales.
  • It improves a company's reputation for success and refinement.
  • It generates sales leads.

What to say when asking for sponsors? ›

Mention Common Goals

As you ask for corporate sponsorship, be sure to highlight how support of your efforts intersects with the business' larger philanthropic goals. Show that you both want to help your community and that everyone wins with their sponsorship of your organization, the community included.

How do you secure a sponsor successfully? ›

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully covers the three basics to secure sponsors:
  1. Understanding how to approach the process (get rid of misconceptions)
  2. Communicating with sponsors (speak the language which opens doors)
  3. Selling to sponsors (write a wining sponsorship proposal)
25 Mar 2020

How do you secure sponsorship for an event? ›

Put together a sponsorship proposal
  1. Start with a story. ...
  2. Introduce your organization and mission. ...
  3. Share benefits of sponsorship. ...
  4. Include a menu of sponsorship pricing. ...
  5. Start with a phone call. ...
  6. Meet with potential sponsors. ...
  7. Stay in touch after receiving payment.

How do you pitch a sponsor for an event? ›

Here are some tips so you can make that fantastic first impression and get the meeting going with your best foot forward.
  1. Research potential sponsors. ...
  2. Master the elevator pitch. ...
  3. Let your numbers do the talking. ...
  4. Remember, sponsorship is more than signage. ...
  5. Include interactive activities in the deal.
7 Jul 2020

How do you attract sponsors to your team? ›

How to Get Team Sponsors: 5 Effective Tips
  1. 5 ways to get team sponsorships.
  2. Create packs to send sponsors. ...
  3. Write an outreach letter. ...
  4. Reach out to existing contacts. ...
  5. Ask for sponsorship from your local community. ...
  6. Research corporations that offer sponsorship. ...
  7. Online fundraising for your sports team. ...
  8. Sponsorship takes time.
14 Jan 2022

What should sponsorship include? ›

At the very least, your event sponsorship package should include the following:
  • Information about your organization. ...
  • Describe the event. ...
  • Provide a general description of the benefits of sponsorship. ...
  • Make sure that you provide details with respect to specific sponsorship levels, the cost, and the rewards for sponsorship.
10 Apr 2013

What do sponsors look for in an event? ›

Sponsors see your event as a form of advertising for their own company. As such, they want to see numbers that predict a successful event. Your proposal should include a spreadsheet and strong data visuals that outline anticipated attendance, attendance numbers of past events, social media engagement, and so on.

How do I get people to sponsor my event? ›

How Sponsorship Works
  1. Define your event & its goals.
  2. Determine why companies should want to sponsor your event.
  3. Imagine your ideal sponsor.
  4. Research companies ready to sponsor that meet your criteria.
  5. Make a final list of potential sponsors.
  6. Pitch your sponsorship to your prospects.
30 Aug 2021


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