This Is 'Counting Cars' Star Danny Koker's Net Worth In 2024 (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • Danny Koker's financial empire is diverse, with TV, music, car collection, and business ventures contributing to his $13 million net worth.
  • As the star of "Counting Cars," Danny earns around $1.6 million annually. He also fronts Count's 77 band and owns restaurants and tattoo shops.
  • Danny's car collection includes unique vehicles like a flame-clad 1932 Ford Roadster and 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350, increasing his net worth.

Danny "The Count" Koker, who's best known for his 2012 car-based TV show "Counting Cars," lives a more diverse life than you might think. While the majority of his $13 million net worth does come from the popular show, his other business ventures and hobbies make up a chunk of it, as well. Using his many talents and penchant for making money, Danny has been able to secure his financial empire.

On top of Danny Koker's impressive car collection, he's also a somewhat successful musician. The Count also owns a successful restaurant and tattoo shop and was even a recurring car and motorcycle expert on another popular show. In this write-up, we're going to dive into Koker's net worth, and how exactly he's been able to finagle himself an excellent financial nest egg.

UPDATE: 2024/04/26 09:14 EST BY MATT NELSON

We've updated this article explaining Danny Koker's net worth and how he's amassed it for 2024. We've compiled updated info from multiple sources, including his interviews, official social media, and Count's Kustoms website to ensure the utmost current accuracy on The Count's financial whereabouts.

This article aims to provide the best info on The Count's net worth, but should not be taken as exact, as some other factors contributing to an individual's net worth are not publicly available.


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Counting Cars Makes Up Most Of Danny's Net Worth

Notable Cars in Danny's Collection

  • 1932 Ford Roadster
  • 1995 Dodge Viper
  • 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350

Apart from the rest of Danny Koker's businesses and money-making ventures, Counting Cars contributes the most money to his net worth. The show began in 2012 and was based in his existing Count's Kustoms garage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Because his business was already fairly successful, the TV show was a very big bonus for Danny, because he was now able to fully focus on running his shop and funding some of his other projects.

The show's main focus is restoring and reselling a litany of rare or otherwise noteworthy cars, and the shop has also created some seriously cool cars in its time. Danny's team is made up of knowledgeable mechanics, who also know how to make a show entertaining.

It's been widely reported that Koker receives $100,000 per episode, and with about 16 episodes per season, it's safe to assume Koker receives about $1.6 million annually just from the show. Counting Cars aired its final episode on December 1, 2021, ending its near-decade-long run.


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The Count Can Sing, Too

This Is 'Counting Cars' Star Danny Koker's Net Worth In 2024 (3)

Before the debut of Counting Cars, Danny Koker started a hard-rock band called Count's 77, capitalizing on a lifelong passion for music, influenced by his father. According to Koker himself, the "77" in the band's name is a reference to the 1970s, which is where the band derives most of their musical influence. Their first album was released in April 2014 to mild critical and consumer praise.

The Count serves as the group's lead singer and songwriter. Apart from him, five others make up the band's personnel: John Zito plays rhythm guitar, Stoney Curtis on lead guitar, Barry Barnes thumbs the bass, Paul Disibio plays the drums, and Tommy Paris handles the keyboard. Count's 77 is regarded as one of the leading groups in the current new classic rock revival, and they've also been seen as a group on Counting Cars.

The Count's band, while not a major money-maker, does contribute in a minor way to his overall net worth. Despite Count's 77's tour bus costing Danny $40,000 to build to the band's tastes, album and ticket sales do add up for Danny, as well as the other members of the band. There is no info regarding any exact income from the band, but tickets to a Count's 77 show cost around $25 for general admission.


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Danny Also Specializes In Tattoos And Brews

This Is 'Counting Cars' Star Danny Koker's Net Worth In 2024 (5)

The Count's Most Notable Business Ventures

  • Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill
  • Count's Tattoo Company
  • Count's Kustoms

Back in the 1980s, Koker started his first business, Count's Kustoms. The restoration shop was well-known locally for its work and eccentric style for a couple of decades. Koker initially opened the shop with a vision of working on cars with friends and having it generally be a cool place to hang out.

Once The Count's TV deal came, however, Count's Kustoms was launched into stardom. The shop still operates as a business and employs about 55 people.

Danny also owns and operates two other businesses: Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill, and Count's Tattoo Company. Successful restaurants are always a surefire way to rake in the cash, and Danny's restaurant received average reviews on and Google. Tattoo parlors are a bit less lucrative. However, Danny's shop enjoys some notoriety thanks to his success on TV and in music.

Danny's Car Collection Is Seriously Impressive

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Danny's ideas of investing don't involve Wall Street, they involve cars. Using his extensive automotive background, Danny has been able to sniff out cars that will appreciate in value over time. Some of his cars may have carried a steep initial cost, but most are guaranteed to appreciate in value as the years go by, steadily increasing his net worth along the way.

Ever the eccentric, Koker daily's both a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood and a custom-painted Chevrolet Silverado. As for his car and motorcycle collection, The Count reports about 58 cars and 78 motorcycles in his possession, as of 2013, at least.

There's no word on how many vehicles he has now, but if he's one to hold his investments, we can only imagine the number has increased. Additionally, he explicitly said he was not interested in selling anything from his collection, either.

Some impressive cars in his collection include his prized, flame-clad 1932 Ford Roadster, which boasts a small-block Chevy 327 and a Dyer's 671 supercharger. He used to daily this one, but has since put it away for safekeeping. He's also fond of his 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, which comes from a unique coachbuilder called Dunham Coach Works. Danny affectionately refers to the Caddy as "the Pimp Mobile", and we can see why.

Other cars in his collection include an original 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350, a custom 1955 Chevy Bel-Air "Gasser", and 1 1995 Dodge Viper with a 1997 Viper front bumper, as The Count prefers the look. If you're interested in viewing his collection, he runs a tour called Count's Car Tour, which is open to the public.


This Is 'Counting Cars' Star Danny Koker's Net Worth In 2024 (2024)
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