Light Potato Salad Recipe (2024)

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Hi Lee,

It's referencing to use the same pot as you did to cook the potatoes. So, cook the potatoes, drain, and place in a bowl. Then wipe the pot clean (that's what they mean by "dry" potato pan), and cook the garlic oil and bacon in it (to save dirtying another pot). Remove the bacon from the pot, and proceed with Step 3, etc. Does that help?


I used thick-sliced slab bacon and added a bit of Asian sesame oil when cooking the meat. Sesame adds a little depth and a little sweetness to the taste. I de-glazed the pan with vinegar as suggested but added a bit of dry sherry as it goes very well with the mustard seed. The whole thing tosses together like a dream and my guests truly loved it.


It can't be right to use ALL the bacon grease from 10 strips of bacon. For me, that was about 1 cup. I drained all the fat and added about 1/4 cup of garlic infused olive oil (made it myself) to the skillet I cooked the bacon in (I didn't use the pot I boiled the potatoes in). Everyone loved it and 6 people consumed almost the entire salad (with turkey burgers) but only made with 4 pounds baby gold and baby red mixed instead of 5 pounds.


Totally awesome with grainy mustard instead of mustard seeds, and the bacon is not necessary (though, I am sure, delicious).


Cook bacon WITH already cooked potatoes? Or separately? The add back potatoes in Step 3? Seems to be something amiss with the instructions.


I used lemon juice rather than the white wine vinegar, delicious!

Daniel Recoder

There is no replacement for Bacon!


You just read it wrong. I think it's clear, you're returning the dry potato pan to the heat and cooking the bacon in the garlic oil.

David Avila

This is similar to the Pennsylvania German potato salad my mother used to make. Excellent.


I like this a lot. I found it needed more vinegar. I think the amount of bacon grease you will render depends very much on the bacon. I used fancy schmancy super high quality farm-share bacon ends, very meaty, and had very little grease; if I'd used the stuff I usually buy at the grocery store I'd have had several times as much. It's a potato salad; YMMV, Adjust as needed. But the basic flavors are good and it's a great accompaniment to a cookout.


Anything instead of Bacon?


Just leave it out - just fine without it.

Jen Wronkovich-Clark

Turned out great! Instead of cooking the potatoes as suggested, we smoked them while making BBQ. Smoked potatoes tossed in this dressing are delicious and a huge hit with my family. The other change I made was a squeeze of lemon juice right before serving to brighten up the flavors. Perfect!


We always steam potatoes. Very easy to keep track of 'doneness', and they don't get soggy.

Heath Quinn

British bacon is meatier - it's a cut that combines belly and loin - American and Canadian in one cut. Much less fat renders out.

David B.

Great substitute to the classic mayo potato salad. Downsized to 3 lbs potatoes, 1.5 tbs oil, 4 strips of bacon. Swapped lemon for the vinegar. Everyone loved it. Looking forward to having leftovers tonight.


Suggestions: read instructions. It clearly states that after cooking the potatoes, "drain, cut in two, place in a bowl." "Dry potato pan" = pan used to cook potatoes, but it's empty (and dry) because potatoes have been drained and are in a bowl. Common sense-- if the bacon you used leaves you with a cup (?) of bacon grease, discard some of it and use whatever amount seems appropriate (to you). If you don't care for the majority of ingredients, move on to a different recipe.

Mikhail D (Munich)

Cooked today. Delicious! I used olive oil with minced garlic as a basis for cooking bacon. It took some time before mustard poppies started to explode, I turned off the pan and vinegar, it sprinkled the whole area around the pan as the pan was so hot.


This was a delicious recipe. Growing up, the only potato salad I knew was from my Viennese grandmother- she chopped onions, celery and green peppers, mixed with the potatoes, a little oil, vinegar, splash of water, oregano, S&P. It was always served at room temperature. I was 16 years old before I knew people put mayonnaise in their potato salad.

Best 'Lil Kitchen in Texas

To get a better result without adding extra liquid to the mixture at a critical juncture: marinate the potatoes (after cutting in half) for about 45 min to 1 hour. Proceed with your recipe, as desired. No need to use bacon, as the flavor stands on its own. . . unless you are a "baconfile".


Had no bacon or garlic oil--used sliced sausage instead and browned them in olive oil, and quickly browned/popped 2 pressed garlic cloves and mustard seeds together. Then added all other ingredients. Needed a bit of salt. May add a bit of parsley or dill next time.


B L A N D ! ! !One of the worse uses of bacon.Glad I didn't make this for guests


I made half the amount of the recipe. Even using about 5 slices of bacon for 2.5 lbs. of potatoes the salad was just too greasy for me after pouring off as much fat as I could. I even used an extra bowl and moved the mixture again to discharge some of the bacon fat. The actual taste is good and I loved the mustard seed.


Really good salad and true to it's name, light! I did opt for real bacon bits and probably used less, added a touch of salt and pepper as well. But this is very satisfying.

Tess of the Desert

I was totally rushing and just did what was the easiest thing to do, I omitted the bacon, added in bleu cheese and voila! Totally delish a new easy fav.


This is in heavy rotation at my house... an easy showstopper


Apple Cider Vinegar for German Potato Salad. Always.


Whenever my Grandmother (French, but her Mom was from Alsace, so there's German influence going on there) & my Mom made potato salad, they always put the vinegar in with still quite the warm potatoes. This allowed the vinegar to soak into the potatoes more than if it is mixed in when they are cold.


Anyone else own a wide pan that fits 5 lbs of potatoes? I didn't think so. Change the recipe to be an 8 quart dutch oven and you might be onto something.


Did you use small, 1" diam potatoes like the recipe says?

P Lynn

Can use lemon juice rather than vinegar. Be ready to QUICKLY cover the pot once you add the mustard seeds. When they begin to pop, they pop very high - exactly like popcorn

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Light Potato Salad Recipe (2024)
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