Save in Your Slippers When You Shop the 9 Best Online Dollar Stores (2024)

As inflation takes a bigger chunk out of everyone’s cash flow, dollar stores are increasingly attractive alternatives to traditional department or grocery stores. Who doesn’t want deeper discounts on everyday items? Not as enticing, however, is the idea of throwing on clothes and schlepping through bins to find bargains.

Enter online dollar stores, where most products still cost just a dollar and can be purchased from the cozy comfort of your couch. If you’ve never considered virtually stopping by a dollar store online, here’s why you’re missing out on the good stuff.

Are There Online Stores Where Everything Is a Dollar?

Yes. But there are caveats.

Most of the retail dollar storefronts you’re familiar with, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar, have a site for shopping online. And while these stores try to make sure items are as close to a dollar as possible, you’ll still find more expensive products that tip the scales at $2, $3, $5 or even $10.

Many online dollar stores also require bulk purchases when you shop online for things like food and toiletries. Dollar stores online also usually require a minimum order to score free shipping.

In the battle of the dollar stores, which one comes out cheaper? We crunched the numbers and compared how much you’ll save versus shopping at a traditional retailer.

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9 Best Online Dollar Stores

You’re probably acquainted with dollar stores like Dollar General that are popping up in every strip mall in the country. But you may not be familiar with the online counterparts of these discount retailers. Here are nine of the best online dollar stores where a little old dollar still goes a long way.

  1. Dollar Tree
  2. Dollar General
  3. Family Dollar
  4. Dollar Fanatic
  5. Dollar Item Direct
  6. Dollar Days
  7. Miss A Cosmetics
  8. Five Below
  9. Oriental Trading

1. Dollar Tree

Best online dollar store for free pickup

Trip around long enough at Dollar Tree’s website and you’re sure to fill a cart with cute stuff you can’t stand to be parted from. Most of the food, beauty products and household supplies require buying in bulk, but you’ll save money on plenty of name brands worth stocking up on.

Dollar Tree also offers a section called Dollar Tree Plus, where you can choose from $3 and $5 deals on kitchen products, cleaning supplies, home decor, craft supplies and toys. And since free expedited shipping isn’t really a thing, Dollar Tree will send your stuff to a local store for pickup free of charge.

2. Dollar General

Best online dollar store for auto-delivery savings

Everyone has a Dollar General around the corner, so you might not have stumbled upon the retailer’s website. But you’d be missing out on savings for daily essentials like pet food and specialty items such as auto and hardware supplies, run as part of the Dollar Deals sales.

Dollar General also has a hidden option to earn even deeper discounts for frequent online shopping. At checkout, choosing DG AutoDeliver means you’ll get free standard shipping on recurring orders over $25 as well as 5% off the regular retail price.

3. Family Dollar

Best online dollar store for coupon clippers

Like most other dollar stores, Family Dollar offers a wide range of merchandise at bargain basem*nt prices. Home decor, school and office supplies, and household supplies are a focus, but you can find just about anything on Family Dollar’s virtual shelves.

In addition to a weekly circular that highlights savings, Family Dollar has smart coupons integrated right into the website. You can download digital coupons from a wide variety of sources to your Family Dollar account, then upload them at checkout and get the satisfaction of seeing those coupons slash your total.

4. Dollar Fanatic

Best online dollar store for novelty items and toys

Where else can you find T-shirts, toys and Trapper Keepers at some serious savings? Dollar Fanatic is a great place to pick up random finds, as well as out-of-date beauty and personal care products that are hitting the clearance bin.

Although not every item at Dollar Fanatic is strictly a dollar, you can go to the 11 for 10 section to get deals where you buy 10 items and get one free. In the 11 for 10 section, you’ll find everything from face masks to Funko Pops being offered up with free shipping for orders over $50.

5. Dollar Item Direct

Best online dollar store for wholesale

If you’re looking to stock a storefront, Dollar Item Direct is a good place to start. The site has a wide variety of inventory available, from camping equipment to scrapbooking supplies.

Dollar Item Direct is also a good source for crafters looking to make and sell large quantities of products for craft and seasonal fairs or markets. You’ll get the benefit of wholesale prices, but be prepared to purchase in bulk.

Looking to start a resale business? We’ve got the scoop on seven ways to ensure this popular side hustle is a profitable one.

6. Dollar Days

Best online dollar store for buying in bulk

Dollar Days specifically supplies businesses, schools and nonprofits with bulk goods. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the bargains. If you’re looking to grab lots of something cheap, like a box of party favors or T-shirts, Dollar Days has you covered.

Browsing through the Dollar Days virtual aisles will give you genius ideas for racking up more savings. For instance, in baby supplies, you can buy a case of name-brand pacifiers or sippy cups, so you never have to worry about finding the one your toddler dropped.

7. Miss A

Best online dollar store for cosmetics

Rather than offering everything under the sun, Miss A does one thing well — provide lots of makeup and beauty products for mostly a dollar. And you can shop without guilt because all the cosmetics from Miss A are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are certified cruelty-free by PETA.

If you’re more of a natural glow kind of gal, no worries. Miss A sells lots of other products, from hand sanitizer to bath bombs and home decor.

8. Five Below

Best online dollar store for clothing

We know. It’s $5 and below — it says it right there in the name. But there are still some really fun clothing finds at Five Below that you can score for $1. Formerly known as Hollar, Five Below also sells toys, decor and much more.

It’s also worth wandering over to the Five Beyond section and taking a peek. These are deeply discounted higher-end products that you’ll pay more than $5 for but are available only in small quantities for a limited time.

9. Oriental Trading

Best online dollar store for party supplies

Teachers keep Oriental Trading catalogs in their desks for a reason. As a one-stop shop for party and school supplies, Oriental Trading offers bargains that are hard to beat. For dollar store shoppers with kids, you’re sure to find deals too darn tempting to pass up.

One popular place to shop is the bulk assortments bin on Oriental Trading’s website. You’ll find toys, candy, art supplies, party tableware and more all for pennies per item.

Online Dollar Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Online Dollar Stores a Scam?

Online dollar stores are generally legit, but take care to check out that the site is secure before shopping. And watch how much shipping costs add to the cart total. You can also use tools like these Chrome shopping extensions to ensure you’re getting the best bargain.

Do I Have to Buy in Bulk From Online Dollar Stores?

Sometimes you will have to buy certain types of products in bulk from online dollar stores, especially things like food or personal care products. Bulk purchases enable dollar stores to offer deeper discounts on everyday essentials.

Is Everything in an Online Dollar Store a Buck?

Despite the name, not everything at a dollar store is going to be $1. Pay attention to higher prices for certain items, then compare before you check out at traditional retailers. You’ll discover that while the item might be more than $1, it’s usually cheaper than you would find it elsewhere.

Kaz Weida is a senior writer for The Penny Hoarder.

5 Companies That Send People Money When They’re Asked Nicely

When you log into your bank account, how do your savings look? Probably not as good as you’d like. It always seems like an uphill battle to build (and keep) a decent amount in savings.

But what if your car breaks down, or you have a sudden medical bill?

Ask one of these companies to help…

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Save in Your Slippers When You Shop the 9 Best Online Dollar Stores (2024)
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