Rental agents in Breda for rental apartments Breda (2024)

34 real estate agents active in "Breda"

  • 123Wonen Breda

    4818CL Breda

    17 properties in Breda

    Out of 24 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations, but also for people who want to rent out their property which is on sale. Through ...

  • Rotsvast Breda

    4811AC Breda

    12 properties in Breda

    Rotsvast BredaRotsvast started into business in 1989 from a small office in Rotterdam (then known as 'Rotterdams Vastgoed'). Over the years, Rotsvast has developed into an organisation with 25 ...

  • Interhouse verhuurmakelaars Breda

    4818PD Breda

    7 properties in Breda

    Interhouse verhuurmakelaars is a well known and reputable rental property estate agent on franchise bases. We are located in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Breda, The Hague, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Hilversum, ...

  • HouseHunting Breda

    4811AG Breda

    6 properties in Breda


  • Q Makelaars

    3332EX Zwijndrecht

    4 properties in Breda

    Q Real Estate is a full service broker in the region of large-Rijnmond and West Brabant which provides services from offices in shopping centers in prime locations. Q Brokers focuses primarily on the ...

  • Find a House

    4814VL Breda

    2 properties in Breda

    Carefree renting? Find a House takes care of it!Find a House is a young company with a passion for mediating in homes in the Breda and Tilburg region.Carefree renting or renting? Find a House ...

  • Stadhuis Breda

    4817MB Breda

    2 properties in Breda

    StadHuis mediates between tenants and landlords about homes in Breda. In a personal, professional way. We do everything we can to find the nicest rooms, studios, apartments and single-family homes. ...

  • EHR Breda

    3055JL Rotterdam

    2 properties in Breda

    Renting out a house - Renting out a house to expats - Full service Home search - Management - Guidance Expansion Rental Portfolio - Purchase guidance - Tax rules for leasing - www. ehr. nlRenting ...


    4835NM Breda

    1 properties in Breda

    Living happiness is determined by home and locationBased on this philosophy and the enthusiasm of an involved team, you are at the right address if you are looking for a nice rental property. ...

  • In Loco Beheer

    4817HA Breda

    1 properties in Breda

    Management | Rentals | Commercial Real Estate | Housing | Legal Advice | Projectdevelopment | Applications of environmental permits | MediationIn Loco provides management and leasing of residential ...

  • MetMook

    4811RS Breda

    1 properties in Breda

    Zorgeloos huren of verhuren, doe je MetMook. Marika van Mook is een ervaren woningbeheerder in de regio Breda en Tilburg. Wil je zeker zijn van de ideale woning, maar heb je geen tijd of zin om zelf ...

  • NewNewNew

    5651LX Eindhoven

    1 properties in Breda

    Spots4you is an international property management services provider. We have a growing network of sixteen offices and nearly 250 employees throughout continental Europe, offering a broad range of ...

  • Hopmans Wonen

    4622RG Bergen op Zoom

    1 properties in Breda

    Please contact our offices, we speak English.We have two locations you can visit from Monday until Friday. We are open from 09:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs.BERGEN OP ZOOM: Joulehof 12, 4622 RG, Bergen ...

  • De Huisadviseur Tilburg

    5038CC Tilburg

    1 properties in Breda

    Wij zijn een jong, dynamisch bedrijf welke actief is in zowel de makelaardij als in de financiële wereld.Voor ons staat de klant en haar wensen centraal. Met betrekking tot alle adviezen ...

  • R.F. Vastgoed Consultancy

    4818PD Breda

    0 properties in Breda

    R. F. Vastgoed Consultancy is in Breda gevestigd dat sinds eind 2021 bezig is met woningbemiddeling. Ons werkgebied is Zeeland en Noord-Brabant.

  • Lambregts Makelaardij

    4814NR Breda

    0 properties in Breda

    Lambregts Makelaardij is een kleinschalig vastgoedkantoor dat zich heeft toegelegd op beheer van verhuurd onroerend goed. Hierdoor hebben we regelmatig woonruimte en soms ook bedrijfsruimte te huur. ...

  • ERA Content+ Makelaars

    4818CL Breda

    0 properties in Breda

    ERAContent+ Makelaars werkt uitsluitend met makelaars die zich als zelfstandig ondernemer aan onze makelaardij verbinden. Dit ondernemerschap brengt per definitie met zich mee dat je een stap verder ...

  • 4811NN Breda

    0 properties in Breda

  • Zeker Wonen Verhuur

    4818PG Breda

    0 properties in Breda

    Zeker Wonen Verhuur offers a complete package of real estate services. From letting, leasing, management, sale of homes/investment properties, transformation objects, development locations, real ...

  • Kiki Makelaardij

    4835JB Breda

    0 properties in Breda

    Makelaar breda – kiki makelaardijde makelaar in breda en omgeving; snel, vertrouwd en ontspannen jouw huis kopen of verkopen doe je samen met de makelaars van kiki makelaardij. Kiki makelaardij ...

  • Rental agents in Breda for rental apartments Breda (2024)
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