Your Limousine Hire Chauffeur

Chauffeurs should never really be referred to as simply drivers as this is may offend them. A chauffeur is someone who drives a luxury vehicle such as a limousine. Those that drive non-luxury cars are called drivers. So you see the distinction. To call a chauffeur a driver is considered a big insult in the limousine industry.

A chauffeur could be eligible to drive any 8-seater limousines such as the Lincoln Millennium and Chrysler C300 limousine and provided they have the correct insurance and licence as well as the bigger 4×4 limos such as the H2 Hummer limousine, Lincoln Navigator limousine, BMW X5 limo, Range Rover limos and Porsche Cayenne limo. The license that a limousine chauffeur requires before they can drive the larger limousines such as 16-seaters is called a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license. These licenses involve rigorous tests and instruction and ensure that qualified chauffeurs have all the necessary skills required to transport such as large number of people safely.

Many chauffeurs get excited when a new limousine model become avaiable and always want to be the first to drive it. This is especially true of the brand new Audi Q7 limousine that was introduced this year. Chauffeurs all over the UK fought to be the lucky ones that drove this amazing limo. With new models appearing on the market all the time, the competition between chauffeurs is as fierce as ever.

Chauffeurs have to put up with a lot of flak from customers sometimes even when a situation arises that is beyond their control such as traffic congestion or an accident. They are usually the first to be blamed which though understandable is unfair. However, the vast majority of chauffeurs are treated with the dignity and respect th Luxury Airport Transfers London    ey deserve.

The modern chauffeur is professional, courteous, punctual, and safe and will never let you down. So remember to respect your limousine chauffeur as when all is said and done he or she will be the one to take you home after a great night on the town.

5 tips to ensure you have the right chauffeur

1. Ensure that your chauffeur has the necessary license for the vehicle. A qualified chauffeur will must have a PSV license if driving a vehicle with over 8 seats.
2. The chauffeur should be professional, courteous and polite.
3. Punctuality is also an important factor – whilst there are some circumstances where the chauffeur may arrive late (such as traffic, breakdowns, etc.), the good chauffeurs will usually call you beforehand to inform you of the situation and keep you updated.
4. The chauffeur should always be smartly dressed in their uniform and with a chauffeur’s hat.
5. The chauffeur should be as flexible as they possibly can. They should understand on some occasions, you plans may change and therefore they should try to accommodate this wherever is it reasonably possible.

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