Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 129 - Concept: RWBY rep, Concept: Red vs Blue rep, Wiz and Boomstick (2024)

"Gooooooooood Mooooorrrrrrnnniiiiiinnnngggg

Good Morning!"
Uncle Grandpa
His Theme: Theme of Uncle Grandpa
Alt Theme: I Love Peanut Butter/Smile Juice Song

49%: Uncle Grandpa, while not popular should be among one of the well known characters from cartoon network's lineup of shows coming from the 2010's era with Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Steven Universe, the show features a man named "Uncle Grandpa" who travels around the world helping children with their problems while bringing them into crazy events & adventures that ultimately ends with them learning a lesson. Uncle Grandpa travels in his RV with other characters living among him such as a talking belly bag(voiced by eric bauza), a dinosaur named mr. gus, a talking pizza with sunglasses named pizza steve, a giant realistic flying tiger, a robot name tiny miracle who is made for...tiny miracles, and funnily enough frankenstein. there are also random skits & shorts focusing on the lives of the UG gang aswell as other characters such as an evil wizard and a bear name Beary Nice(That's Me) and Hotdog Person(That's Me).

The show ran for atleast 5 seasons, had a crossover with Steven Universe, was on the commercials with every show at the time(including a good morning & good night bumper for the guy, which you could find creepy), had comic books & even an interaction choice making book(i bought it a long time ago, gonna check if i still have it), and has appeared in a crossover game called Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers alongside Finn & Jake, Mordecai & Rigby, Gumball Watterson, Clarence, and Steven Universe to save the world from...evil crystal clones or possessions from their homes.

And that was the last crossover game we got since then.

So, what about UG's chances?

first off before anyone brings it up the HBO max purge should not effect him, for those who don't know plenty of shows including those of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have been removed from HBO Max which includes shows from the ratings list or nominations such as OK K.O., Mighty Magiswords, Victor & Valentino, aswell as Infinity Train, Final Space, and numerous of old Sesame Street Episodes, Uncle Grandpa barely was able to survive this with only one episode before it got removed permanetly however unlike Final Space & J.J. Villard's Fairy Tale were they got written off for taxes, all the remaining adult swim shows and cartoon network's were all safe & are mostly still allowed to be displayed on streaming services aswell as the network's youtube channels.
Uncle Grandpa in particular has shown more times than all the shows though mostly from some information i heard that the rights aren't completely plugged out due to it coming out earlier in the 2010's era which explains why the show still aired on cartoon network's 30th anniversary marathon & christmas event(plus the christmas stream too), the show is also still available to purchase on sites like itunes and is still available to see on Hulu aswell.

unless there's something i don't quite understand then uncle grandpa's chances shouldn't be effected by whatever happened back at HBO max especially considering how the show is still available to see else were.

Now with that out of the way,

what of his chances in multiversus? well he does has a fanbase going for him but he's likely not one of the highest characters in the requesting scene of the community, however he does have a good shot since i think i've seen in the discord poll that Uncle Grandpa is seemingly in a good spot showing people want to see him, i think if the game continues to prosper and we manage to get some of the 2010 characters in here then UG might be one of the next requests from the renascence era of Cartoon Network.

Only time will tell.

70%: Back in high school, i think i liked Uncle Grandpa which is weird and i don't want to think too much about it. what got me interested was it's art style, the change of background in the later seasons, plus it's creative direction in some episodes does give the show an interesting flare.
i do remember my friend making impressions of Uncle Grandpa which sounded good and i make some here & there aswell.
in otherwords, i like Uncle Grandpa but opinions are kinda hard to say and i'm kinda already going through a lot as is

For Multiversus, I Think Uncle Grandpa would work, he's a silly cartoon character, one who could pull a lot of stuff from his bag(literally) that could work as attacks while also playing in a way that plays out differently to represent the nature of his show, he has a hammer which is usually used to whack people Uncle Grandpa shoots a laser out of it, Uncle Grandpa gets KO'd another Uncle Grandpa shows up to replace him, his head's a bomb!? drops it like a mime(that was from battle crashers, the crossover i mentioned before).

There's much you can do with Uncle Grandpa to make him a pretty enjoyable well rounded fighter and he can be fun as long as you don't recycle stuff from bugs bunny to make him look uninteresting atleast that's what i'm hoping a little.

Uncle Grandpa can be cool, plus i'm hoping we get a stage were we fight ontop of the UGRV

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"Santa! I Know Him!"
Buddy the Elf
His Theme: Title Theme of Elf
Alt Theme: Baby It's Cold Outside

30%: Elf, is a christmas movie that came out in 2003, it features a "elf" named buddy played by will ferrel who was a human baby that accidently went inside santa's sack of presents and got taken to the north pole, an elf would take him up as his own until years later buddy would found out that he's human and would go find his real father in new york and the rest of the film says the rest.

this movie was praised for it's by many and it grossed over 200 million dollars in the box office becoming a christmas classic of the modern generation, the movie got a broadway play, a stop-motion special with sheldon cooper's actor playing buddy, and a video game that only came out on Gameboy Advance.

There was a sequel in consideration but actors having uninterest and conflictions plus no reason for there to be a continuation prevented it from happening.

In terms of buddy's chances in multiversus, i'd say there is a pretty good shot atleast by a margin, the only thing pushing buddy back are the rankin bass characters who are owned by warner brothers. they are iconic by large extent and are likely some of the christmas characters that might be in the list of wb reps to use, but buddy should still has a legacy to help him get in the game even if his chances are low.

60%: I remember watching Elf a couple of times back in middle school in fact this was one of the movies i remember the most then the rankin bass films, i thought it was okay but fun to watch i didn't mind seeing it too much but got a little worried about losing care for it after witnessing some critique online ranting as a bad film(that critique is no longer active) but even then the memory i had the film does give me some fondness and the movie i can consider enjoyable.

Although listening to the title theme there was a melody their that sounded a lot like the polar express theme strangely.

in terms of multiversus, buddy would be a good choice he seems like one of best characters to represent christmas for multiversus besides Frosty & Rudolph


Ballmasterz 9009 Characters
Prohyas & Vambre
Kazuma & Co.

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Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 129 - Concept: RWBY rep, Concept: Red vs Blue rep, Wiz and Boomstick (2024)
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