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Ligo app helps you learn Khmer - Khmer Times (1)

Ligo app helps you learn Khmer.

Learn the Khmer language and discover the culture with the Ligo educational app. Do you wish to travel to Cambodia? Are you concerned with communicating with the Khmer people? No need for an interpreter. You can learn the Khmer language within a short time using everyday words. This app was created to help people speak non-native languages. Ligo is a platform that allows users to learn basic Khmer by repeating phonics/sounds while learning the culture. There are many learning techniques provided in the app to make it more convenient.

The user can practice speaking with the app since the app also has a function to correct your pronunciation. Moreover, this app also contains conversations, coming up with sets of sounds which allow users to easily improve their pronunciation. Thousands of words and phrases are provided in the app, divided into many categories to fullfill users’ needs. You can get this app on Google Play; it will be available via App store soon.

Sign up

The first thing you need to do after getting this app on your phone is to sign up to your own account. By signing up to their own account, users can easily get information from the app, and also interact with other users. You cannot access Ligo if you do not sign up to your own account. Just provide some brief info about yourself and you can start using it.

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Learning by phrase

You can learn either by word or by phrase. There are many phrases available for the users to learn. Moreover, there is also a recording which you can listen to and practice by yourself. On the other hand, the user also can search for phrases that they want to know in the Khmer language.

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Discover what you wish to learn

Just click on the discover function, and you will see that a lot of categories are provided. You can choose the category that you wish to learn from. There are many categories available such as travelling, food, restaurant, bank, post office, and many more.

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Dos and Don’ts function

This app also provides lessons on Khmer Culture that foreigner should know beforehand. What you should do and what you should not do in Cambodia are related to morality as shown in this function.

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Conversation function

The special thing about this app is that users can learn the language for the purpose they want. For instance, if you want to learn only words or phrases for business, you can go to the function “Travel for Business”; there will be a conversation sample which you can learn from directly without searching phrase by phrase.

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Ligo app helps you learn Khmer - Khmer Times (2024)
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